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Writer Freaky Ass Smile Lord
Publisher Freaky Ass Smile Lord
Website The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
Tommy Wiseau's The Room
Episodes 20 (16 aired)
Original Run July 12, 2019 to Present

The Undead Room is a post-apocalyptic comedy story written by Freaky Ass Smile Lord. The story follows a man named Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) experiencing the apocalypse and trying to survive with his friends.

The series was announced on July 11, 2019. Originally, it was only going to have one season, but it has been confirmed that there will be at least two seasons.


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Cast and Characters

Main Cast


Actor Character Seasons
1 2
Tommy Wiseau Johnny Main
Greg Sestero Mark Main
Philip Haldiman Denny Main
Kyle Vogt Peter Main
Robyn Paris Michelle Main
Brendan Gleeson John Rec Main
Doug Jones Nigel Rec SR
Charles Dance Lucas Washington N/A Main
Angelina Jolie Oshkosh Begosh N/A SR
Scott Holmes Mike Main
Juliette Danielle Lisa Main N/A

Character Appearances

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  • This was originally going to be a mini-series.
    • "Okay so basically I made this when I was bored around 2:30 AM. It was going to be a joke mini-series but I actually want to make somewhat a story out of it. But I want to clarify some things. This series shouldn't be taken serious AT ALL. It won't be realistic one bit and it will likely feature characters from different movies and such. It might even feature supernatural creatures. So...don't take this seriously."
  • Originally, Season 1 would only have six episodes. However, on July 17 2019, the author decided to change it to seven episodes.
  • The author had several things to say after finishing Season 1.
    • "I really enjoyed writing this, no matter how dumb and silly it is. I am actually proud of completing a season of a story of mine since I don't often finish a story. While the stories aren't of good quality, I write a lot outside of this fanon wiki as well. Anyways, I've completed the first season of this story, and I'm planning to write potentially a second and perhaps even more. This may take a while since I'm going to have to reimagine most of the story as I decided to leave a certain storyline out of the season finale that'd be explored in the second season (I may write more about this later). I am also planning to make the episodes longer since the episodes were quite short. I only made future episodes so short because it'd feel a bit odd to write a shorter episode followed by a longer episode. Expect the second season to premiere in possibly a few weeks or more or less."
  • Freaky has confirmed that unlike The Room, this does not take place in 2003. Instead, it begins in 2009.
    • "Some of the pics I use are from present time and it would be odd if I considered it to be 2003 while the actors and characters obviously look older, especially Philip Haldiman aka Denny. To justify this, I decided to change the date of the beginning to 2009 and have some explanations inside the story as well."
  • This story is expected to have three seasons, though it's possible that the second season will be the last.
  • Opening credits were made for this series, made by AManInGreen.
Episodes of The Undead Room
Season 1 "Pilot" • "Conspiracy" • "Guilty" • "Trapped" • "Exposed" • "Conflict" • "Confrontation"
Season 2 "Miserable" • "Anger Issues" • "New Priest in Town" • "Feast" • "Trial" • "Sweet Vengeance" • "Lone Chicken" • "Punishment" • "Odd Habits" • "The Great Failure" • "Alone in the Dark" • "Injustice" • "Freedom"
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