"Me and my friends were nothing more than prisoners, waiting to be put down. But that didn't happen. And it was because of this. This disease, whatever it is, saved us. It saved our lives. So in a strange way, we owe them."
—David explaining the groups motivations and background to Clyde.

The Skinner's were a small group of serial killers who reside within a decaying prison in Arizona. The Skinner's are a group of main antagonists for the main episodes of The Walking Dead: Divided Home.


Before the outbreak they were mass murders who were sentenced to death for their inhumane crimes. But before they could be executed, the outbreak wiped out almost all of civilization. Saved by the global epidemic, they keep many Walkers within the prison basement as their "pets". Unlike other communities where they try to rebuild humanity, the Skinner's are bent to keep the world to the undead. The Skinner's also does not have a particular leader as each of the six members act independently from one another.

They snatch various people they come across and hold them up in their cells until they eventually fray them alive. Afterwards they feed the bodies to their pet Walkers and hang the skin on several clothesline in the outside courtyards. By also taking over a prison, the Skinner's have access to several powerful firearms and body armor. Due to their limited numbers, the Skinner's generally prefer to avoid open combat on big groups and instead rely on Walker herds to take them down.

Each member of the Skinner's had a unique characteristic. David had a sexual attraction to dead women, Charles was a man who loved art, Alex was a philosopher, Timothy had a love for guns, Jamie enjoyed dissecting animals, and Masterson enjoyed drugs like crystal meth. Charles was the most merciful in the group, however that wasn't saying much. He simply offers people to kill them quickly and painlessly before fraying if they behave good.

Eventually Clyde and his group would locate them at the prison and undergo a fierce battle to kill them once and for all. By the end of the battle, all of the Skinner's are killed and the prison is fully consumed by Walkers.


  • David
  • Charles
  • Alex
  • Timothy
  • Jamie
  • Masterson

Killed Victims

  • Various people from Wellton and the Church Survivors.   


Divided Home

  • A New Light (cameo)
  • Uprising (cameo)
  • Broken (cameo)
  • Among The Carnage (cameo)
  • Can't Go Back


Due to their extremely graphic nature, the Skinner's are seen only performing their method of execution once in the finale episode off screen.

The Skinner's themselves only make brief cameo appearances throughout the season until they finally have their big reveal in the finale where it is revealed they have been responsible for the disappearing group members.