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This is an accurate timeline of AManInGreen's Transmutation: New Blood.

Volume 1

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 1 Apr. 19 1 Videos start to spread of the infected coming back to life after death and killing people. Local high school students and staff question the reliability of these videos.
Day 2 Apr. 20 1, 2, 3 The apocalypse spirals out of control, leaving several high schools, hospitals, and other notable places either abandoned or overrun by biters. Pete and Katie are killed by experimental vaccines and wreak chaos. Aliyah and Rebecca save Jeffrey from Greene-Hills School. Brendan puts down his mother. David escapes Bristol Eastern High School and makes his way to Central. Haylee, Kristian, and Elaina head to Haylee's house, but find nobody home.
Day 3 Apr. 21 3 The National Guard arrives and begins to secure Bristol Central High School, quarantining Sam in the process after she gets the blood of the undead Brian on her. Haylee, Kristian, and Elaina make it to the high school.
Day 4 Apr. 22 4, 5 Bella hooks up with Dennis in an attempt to try and convince Dennis to free Sam. David confronts Kristian. Rebecca and Destiny secretly scavenge for weapons, and Rebecca distributes some to Brendan and Patrick. Josue helps Neftali find her boyfriend, but he is dead already. The White House falls overnight.
Day 5 Apr. 23 5, 6 Most of the soldiers decide to leave, and Kirk resigns as the de-facto leader. Sam is freed from quarantine, but she gets into a fight with Neftali, Bri, and Brendan. Kelly and Steve leave temporarily to find their families. Kirk is caught off-guard and killed by biters, drawing a large group of biters to the school. Geoff sacrifices himself. Destiny sacrifices Audra to save her own life. Neftali and Bri save Sam's life. Many others are killed during the attack, a few dozen people remaining after the attack is over. The power starts to go out throughout the world.

Volume 2

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 5 Apr. 23 7 Brendan and Rebecca search the basement to try and find a way to turn the power back on, but to no avail.
Day 6 Apr. 24 7, 8 Brendan and Rebecca search the surrounding area, realizing the extent of the power outage with the help of a stranger. David and Steve come across a woman while dropping off all the bodies, who ends up killing herself after finding her husband's body among the pile. Aliyah recruits Haylee's help in finding her mother, but when they find her, she is a biter. Damion and Damon-- foes from Brendan, Haylee, Aliyah, and Rebecca's past-- happen upon the school and sneak in during the night.
Day 7 Apr. 25 8 The group finds Damion and Damon, and after a heated confrontation, Kelly and Steve allow the duo to stay, forcing everyone into a reluctant alliance. Aliyah tells Jeffrey about their mother's death.
Day 8 Apr. 26 8, 9, 10, 11 David hears a message from other survivors over the radio directing him to Rockwell Park. Brendan and Rebecca head out to find their families. While Rebecca can only find her undead sister, Brendan finds his father, aunt, uncle, and cousins, among others. David locates the Rockwell Park survivors, among them being Haylee's ex-boyfriends James and Anthony. The three groups all merge together at Central. Brendan and Elaina hook up. Haylee and Kristian kiss, and David catches them, but vanishes before the two notice him. James and Anthony plot to get rid of David. Damon rapes Sam, leaving her to commit suicide in the middle of the night.
Day 9 Apr. 27 11, 12, 13 The group finds Sam hanging from a noose and attempt to revive her, when she suddenly turns and kills a girl, revealing that people turn regardless of how you die. After investigating, the group learns of Sam's rape, and Brendan immediately accuses Damon and Damion of being involved. Brendan and Damon fight, until Haylee shoots the latter dead. Damion is locked up. David confronts Kristian and brutally beats him to death. David is ambushed and beaten to death with a baseball bat by Anthony, which Haylee witnesses. James escapes while Haylee brutally kills Anthony, while also critically injuring Justin, leading to him being mercy killed by Mark. Haylee runs off while grieving the recent deaths, leading to Brendan, Aliyah, and Elaina following after her. After they talk her back, Shawn and Jake come upon them. Brendan winds up shooting them both dead in self-defense. Harriet and Albert talk Christopher down from committing suicide.
Day 10 Apr. 28 13, 14, 15 Brendan and Rebecca exile Damion, leaving him to die with nothing. James hijacks a school bus, but is bitten in the process. Destiny confesses to Rebecca that she sacrificed Audra. Kaitlyn leaves the group. James rams the bus into the school (and Shaun, who dives in the way to save Ricky), killing himself and setting off a horn that draws a horde in the process. Robin's daughter Amber is killed. Bri is devoured while trying to escape with Neftali. Neftali leaves to go off on her own, deeming everyone she cared for dead. The rest of the group manages to barely escape and regroup at Rockwell Park, but tensions arise as Robin blames Brendan for Amber's death, while Rebecca outs Destiny for killing Audra. Brendan gives a speech, telling them they have to stick together, and that they are "prisoners of war." Damion is saved by a group led by Jim, who is searching for Will.

