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The list below provides the sequential order of the chapters of Transmutation: New Blood. Ratings are an average calculated from user submitted ratings.


Volume Chapters Originally Aired Rating
Volume Premiere Volume Finale
1 6 N/A N/A 80%
2 9 N/A N/A 85%
3 11 N/A N/A 87%
4 10 N/A N/A 89%
5 13 N/A N/A 90%
6 8 N/A N/A 93%
7 9 N/A N/A 96%
8 10 N/A N/A 94%
9 8 N/A N/A 93%
10 8 N/A N/A 96%
11 8 N/A N/A 100%

Volume 1

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 1" AManInGreen N/A 79%
The fall of civilization looms over local high schools. People are in denial of the impending apocalypse.
2 "Chapter 2" AManInGreen N/A 77%
While people recover from recent deadly attacks, Aliyah searches for her brother. Others head home to find their families.
3 "Chapter 3" AManInGreen N/A 77%
Haylee, Kristian, and Elaina continue their journey. Sam begins to lose her sanity. The Central group uneasily accepts new allies.
4 "Chapter 4" AManInGreen N/A 73%
The group has trouble getting adjusted to the arrival of Kirk and his army of soldiers. Bella works to try to free Sam from quarantine. Rebecca and Destiny go on a secret supply run.
5 "Chapter 5" AManInGreen N/A 83%
The men in Kirk's army begin to question their real motives. The group faces several obstacles that come down to life and death choices.
6 "Chapter 6" AManInGreen N/A 93%
The group faces a threat unlike anything they've encountered so far, and they must fight for their home.

Volume 2

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 7" AManInGreen N/A 76%
Brendan and Rebecca uncover a horrifying reality. Aliyah has a request for Haylee, as two strangers happen upon the school.
2 "Chapter 8" AManInGreen N/A 70%
Two new arrivals that have a dangerous past with several members of the group show up at the school, forcing them to make a difficult decision.
3 "Chapter 9" AManInGreen N/A 87%
While Brendan and Rebecca search for their families, David visits a rendezvous to meet other survivors; some from other members of the group's pasts.
4 "Chapter 10" AManInGreen N/A 87%
The group begins to settle in with their numbers blossoming quickly. New relationships form, though one member of the group takes things too far.
5 "Chapter 11" AManInGreen N/A 96%
The group must recuperate after shocking losses, though it's only just the beginning as secrets come to light.
6 "Chapter 12" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Haylee suffers from devastating losses, and when she disappears, Brendan, Aliyah, and Elaina follow after her. Meanwhile, another life hangs in the balance.
7 "Chapter 13" AManInGreen N/A 80%
The group decides what to do with their prisoner. Elsewhere, James contemplates his choices when faced with a deadly situation.
8 "Chapter 14" AManInGreen N/A 85%
Rebecca confronts Destiny about a secret she's been hiding. Bella saves a member of the group in a time of need. James enacts his plan.
9 "Chapter 15" AManInGreen N/A 93%
The school is under attack yet again by biters, but this time, they may not be able to win. Trust issues form within the group, especially after a frightening reveal.

