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Hi. I’m here.

hi, my name’s jeff, i’m a fanfic writer here. my story survivors we become is “popular” so give that a read if you want. i’m also an og, so like... fight me.

my stories are described as having semi-realistic characters that act and speak like real human beings. (my secret is i eavesdrop when in public to learn how humans speak)

if you wish to contact me, too bad.

jk if you have any questions for me or want any feedback, please do feel free to leave a message on my message wall and i’ll help you however i can. don’t worry, i’m not actually mean all the time.

My Stories

Current Focus

Finished Stories

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My Iconique Characters

  • Jane - One of my first OCs and by far my favorite. SWB6
  • Monica Evans - First protag (and first female protag on the wiki, nbd)
  • Kaya Dutch - SWB6
  • Tori Hill - More than a silent meme.
  • Heath - Lived thru six seasons of ANWs endless torture, what a king. Possibly a self insert.
  • Mike Danvers - Coach with the most.
  • Billie Kyle - A god with a guitar.
  • Stevie Leigh - should have gotten that spin off.
  • Maggie Kyle - Name a better twist on this wiki than this, i’ll wait.
  • Eliza Monroe - lol y’all were mad.
  • Gale - hate on him all you want, you’ll forget you ever did soon lol
  • Rikki - Queen shit tho, she owned SWB since she came in.
  • The Stoneman’s - Sawyer & Harper for main.


  • The first story I wrote was when I was thirteen and it was a rip off of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
  • I had aspired to be an actor and film editor before turning to writing.
  • All my characters are most likely gay unless otherwise stated by me.
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