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  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since then.

Prescott, Arizona

Holt Family

Katie Holt (VLA)
Samuel Holt (VLA)

Roberts Family

Kevin Roberts (VLA)
Joy Roberts (VLA)
Mandy Roberts (VLA)

Suburban Prescott

Alyssa (VLA)

Prescott Camp

Allura Altea (VLA)
Coran Smythe (VLA)

McClain Family

Lance McClain (VLA)
Nancy McClain (VLA)
Nadia McClain (VLA)
Silvio McClain (VLA)
Luis McClain (VLA)
Marco McClain (VLA)
Miguel McClain (VLA)
Lisa McClain (VLA)
Rachel McClain (VLA)

Garrett Family

Marcus Garrett (VLA)
Hunk Garrett (VLA)
Olivia Garrett (VLA)

Shiro's Group

Adam Shirogane (VLA)

Shiro's Family

Keith Kogane (VLA)

Prescott Outskirts

Altea Auto Parts

Cheryl (VLA)
Martin (VLA)

Altea Family

Alfred Altea (VLA)

The Hunters

Chris (VLA)
Albert (VLA)
Greg (VLA)
Carlos (VLA)
David (Season 1) (VLA)

The Galaxy Garrison

James Griffin (VLA)
Nadia Rizavi (VLA)
Ryan Kinkade (VLA)
Wendy Srinivasan (VLA)
Curtis (VLA)
Jake Barley (VLA)
Alicia Hayes (VLA)
Tim Hedrick (VLA)
Kihyun Ryu (VLA)
Darren (VLA)
Sablan (VLA)
Calvin Harris (VLA)
Ina Leifsdottir (VLA)
Ellen Sanda (VLA)
Carson Taylor (VLA)
Daniel (VLA)
Lonnie (VLA)
Lauren Montgomery (VLA)
Kuron Shirogane (VLA)
Terri (VLA)

Plaht City

Annie (VLA)
John (VLA)
Kelsey (VLA)
Audrey (VLA)
Sam (VLA)
Max (VLA)
Sara (VLA)
Ren (VLA)
Mel (VLA)
Andy (VLA)
Tyler (VLA)
Holly (VLA)
Peter (VLA)
Donna (VLA)
Rose (VLA)
Marco (VLA)
Eugene (VLA)
Miles (VLA)
Victor (VLA)
David (Season 2) (VLA)
Ron (VLA)
Levi (VLA)
Evan (VLA)
Shawn (VLA)
Carter (VLA)
Jenny (VLA)
Zach (VLA)

Robinson Family

Bryan Robinson (VLA)
Lucia Robinson (VLA)

Bowman Family

George Bowman (VLA)
Jace Bowman (VLA)

Layla's Family

Layla (VLA)
Luna (VLA)

Virgil's Family

Virgil (VLA)
Roman (VLA)

Redwood Boarding School

Grace (VLA)
Jade (VLA)
Damien (VLA)
Lukas (VLA)
Avery (VLA)
Maddie (VLA)
Jonas (VLA)
Erik (VLA)
Tara (VLA)
Elyse (VLA)
Parker (VLA)

Shay's Family

Shay (VLA)
Star (VLA)

The Fire of Purification

Asha (VLA)
Harry (VLA)

Maria's Group

Maria Nuñez (VLA)
Jim (VLA)
Toby (VLA)
Blaine (VLA)

The Night Owls

Henry (VLA)
Rudy (VLA)
Nicole (VLA)
Brady (VLA)
Steven (VLA)
Dana (VLA)
Kurt (VLA)
Logan (VLA)

Marty's Group

Marty (VLA)
Lyla (VLA)
Tanner (VLA)



Kosmo (VLA)


Colin Edwards (VLA)
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