Volume 3

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 16" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Still reeling from many recent losses, the group heads to find Elaina's brother near Southington, desperate to regain their hope and safety.
2 "Chapter 17" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Seth takes the group to his home to meet Hudson and Amanda. Members of the group go on a supply run that may prove to be fatal.
3 "Chapter 18" AManInGreen N/A 85%
Jim Woffard, Damion, and their group track down Brendan, Rebecca, and Amanda after they get away. Brendan recovers from his injury as the rest of the group uneasily awaits the unknown.
4 "Chapter 19" AManInGreen N/A 85%
Shaken up by Jim Woffard's attack on his home, Hudson sends the group to a nearby ranch in order to try and preserve his, Seth, and Amanda's lives while also offering the group a better chance at their own survival.
5 "Chapter 20" AManInGreen N/A 90%
The group is forced to make a tough decision when Jim's group shows up with hostages, though Brendan has a trick up his sleeve. A member of the group reaches their breaking point.
6 "Chapter 21" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Brendan falls into a depression after making a difficult decision, worrying other members of the group. The rest of the group attempts to move on and start anew at their new home.
7 "Chapter 22" AManInGreen N/A 80%
Brendan searches for other members of his extended family with the help of Robert and Joe. Other members of the group make supply runs.
8 "Chapter 23" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Brendan and Haylee don't see eye-to-eye, while Jeffrey begins to step up. Destiny enacts her plan.
9 "Chapter 24" AManInGreen N/A 80%
Two different groups make supply runs, but will everyone make it back?
10 "Chapter 25" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Members of the group are forced into a new life by the leader of a slavery camp. When said members of the group don't return, a rescue party heads out to the location they were headed to.
11 "Chapter 26" AManInGreen N/A 90%
The group finally starts to calm down after the events that have occurred in the past weeks, learning to live with each other while also starting to call the ranch their new, permanent home. However, a member of the group learns devastating news.

Volume 4

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 27" AManInGreen N/A 80%
Two months have passed, and the group is living a peaceful life, while also still adjusting to the new faces having moved into the ranch. However, the tension within the group is still noticeably present.
2 "Chapter 28" AManInGreen N/A 90%
When another survivor shows up at the cluttered ranch, the group must consider scouting for a second place to split the group up.
3 "Chapter 29" AManInGreen N/A 85%
Conflict arises between the ranch and the prison, and they are forced to reach a mutual agreement to prevent further bloodshed.
4 "Chapter 30" AManInGreen N/A 85%
A threat from within the ranch unknowingly wrecks havoc, sending the prison group on a rescue mission.
5 "Chapter 31" AManInGreen N/A 95%
While on a run with Seth, Haylee runs into a familiar face from her past. Meanwhile, at the prison, Brendan finds himself in a dark place.
6 "Chapter 32" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Haylee reunites with old friends, while Albert must deal with Ricky after his dark secret comes to light.
7 "Chapter 33" AManInGreen N/A 100%
The stakes are high when the group realizes a murderer is among them all. However, they are not the only threat the group should be worried about.
8 "Chapter 34" AManInGreen N/A 90%
The group is left broken after a devastating attack that leaves several injured and others dead. Although the group is ready to plan a counterattack, some people find it too difficult to wait.
9 "Chapter 35" AManInGreen N/A 85%
While members of the group scavenge for supplies at a hospital, a few others go on a suicide mission in an attempt at seeking vengeance for their loved ones.
10 "Chapter 36" AManInGreen N/A 90%
While the Southington group is left to reflect in the aftermath of an attack, the prison group prepares for what's to come. Meanwhile, Sabian makes a bad decision as somebody tails him, Ben, Neil, and Kristoff back to the prison.

Volume 5

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 37" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Following a shocking reunion, the group works to protect themselves and the prison from the looming threat of Anthony and Adam. Meanwhile, Anthony searches for help.
2 "Chapter 38" AManInGreen N/A 85%
Tensions come to a head at the prison. Anthony's new army settles in at the high school. Erika faces her past.
3 "Chapter 39" AManInGreen N/A 93%
Anthony and his army train to face the inevitable. The group organizes an attack on the high school.
4 "Chapter 40" AManInGreen N/A 80%
Darkness and guilt consumes the group in the aftermath.
5 "Chapter 41" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Taylor enlists the help of Quintrell and Claudia in order to put an end to the war. At the high school, Anthony and Adam trick a stranger with connections to a fallen friend. Gaby continues to face her demons.
6 "Chapter 42" AManInGreen N/A 85%
A prisoner at the high school is interrogated and used as a bargaining chip. Logan tries to appeal to the group. Anthony and Marisa's army question their true motives.
7 "Chapter 43" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Will gets separated on a supply run, while Ashaki, Kevin, Tia, and Justin make their own supply run, but with different intentions in mind.
8 "Chapter 44" AManInGreen N/A 100%
The prison group reluctantly takes a chance. A confrontation ensues.
9 "Chapter 45" AManInGreen N/A 85%
Kaitlyn recalls her journey after leaving the group months ago.
10 "Chapter 46" AManInGreen N/A 90%
The group changes up their strategies in order to win the war. Anthony makes a shocking discovery.
11 "Chapter 47" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Ben accompanies Sabian on a supply run, but they find more than they hoped. Haylee's dark path continues.
12 "Chapter 48" AManInGreen N/A 98%
Hope? Gone. Sanity? Lost. Bonds? Broken.
13 "Chapter 49" AManInGreen N/A 100%
The group faces off against Anthony and Marisa one last time, everyone filled with rage, guilt, hope, and the need for vengeance.