Volume 3

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 11 Apr. 29 16 The group heads towards Southington to find Elaina's brother, Landan, while scavenging for supplies. They hole up in a funeral home for the night. Damion leads Jim's group to Central, but they learn that it was overrun. They follow Patrick's dirt bike tracks to Rockwell Park.
Day 12 Apr. 30 16, 17, 18, 19 The group makes it to Elaina's house, where she and Brendan head in alone, only to find that he is dead. The group is ambushed by biters, but they are saved by a boy on a horse. Seth takes them to his home, which is also occupied by a girl named Amanda, and the owner, Hudson. Hudson allows them to stay on his property, while Brendan, Rebecca, and Amanda search for more supplies, only to be ambushed by Jim and Damion's group, with Brendan being shot in the shoulder. The three manage to escape, and Jim and Damion's group follows their trail, killing Mark and Diane. Fearing for his, Seth, and Amanda's safety, Hudson sends the group away to a nearby ranch, where they have a better shot at survival.
Day 13 May 1 19, 20, 21 Jim and Damion's group take Seth, Amanda, and Hudson hostage, using them to try and make Brendan and Will give themselves up. They do, but not without having Rebecca follow their trail. Seth, Amanda, and Hudson are spared, but Brendan and Will are taken hostage to a nearby restaurant, where Jim and Damion's group plans to torture them. Rebecca leads a group to save them, and they arrive just in time. A shootout ensues, which leaves Jim, Damion, Hudson, and the remaining members of Jim and Damion's group dead, except for Johnny, who manages to escape. Elaina attempts to kill Cecilia, believing she is trying to steal Brendan from her. Brendan shoots Elaina to save Cecilia.
Day 14 May 2 21 Brendan falls into a deep depression, nearly drinking himself to death, leading Robert and Joe to help him. They decide to head to Plantsville the next day to find more of Brendan's extended family.
Day 15 May 3 22, 23 Brendan, Robert, and Joe leave for Plantsville, where they locate Brendan's cousins Jacob and Megan, and the two's neighbors, Nicole and Mikey. Will, Albert, Patrick, and Josue salvage solar panels and an RV while out on a supply run. Haylee, Gaby, and Bella scavenge from a nursing home. They all head back to the ranch. Destiny manages to steal Jeffrey's gun when he isn't looking. Jeffrey narrowly saves Megan from a biter.
Day 16 May 4 23 Destiny holds Brendan at gunpoint in an attempt to take charge of the group, and shoots Haylee's earlobe off when she goes for the gun. Alyssa tries to talk her down, before Rebecca sneaks up behind Destiny and shoots her dead. That night, Destiny turns and attacks Rebecca, and she is narrowly saved by Jeffrey.
Day 17 May 5 23, 24 The group buries Destiny.
Day 18 May 6 24, 25 Members of the group go on a supply run to Home Depot, and Patrick breaks his ankle in the process, but everyone makes it out unscathed. Ben, Bunty, and Robin head to Salem Farms Campground, only to encounter a group led by Eddie. Eddie feeds Robin to biters and forces Ben and Bunty to fight biters in a pit. The two kill all the biters, and Eddie welcomes them into his group. The Bristol Survivor Group leads a rescue mission to Salem Farms Campground, where Harriet avenges Robin by killing Eddie. The group decides to take in the rest of Eddie's former group: Jennifer, Neil, Kristoff, Kasey, and Star.
Day 19 May 7 26 The group finally begins to find peace at the ranch, though tensions are still present, especially after taking in the strangers from the campground. Albert sets up the solar panels while Patrick recovers from his broken ankle. Megan starts to learn how to shoot. Jennifer takes a pregnancy test and learns she is pregnant with Eddie's baby.

