The Awakening is a The Walking Dead fanfic and combines storylines and characters from the games, comic and tv show. It is written by Purry.



Episode Desc.
Days Gone Bye Rick Grimes wakes up from his coma to find the world a completely new place.
Dead on The Doorstep Rick escapes Atlanta with help from other survivors. 
The Good Children Rebel wants answers for her brother's disappearance while Rick plans to return to the infested Atlanta.
Tell It to the Frogs Rick, Glenn, Rebel and T-Dog go to Atlanta, however they don't find Merle. Glenn gets kidnapped by a gang while Jim digs graves.
Vatos Rick, Rebel and T-Dog go to get Glenn back. Andrea has a birthday gift for Amy. Shane ties Jim to a tree as his digging freaks him out.
Wildfire The group learn how to shoot guns, which proves to be useful after a tragic turn of events at camp.
The Door The survivors get to the CDC, at first it appears abandoned until Rick notices movement from inside.
What Lies Ahead Mid-season finale. The group realize the CDC isn't what it seems and try to leave, however a triggered self destruction makes this difficult.
The Highway Mid-season premiere. The survivors flee Atlanta to find some kind of new sanctuary, however this decision will hold difficult consequences.
A Positive Rick, Shane and Carl meet Otis and arrive at Greene Family Farm, where a veterinarian named Hershel helps Carl after being shot.
Save The Last One Shane is met with a life threatening decision. The group get settled into Greene Family Farm and Hershel begins surgery on Carl.
Cherokee Rose The survivors hold a funeral. Rebel sulks. Lori tells Glenn to get her something.
Secrets Glenn and Maggie, Shane and Andrea go out to look for supplies. Katjaa complains about the guns to Kenny. Shane tests Andrea's gun abilities and Lori discovers something life changing.
30 Days Without An Accident Romance sparks on the farm's land while Rick discovers Lori's secret. An accident causes a death.
Dead Man Walking Hershel demands everyone leave the farm. A horde appears and advances towards the farm after the barn incident.
It All Comes Crashing Down Season finale. The group make a life threatening decision to rescue the trapped Greene family. Lives are lost.
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  • Rick Grimes
  • Carl Grimes
  • Lori Grimes
  • Shane Walsh
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Andrea Harrison

  • Dale Horvath
  • Theodore "T-Dog" Douglass
  • Jim
  • Ed
  • Diana
  • Donna
  • Allen
  • Amy Harrison
  • Sophia Peletier
  • Carol Peletier
  • Merle Dixon
  • Rebel Dixon

  • Billy
  • Ben
  • Clementine
  • Jaqui
  • Edwin Jenner

  • Leon Bassatt
  • Officer Lambert
  • Chet
  • Morgan Jones
  • Duane Jones

  • Jenny Jones
  • Candace Jenner