Tom Mason
Actor Gavin Hammon
Gender Male
Hair Black (Greying)
Age 43
Occupation Millitary Sergeant (Pre-Apocalypse)
Family Ellie Mason - Niece
First Appearance "All That Remains"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "All That Remains" to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Tom Mason is a major character and the main protagonist in "The Walking Dead". He is survivor of the apocalypse and has survive for over nearly three years along with his niece, Ellie Mason. He and his niece are currently traveling with their group of survivors to try find a safe haven.


Location Florida

Tom originally comes from Florida and has always been known for his rough behaviour and having a reputation for causing trouble. Tom grew up as a street kid when his parents died in an and car accident his mother gave birth to Tom when she died in a ambulance to the hospital. After that Tom was out in a foster home, but by the time he was 16 he ran away and went to millitary school where it became his new home. He quickly rises up through his ranks and eventually earned the rank sergeant by the time he was in his thirties.

Then sometime during his career he found he had a sister that was living Richmond, Virginia but died in a armed robbery at a bank. Tom was then informed that he had a niece living with his sister. He then traveled to Virgina to get her and take full care of the only family he has left.


"Season 2"

"All That Remains"