Volume 4

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 20-79 May 8-July 6 Volume 3 to Volume 4 Interim Jennifer reveals to the group that she is pregnant. Fences are set up around the ranch. A garden growing food is constructed. The group brings Sabian, Erika, Charles, and Clifton in, adding to the population problem. The group goes out on several supply runs, beginning to stockpile. A sickness going around nearly takes lives.
Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 80 July 7 27, 28 Brendan, Haylee, Will, Albert, and Sabian go hunting, and they run into Taylor, reluctantly bringing her back to the ranch. Several others go on a supply run, where they find Abigail and her daughter Danielle, both of whom are infected. Neil puts them out of their misery. After Taylor is brought to the ranch, the group decides that they need to come up with a solution to the overcrowding issue.
Day 81 July 8 28, 29, 30 Clifton leads the group to a prison, which could solve their problems. They meet several prisoners, most notably Louie, Claudia, Quintrell, Otto, and Kayla. After a heated confrontation, Otto kills Bunty, to which Joe kills Otto. Several other prisoners attack the group, killing Christopher in the process, but they manage to defeat them. The other prisoners stand down, and they form a reluctant truce. The group buries and mourns for Bunty and Christopher back at the ranch. Half of the group leaves for the prison, and they clear out a cellblock. At night, Ricky gets high and drunk, resulting in him murdering Kirby and feeding rabbits to biters at the fences. Overnight, a herd forms at the fences.
Day 82 July 9 30 While the prison group attempts to clear out more of the prison, the ranch's defenses give way, and the group learns that someone sabotaged them. Megan is bitten, and Jacob puts her down. The prison group arrives just in time to rescue the ranch group, and they escape, with the ranch having been overrun. Jacob blames Brendan for what happened to his family, and the two fight, but are quickly separated. Brendan begins to suffer flashbacks while under stress and grief.
Day 83 July 10 31 The group clears out the rest of the prison. Haylee and Seth decide to go on a run the next day.
Day 84 July 11 31, 32, 33 Haylee and Seth go on a run, and they kiss, before running into Kevin, an old teacher of Haylee's. Brendan starts hallucinating, and Amanda confesses her love for him, beginning their relationship. Rebecca and Alyssa hook up. Ricky confesses to Albert that he caused the attack on the ranch, so Albert takes him out on a supply run, and he decides to exile him, leaving him with supplies at a relatively safe Bristol Eastern High School. Kevin takes Haylee and Seth to Southington High School, where they run into several of Haylee's old friends, as well as her ex-friends Anthony and Adam. Anthony steals a grenade given to Haylee by Robert. Haylee and Seth head back to the prison with Anthony and Adam on their tail. Mikey and Kayla hook up, but Kayla ends up murdering him and leaving him to turn. Quintrell trades drugs to Cody, resulting in him overdosing and reanimating. Both attack Rebecca and Alyssa during the night, but they make it out unscathed.
Day 85 July 12 33, 34 While investigating the murder of Mikey, Brendan, Robert, Kelly, and Jeffrey are ambushed by Anthony and Adam. Robert's leg is blown off with the grenade Anthony stole. A fight ensues, and Josue, Steve, and Star are killed, while Anthony slices Brendan's eye open, rendering him half-blind. Anthony and Adam barely escape with several injuries of their own. Ashaki and Luke become suspicious of Anthony and Adam. Brendan and Robert remain unconscious for the rest of the day.
Day 86 July 13 34, 35, 36 Brendan and Robert both wake up. Patrick recruits Brendan to help him, Joe, and Kasey attack Southington High School, and Brendan agrees. Ben, Neil, Kristoff, and Sabian head out on a run to Bristol Hospital in order to restock their medical supplies, as well as find Robert crutches. A stranger steals their car while they are scavenging inside. The four are forced to flee the hospital on foot. Quintrell catches Kayla trying to dig Mikey's body up, and learns that she murdered him. He alerts the group of her actions, and Nicole executes her. Brendan, Joe, and Kasey head inside the high school to attack from within, while Patrick distracts the Southington High group from the outside. The group learns that Brendan, Patrick, Joe, and Kasey have left, and they race to rescue them. Kasey kills Petra, and in the nick of time, Will shoots Christian to save them. They manage to escape, leaving the high schoolers to fend off a group of invading biters. Sabian saves a carton of cigarettes over Neil due to his addiction, causing distrust to form. Patrick and Taylor form a purely sexual relationship. Jacob and Kasey grow closer. War is declared. Ben, Neil, Kristoff, and Sabian return to the prison, and the stranger follows them there, revealing herself to be Kaitlyn.

