This article is about the reboot character. You may be looking for his original counterpart.
  Tom Redion
Season one tom
Actor Hugh Jackman
Gender Male
Hair Sandy
Age 42
Occupation Former Gas Station Employee (Per-Apocalypse)
Chicago Soldier (Per- and Post-Apocalypse)
Family Roadie Redion - Brother
First Appearance TBA
Status Alive
Series lifespan TBA to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Tom Redion is a main character in The Life Of Death: Reboot. He was the older brother of Roadie, he was born before him. He wish to be a gas station employee so he can stay all night helping other people's car.


Before the apocalypse begins, Tom was born before his brother, Roadie. Before Roadie's birth, he used to be lazy all the time at school and home although his parents didn't ground or slap him just because they're just annoyed and tired. When Roadie was born, Tom was happy about it he raised him like a big brother Tom was enjoying every time when his parents took him everywhere but suddenly, his parents were divorced for unknown reasons and was taking one by one children with them. Tom is with his father, taking far enough from his grandmother's house. As a teenager he was disgusted by bullies, asking him to give them his lunch money so refused but was beaten up almost to death he and the bullies were taken to the principle's office explain why the bullies beating Tom to death, Tom was off the hook but the bullies aren't.

At the adult years, Tom is finally working at his dream job, the gas station, when someone bought the gas money or the snacks he forgotten how to exchange it so he decided to do it randomly and was fired due to that. When Tom was finding a job, he found a bootcamp then was hired although his little brother also joins the camp which is making him happy.


Season 1

Tom will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Tom has killed.


  • ANC decided to return Hugh Jackman as Tom, he was formerly to be him from the original series.
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