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This is an accurate timeline of Freaky Ass Smile Lord's The Undead Room.

Season 1

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2009) Episode(s) Event
Day 1 Sep. 12 1 Claudette, the mother of Lisa, passes away. A memorial service is held for her. Lisa, meanwhile, cheats on Johnny with his best friend Mark. After the memorial service, Johnny and his friends leave, but Claudette comes back to life as a zombie and devours a worker.
Day 2 Sep. 13 2, 3, 4, 5 Lisa tries to gather evidence against Johnny so that he can get arrested. Meanwhile, Johnny is angry that he didn't get a promotion and threatens the bank manager, though he quickly has to flee and gets chased. Mike and Michelle rob an old woman, but Peter looks guilty and he's arrested. Several people travel to the police station, but get trapped there. Luckily, Denny manages to get Chris-R's aid, who saves them with his group. However, Denny owns him money for buying drugs and he gets annoyed. Lisa, after a fight with Johnny, who learned that she cheated on him, meets Chris-R and convinces him to try and kill Johnny.
Day 3 Sep. 14 6, 7 Chris-R fights Johnny's friends while Lisa herself tries to kill Johnny. Father John gets help from some priests that he knew and they kill Chris-R's group. Lisa is forced to flee, but gets bitten by her undead mother and is put out of mercy by Mark.
Day 4 Sep. 15 7 Johnny awakes in a hospital bed after he got shot by Lisa and gets informed by Denny on recent events.

Season 2

Time in the Apocalypse Date (2009) Episode(s) Event
Day 24 Oct. 6 8 Three weeks after the death of Lisa, Johnny talks to a miserable Mark. Meanwhile, Peter has talks with his friends as well, and the priests clear out the dead from San Francisco. Tyler, a customer of Denny, gets high on drugs and attacks Johnny and Mark. Luckily, they're saved by a woman named Oshkosh Begosh.
Day 25 Oct. 7 9, 10 TBA
Day 26 Oct. 8 10, 11 TBA
Day 27 Oct. 9 11 TBA
Day 28 Oct. 10 11, 12, 13 TBA
Day 29 Oct. 11 13, 14 TBA
Day 30 Oct. 12 14, 15 TBA
Day 31 Oct. 13 16 TBA

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