Volume 5

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 86 July 13 37 The group catches up with Kaitlyn after she previously left the group months ago. Kaitlyn is scarred, but is grateful to be back with the group. They plan to set up roadblocks the next day, and Louie volunteers to stash supplies somewhere hidden in case of an emergency.
Day 87 July 14 37, 38 The group sets up roadblocks on the highway to delay Anthony's group's advances. Jeffrey attempts to toughen up, wanting to help when the group attacks Southington High School again soon, but he is shut down. Anthony goes out searching for people to recruit into his army and locates several living in the local library. Among them are DeSantis, Dave, Marisa, who had previously escaped Central when Pete was killed, as well as many others. Anthony manages to convince them to join his cause, and they head back to Southington High School. Louie, along with Erika, head to Salem Farms Campground to stash the supplies, but they are held at gunpoint by Nathan. Erika stabs Nathan to death. A herd passes through the campground, and Louie and Erika take shelter for the night. Sabian apologizes to Ben.
Day 88 July 15 39, 40 Both groups train for the inevitable fight. Jeffrey sneaks into one of the RVs, ready to help aid the others in the fight. The group attacks Southington High School. Haylee kills Luke, despite his pleading. Marc, Bob, and Wade spare Aliyah and allow her to escape. Bella is shot dead by Marisa. Jeffrey attacks, only to be killed by Anthony right in front of Aliyah. The group flees Southington High, and they take shelter in an abandoned middle school for the night.
Day 89 July 15 40, 41 The group returns to the prison with news of Bella and Jeffrey's deaths. Coryne arrives at Southington High School, searching for her girlfriend, and Anthony manipulates her into joining his army. Adam starts to realize that they're in the wrong. Gaby nearly attempts suicide, and she starts hallucinating Bella. Haylee grows more determined to kill everyone at the school, but the others aren't so sure. Taylor asks Quintrell for his help.
Day 90 July 16 41, 42 Taylor, Quintrell, and Claudia formulate a plan to take a hostage while tricking the high schoolers. The plan works and they capture Logan, but Claudia is killed. Jacob chases after the three and crashes a car into the building, before being imprisoned and tortured by Anthony. Louie starts training Erika. Logan is locked up. Anthony tells Jacob of his plan to try and take the prison.
Day 91 July 17 42, 43, 44 Ashaki, Tia, Justin, and Kevin plan to deliver guns and ammunition to the prison behind Anthony's back. They head to Fort Trumbull, gather a bunch of weapons-- including a rocket launcher-- and bring them to the prison. People at Southington High want to leave due to Jacob partially destroying the building, but Anthony refuses, killing Marc when the latter stands up to him. Will, Harriet, Albert, Kaitlyn, Sabian, and Louie scavenge for guns, but they run into trouble when Will is separated and runs into a family of four that attempts to kill and steal from him. However, Will manages to kill all of them. Harriet, Albert, Kaitlyn, Sabian, and Louie are boxed in, when they are rescued by a stranger, allowing them to locate Will, who is torn up over having to kill kids in self-defense. The six head back to where they are saved and meet up with their savior, who is revealed to be Neftali. Neftali reunites with the group back at the prison after they accept the cache of weapons from Ashaki, Tia, Justin, and Kevin. Anthony's army brings Jacob to the prison, where Anthony offers to trade him for Logan, the prison, and their supplies. Brendan acts like he accepts the trade, before Haylee accidentally guns down Coryne trying to kill Anthony. Spencer sacrifices himself while the rest of Anthony's army escapes. Adam confronts Anthony on sacrificing Coryne, and the two fight, where Anthony nearly executes Adam, but allows him one more chance to redeem himself. Jacob and Kasey kiss. Louie and Erika hook up. Sabian recruits Ben to help him beat his addiction in two days.