Volume 6

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 50" AManInGreen N/A 95%
Quintrell looks for an old acquaintance, but runs into some trouble. Some people find it hard to move on, while the new members of the group struggle to blend in with the rest.
2 "Chapter 51" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Accompanied by a distraught stranger, members from the prison find themselves trapped. Meanwhile, other members from the prison make contact.
3 "Chapter 52" AManInGreen N/A 90%
With new arrivals at the prison, members of the group step up and head out on a supply run to help them, but in the apocalypse, things are never as easy as they sound.
4 "Chapter 53" AManInGreen N/A 90%
People begin to question whether Morgan's arrival was worth their recent losses. Members of the group head out on a side mission in honor of the fallen.
5 "Chapter 54" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Neftali reflects on her uneasy past after the fall of Central.
6 "Chapter 55" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Cecilia goes out on a run with Gaby to help her try and find peace. Louie struggles to keep it together.
7 "Chapter 56" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Members of the group work to re-establish a fallen home, while Garry plans for an upcoming infiltration.
8 "Chapter 57" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Harriet races to retrieve what rightfully belongs to the group. Garry enacts his plan, while Ricky realizes he must choose a side. Patrick makes a fatal decision.

Volume 7

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 58" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Six months have gone by, and the two groups are barely holding things together, still haunted by their connected pasts with each other.
2 "Chapter 59" AManInGreen N/A 90%
A group from Central heads out to visit the prison following the birth of Jennifer's baby. A disappearance causes problems.
3 "Chapter 60" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Members of the Central group search for a missing person. Cecilia helps Brendan and Rebecca fight their demons. Adriel shows Gaby the ways of his congregation.
4 "Chapter 61" AManInGreen N/A 95%
Rebecca and Alyssa finally talk as Adriel and his congregation head for the prison. Gaby is tested.
5 "Chapter 62" AManInGreen N/A 95%
A group from the prison pursues Adriel and the congregation while Gaby closes in on home. Elsewhere, Patrick and Joselyn find hope.
6 "Chapter 63" AManInGreen N/A 100%
All hell breaks loose as members of the Central group fight for their lives, and their home.
7 "Chapter 64" AManInGreen N/A 95%
Sabian reflects on his past as Ricky continues to debate whether he belongs in the group or not. Terrence and Lola continue to struggle. Patrick and Joselyn attempt to convince the Growers to seek justice.
8 "Chapter 65" AManInGreen N/A 95%
Several members of the group's pasts are explored. Meanwhile, Adriel and the congregation head for the prison with their nuclear weapons in tow.
9 "Chapter 66" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Adriel and the congregation wreak havoc, forcing the group to try and escape while they still can. Meanwhile, Patrick, Joselyn, and the Growers close in.