Day 92 July 18 45 Kaitlyn tells Harriet about what happened to her between leaving the group and reuniting with them.
Day 93 July 19 46, 47, 48 A group leaves the prison and attacks Southington High School, using the rocket launcher given to them by Ashaki, Kevin, Justin, and Tia to blow up the main entrance, and they lead a horde of biters inside. A fight ensues, and Aliyah is attacked by a biter, but instead of saving her, Haylee shoots Adam dead while he turns on Anthony and Marisa by holding them at gunpoint. Both sides flee. Ben and Sabian leave on a supply run and run into Kaylee and Derrick. Anthony is enraged that his army has betrayed him, and he shoots Mikayla dead as a warning to the rest of what will happen to them if they try to run or fight back. They make camp in the woods, and Anthony takes Kevin hunting, where they come upon a group of survivors camping in the woods. Anthony kills everyone except two, as he realizes they are Haylee's step-mom, Milla, and brother, Ethen. He takes them hostage, and the group sets out for the prison, with Anthony having malicious intentions for the two. Amanda confronts Haylee, and Haylee threatens her when she questions her and Seth's toxic relationship. Quintrell finds a map telling survivors to find sanctuary at Bristol Eastern High School and makes contact with one of the survivors, Garry Chavez, whom he had done business with prior to the outbreak. Robert and Joe plan to salvage what's left of Bristol Central High School and make it livable again. That evening, Anthony and the group arrive at the prison, and he orders for Haylee to come outside. When she does, Anthony kills them both in front of her. Haylee snaps and chases Anthony, Marisa, and the others off, before murdering Logan. She heads off on her own, and Taylor chases after her alone. Haylee heads to her old home in Southington, and when Taylor arrives, Haylee kills her and allows her to reanimate.
Day 94 July 20 48, 49 In the morning, Brendan, Aliyah, Rebecca, Seth, and several others split up search for Haylee and Taylor. The four find her in Southington, and a confrontation ensues, where Haylee blames Brendan and Rebecca for all the deaths that have happened since the beginning. Brendan and Haylee get into a scuffle, and Aliyah intervenes, only to be thrown in the fireplace and burned alive by Haylee. Haylee wounds the other three, before being shot dead by Brendan. Brendan, Rebecca, and Seth escape as the burning house collapses. Back at the prison, everyone mourns the losses. That night, Justin knocks Marisa unconscious while she's on watch, and the Southington refugees flee.
Day 95 July 21 49 The prison group prepares for the final battle. Neftali finds Patrick planning to leave. The Southington refugees arrive, calling for help. Erika sees Anthony and Marisa coming, but she is unable to shoot, still too traumatized by her past. Marisa shoots Justin dead, Anthony shoots Clifton dead. Neil and Kristoff escort the Southington refugees to safety while Anthony and Marisa infiltrate the prison, attacking Ben and Sabian in the halls. Ben is critically wounded, so he sacrifices himself in order to Sabian to get to safety, being finished off by Marisa. Anthony and Marisa chase Sabian, until they are ambushed in the group's cellblock. Marisa is incapacitated, and Anthony abandons her. Gaby stabs Marisa to death. Brendan chases after Anthony alone and brutally kills him, officially concluding the war. Rebecca accepts the Southington refugees into the group, remembering what Marc, Bob, and Wade did for Aliyah. Patrick leaves the group, heading off to an unknown location. Everyone mourns their losses, before burning the bodies of Anthony and Marisa. Brendan and Rebecca admit their faults and mistakes to the group, and that they will be "one" again, remembering Haylee blaming them for the past.

Volume 6

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018) Chapter(s) Event
Day 96 July 22 50, 51 Several different groups go out on supply runs and scouting missions. Brendan suffers from PTSD due to Haylee and Aliyah's deaths, and is saved by Jennifer when he's blindsided by a biter. He and Jennifer bond over their past trauma. Robert, Joe, Bob, and Wade scout Bristol Central High School, and Joe puts down the undead Bri. They head to a fallout shelter in Litchfield County, where Robert and Joe locate their old high school friends as biters, putting all three of them down. Quintrell seeks out Garry at Bristol Eastern High School and is locked up by the group living there, the leader being Ricky. Ricky forces Quintrell to contact Harriet, who comes alone to retrieve him. Harriet and Ricky reunite, though there is still tension. Ricky appears to have changed, as people look to him, though Harriet is unsure. She and Quintrell head back to the prison. Erika blames herself for Ben, Clifton, and Justin's deaths. The prison is attacked by a horde of biters, and the group takes them out. Alyssa almost lets Terry die, remembering Bella's death. Neil, Kristoff, Sabian, Kaylee, and Derrick are blindsided by a herd while on the road and are forced to seek shelter with a stranger named Eric. Eric reveals how he accidentally killed his lover, and forces Derrick to shoot him dead, traumatizing him. Brendan, Gaby, Alyssa, Will, Jennifer, and others work to overcome past trauma. Alyssa and Kasey both come to the conclusion that they can't live with the Southington refugees. Seth and Ashaki bond. Amanda requests that Albert teach her how to build things. Louie and Terry fight after the former refuses to let Terry carry a gun. Terry thinks about killing Alyssa. DeSantis opens up to Kelly about what happened to his friends before he met up with Marisa in Southington. Garry, Wyatt, and Corey plot to kill Albert and Quintrell after learning that their group will be attempting to open up trade with the prison.
Day 97 July 23 51, 52, 53 While out scouting, Rebecca, Kaitlyn, Jacob, Nicole, and Kevin save Morgan and her baby sister Alice from biters. After some discussion, they bring her back to the prison, where Neil, Nicole, Kelly, Erika, and Charles decide to go on a supply run to find some supplies to help Alice. While scavenging, biters ambush the five, and Charles is killed. Neil is lost to the herd while Nicole, Kelly, and Erika flee. At Eastern, Joselyn tells Gina of her intentions to leave on her own soon. Will, Albert, and Amanda scavenge for building materials for the wall set to be built around the prison. Joe, Robert, Neftali, and Kaitlyn search for Patrick in Waterbury and find him holed up at Ray's Automotive Office. After a heated argument, Patrick kicks them out and refuses to return to the prison. Kelly, Nicole, and Erika return to the prison and break the news of Neil and Charles' deaths, leaving Kristoff distraught. That night, Rebecca and Alyssa catch Brendan sneaking out. Rebecca follows Brendan, and learns that he is heading to Haylee's house to try and deal with his demons. When they get there, they mourn Haylee and Aliyah, only to be confronted and robbed at gunpoint by Anna. Anna takes everything, including personal artifacts that Brendan and Rebecca were given by dead family members. They track her down, and Rebecca stabs Anna to death when she breaks the bracelet given to her by her sisters. Terry attempts to kill Alyssa, only to be saved by Nicole who is wounded in the process. Terry is shot dead by Neil, who survived the ordeal at Target. He reunites with Kristoff and promises that he isn't going anywhere.
Day 98 July 24 53, 54 Cecilia, Gaby, Jennifer, DeSantis, Kevin, Dave, Sarah, Carter, and Grace loot a library in Charles' memory. Sarah and Dave bond over their long gone family. Carter admits to Grace that he is thinking about leaving to find and help other people. Gaby breaks down when she finds two women that committed suicide together holding hands, and Cecilia decides to help her clear her head by going out on a supply run the next day. Nicole wakes up. Bob gives Neftali a bottle of gin as she begins to reflect alone. Neftali confides in Alyssa, but Alyssa isn't ready to hear her story out of fear of her opinion of Neftali souring.