Volume 8

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 67" AManInGreen N/A 90%
The split groups recover from recent events as they make their way towards the rendezvous.
2 "Chapter 68" AManInGreen N/A 95%
Will and Louie are taken in by strangers. Brendan, Cecilia, Jennifer, and Kaylee run into some trouble.
3 "Chapter 69" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Harriet visits her past. Gaby struggles with trusting their new friends. Rebecca and Jacob close in.
4 "Chapter 70" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Morgan struggles with insanity as Toki, Alex, and Anastasia consider their choices.
5 "Chapter 71" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Kaitlyn hides a secret as Will reaches his breaking point. Louie makes a difficult decision. The group considers their new journey.
6 "Chapter 72" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Together again, the group begins their journey towards Yale University, though the recent events plague their hope for salvation.
7 "Chapter 73" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Robert and Joe run into former rivals as the group finds themselves in new territory, unsure of what to make of it all.
8 "Chapter 74" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Brendan works to fix the leadership problems within the Nightmare Hideaway. Meanwhile, Joe, Kristoff, and Sabian go on a supply run that may spell disaster.
9 "Chapter 75" AManInGreen N/A 90%
A biter invasion at the Nightmare Hideaway camp forces everyone to try and work together. Cecilia, Neftali, Gaby, and the others save a life.
10 "Chapter 76" AManInGreen N/A 95%
With new friends in tow, the group makes the final stretch to Yale University in search for a better future.

Volume 9

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 77" AManInGreen N/A 95%
The group begins their long journey to Florida. Joe struggles with his injury. Pat and Jen's beginning to the apocalypse unravels.
2 "Chapter 78" AManInGreen N/A 90%
While Joe recovers, the group deals with two strangers, and Brendan is reluctant to trust them after all they have seen from people throughout the apocalypse.
3 "Chapter 79" AManInGreen N/A 90%
After a miraculous recovery, the group continues their journey, but unbeknownst to them, they are being watched.
4 "Chapter 80" AManInGreen N/A 95%
Lenny takes the group to meet his friends, who are in dire need of some assistance. Brendan is reluctant and growing violent, which makes Cecilia and Nicole start to worry. Sabian helps Titania.
5 "Chapter 81" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Members of the group start to question their loyalty to the mission while others deal with recent losses, trying to force themselves to face their demons.
6 "Chapter 82" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Dillon takes the group to meet his dysfunctional family, and while all seems well and fine, Joe has reservations about them.
7 "Chapter 83" AManInGreen N/A 90%
The group holds gun training while Wade bonds with members of Dillon and Tommy's family. Allen uncovers a secret.
8 "Chapter 84" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Wade makes a fatal mistake. The family affair comes to a head. Brendan and Joe make difficult decisions for their own good.

Volume 10

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 85" AManInGreen N/A 90%
A month after leaving New Jersey, the group grows uneasy when they learn they are being stalked by woodsmen.
2 "Chapter 86" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Sabian and Louie track down the Woodsmen's camp, but not all goes according to plan. Harshal questions his loyalty.
3 "Chapter 87" AManInGreen N/A 100%
The group seeks vengeance for the loss of a friend.
4 "Chapter 88" AManInGreen N/A 90%
Stuck in the middle of a neighborhood with no gas or oil, a group heads out to scavenge for what they need, but find themselves mixed in with another group.
5 "Chapter 89" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Members of the group find themselves in a precarious situation. Louie makes a confession.
6 "Chapter 90" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Brendan, Rebecca, Cecilia, Robert, Joe, Neftali, Gaby, Patrick, and Kelly reflect on how far they've come since the apocalypse began, and what their lives used to look like.
7 "Chapter 91" AManInGreen N/A 90%
With Florida on the horizon, the group thinks about how far they've come, and the decisions they've made since they began their journey.
8 "Chapter 92" AManInGreen N/A 100%
With the group finally making it to the lab in Florida, the group uncovers many surprises that will change their lives forever.

Volume 11

# Title Writer(s) Airdate Rating
1 "Chapter 93" AManInGreen N/A 100%
Brendan, Cecilia, Kaylee, and Pat find themselves in what seems to be an idyllic community in the apocalypse, but they are surprised to learn that their former enemy is trying to help them.
2 "Chapter 94" AManInGreen N/A 100%
The alliance in Fruborn grows as the group back at the settlement ponders what to do with their prisoner.
3 "Chapter 95" AManInGreen N/A 100%
A team is sent out to hunt down the Fruborn escapees. Somebody pays a heavy price.
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