Day 99 July 25 54, 55 Cecilia and Gaby leave on their run. Bob and Wade help Neftali try to overcome her alcoholism. Alyssa allows Neftali to tell her her story, and forgives her for her actions towards innocent people, before the two tearfully embrace. Louie and Erika leave in search of Louie's wife and son. That night, Cecilia and Gaby camp out at a motel, and Gaby breaks down, blaming herself for Bella's death. Cecilia comforts her.
Day 100 July 26 55, 56 Erika manages to convince Louie that they can both have a second chance. Cecilia and Gaby run into Caitlin, one of Gaby's old best friends. Caitlin tries to convince Gaby to leave with her on their own, but Gaby refuses, so Caitlin knocks the two out. Caitlin begins torturing Cecilia in an attempt to convince Gaby that it's better to be on the road than behind walls. Gaby manages to grab Caitlin's gun and puts her down. Afterwards, she tells Cecilia that she has come to terms with Bella's death. They start heading back to the prison. Louie and Erika make it to Louie's old home, where they find a murder-suicide: Louie's wife killed their son, before committing suicide. Gaby brings Cecilia home, where her wounds are treated. Louie threatens Erika in a fit of rage. Robert, Joe, Neftali, Alyssa, Kaitlyn, Amanda, Jacob, Kasey, Sabian, Bob, and Wade head to Bristol Central High School to clear it. Robert and Amanda are confronted by Toki and Ana while alone, offering their skills in exchange to come back with them. Ultimately, they bring Toki and Ana back to the prison with them. Fearful for his life, Quintrell reveals to Brendan and Will that Ricky is alive and may be planning retaliation for his exile. Morgan and Alice are freed from their temporary confinement. Carter leaves the group in search of other people to help on the road. That night, Joselyn leaves a goodbye letter before leaving Bristol Eastern High School. Garry, Wyatt, and Corey sneak out, heading for the prison. Quintrell steals a majority of the group's supplies and flees the prison.
Day 101 July 27 56, 57 Louie searches for Quintrell and reveals to the group that he stole supplies and fled, suggesting they chase after him. Harriet leaves in search of Quintrell and runs him down, crippling him. She takes back the supplies Quintrell stole, before leaving Quintrell to be devoured by biters. Ricky, Gina, Parker, and Pam find out Garry, Wyatt, and Corey are gone, and they head towards the prison. Seth, Nicole, and Ashaki follow the river, where they meet a trigger-happy Dylan and Memphis, both of whom are gunned down by Nicole for grazing Ashaki. Neil and Kristoff leave to find and try to bring Patrick back. Garry, Wyatt, and Corey attack Albert, stabbing him in the process. Brendan, Harriet, and Hoss arrive and attempt to help Albert. Garry shoots Hoss dead. Corey attempts to kill Brendan, but he is shot dead by Cecilia. Ricky arrives and kills Garry to save Albert. Harriet shoots Wyatt dead. Jacob arrives and holds Ricky at gunpoint. Ricky apologizes to Jacob and allows him to kill him if that's what he decides. Jacob decides to spare Ricky, and Brendan agrees to let Ricky stay at the prison under supervision. Gina, Parker, and Pam are also allowed to stay. Neil and Kristoff arrive at Patrick's base, and Neil attempts to convince Patrick to come back home, warning that he will force him if need be. Patrick snaps, stabbing and killing Neil. Kristoff, in a rage, attacks Patrick and cuts out his tongue as revenge, before leaving him for dead. Brendan and Rebecca talk with the group about recent events, when Kristoff returns with news of Neil's death and Patrick's betrayal. Joselyn finds Patrick near death and decides to save him.

Volume 7

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2018-2019) Chapter(s) Event
Day 102-283 July 28-January 26 Volume 6 to Volume 7 Interim The group constructs walls around the prison. Other members of the group fix up Bristol Central High School, and a portion of the group moves there. A greenhouse, an animal pen, and a well are set up. Alexander and Arthur are found and brought to the prison, though Alex later moves to Central. The group begins celebrating holidays and birthdays again like before the outbreak. Parker and Pam form a relationship. Ricky isolates himself from the rest of the group, believing it to be his punishment. DeSantis finds and puts down his biter wife. Erika stops speaking to everyone. Bob and Wade search for Wade's girlfriend Molly, but they find her body on the road. Brendan and Rebecca both slowly begin to suffer from depression. Rebecca and Alyssa's relationship suffers because of the distance between the two. The group celebrates Christmas, though Ricky and Erika's depression worsens. Jacob tells Ricky he forgives him, but Ricky doesn't believe he deserves forgiveness. Adriel and his congregation kill Mickey and Austin while the two are out scavenging.
Time in the Apocalypse Date (2019) Chapter(s) Event
Day 284 January 27 58, 59 Erika commits suicide, and is put down by Louie. On a run, Brendan, Will, Harriet, and Albert run into a priest, Adriel. With their car having broken down, Adriel gains their trust by lending him his car, and they take him back to the prison. Alyssa thinks about moving back to the prison, wanting to mend her relationship with Rebecca. Ricky suggests a suicide pact to Kristoff, believing them both to be the odd men out, but Kristoff refuses. Jennifer's water breaks, and she goes into labor. Her baby is born, and both survive. Jennifer names the baby after her sister, Ashley. The majority of the Central group decides to visit the prison in celebration of Ashley's birth. Alyssa and Neftali decide to move back to the prison permanently. On a supply run, Kevin and Sarah find the aftermath of a mass murder, and the two connect. Kevin insists she move on from the past to create a new future. DeSantis opens up to Kelly about putting down his wife after she turned, and Kelly opens up about failing to put Charles out of his misery. Parker assures Ricky he is a "hero," but Ricky doesn't agree. Gaby finds herself uncomfortable after meeting Adriel and admits this to Cecilia, not wanting to fall into a "religious trap" after what happened to Bella and Caitlin, which Adriel overhears. Adriel sneaks aboard the RV the Central group came in and hides. Will helps Jacob and Nicole find and put down their biter parents. Cecilia decides to take Brendan and Rebecca on a run the following day in order to help them like she helped Gaby. That night, Adriel ambushes and knocks Gaby out cold.
Day 285 January 28 59, 60, 61, 62, 63 Adriel brings Gaby to St. Anthony's Church, where he finds his congregation waiting. He tells them of the prison and Central, claiming they will "free their souls," and that they will turn Gaby into one of them. Adriel initiates Gaby into the group by having her kill a woman. Brendan, Rebecca, and Cecilia head to Greene-Hills School, where they open up to each other. Rebecca is ashamed for letting her relationship with Alyssa fall apart, and Brendan is still traumatized by the deaths of Haylee and Aliyah. The three hug it out after a long talk. Robert, Joe, Jacob, Kasey, Sabian, and Kevin search for Gaby and Adriel at the church Brendan, Will, Harriet, and Albert found him at, but no sign of either of them. Kaitlyn tries to train Kelly, but she is upset by Kaitlyn's methods. Kaylee sends a letter to her father up into the sky with balloons in hopes he will find it one day. Patrick and Joselyn leave Ray's Automotive Shop in search of somewhere better. Adriel, Gaby, and the congregation head for the prison while leading a herd of biters. Brendan, Cecilia, Nicole, Derrick, Anastasia, and Arthur search for Adriel and Gaby at the church, but they realize quickly that it is empty, and that Adriel has a group. They race back towards the prison. Adriel forces Gaby to shoot down Seth and Dave, but she turns on them and kills a member of the congregation. Dave is killed by having a knife thrown into his chest, while Seth escapes. Gaby is stabbed, and she escapes with two congregation members chasing after her. She manages to kill them both and makes her way towards Central. Kristoff fends off Adriel and the congregation, and they escape. Adriel and the congregation decide to start using guns to increase their chances of winning. Brendan, Cecilia, Nicole, Derrick, Anastasia, and Arthur return too late, so Derrick decides to buy the group some time to make it into the prison. He sacrifices himself to the biters while the others flee into the prison. Robert, Joe, Kaitlyn, Jacob, Kasey, Sabian, Kevin, and Sarah arrive at the prison to help and lead the horde away. Later, they all plan to retaliate against Adriel and the congregation. Several of the group blow up St. Anthony's Church and track down the congregation, finding them after they acquire guns. Lola and Terrence begin to question their loyalty. The group manages to take out half of the congregation, with the rest escaping. Gaby makes it to the school and is patched up. Patrick and Joselyn come across the Growers, and Joselyn is forced to speak after being mute for so long in order to save Patrick's life. The Growers tell them of Mickey and Austin's murders, and reluctantly allow them to stay after interrogating them. That night, the congregation attacks Central, killing Kasey, Tia, Kevin, Sarah, and Parker, and flooding the school with biters. Sage hides in the RV as instructed by Adriel. The others flee towards the prison.
Day 286 January 29 63 The Central group makes it to the prison, where they inform the rest of the group of their losses. Sage sneaks into the prison and steals an RPG and a rocket, before escaping. Seth and Ashaki hook up. Will confesses to Brendan of his killings of the Sajjadi family, but Brendan assures him he doesn't care. Sage catches up with the congregation, and Adriel tells them they will blow up the prison's walls, allowing a horde of biters in. He starts leading them towards a place that holds a horde.

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