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Character Key:

  • A character with an unknown status was last seen alive but were injured, missing or haven't been seen.
  • Characters are grouped by families and listed in order of appearance.



Stevie Leigh (SWB)
Angel Torres (SWB)
Damon Galvez (SWB)
Rudy Bronson (SWB)
Andrea Krew (SWB)
Jonas (SWB)
Jimmy (SWB)
Harper Reynolds (SWB)
Rick Miller (SWB)
Alex Langford (SWB)
Jamie Prescott (SWB)
Maddie Lawson (SWB)
Josh Ryan (SWB)
Lisa Bowen (SWB)
Mika Rooney (SWB)
Dean Henry (SWB)
Lin (SWB)
Griggs (SWB)
Lizzie Fitz (SWB)
Zac Corriander (SWB)
Polly Richardson (SWB)
Robin Taylor (SWB)

Allen Family

Micah Allen (SWB)
Lucy Allen (SWB)

Greer Family

Cathy Greer (SWB)
Connor Greer (SWB)

Danvers Family

Mike Danvers (SWB)
Zelma Danvers (SWB)

Harris Family

Mitch Harris (SWB)
James Harris (SWB)

Kyle Family

Billie Kyle (SWB)
Maggie Kyle (SWB)

Crane Family

Marina Crane (SWB)

Nickols Family

Amber Nickols (SWB)
Monet Nickols (SWB)

Mara Family

Cleo Mara (SWB)
Jack Mara (SWB)

Jameson Family

Thomas Jameson (SWB)

The Woods

Paula (SWB)

The Reserve

McLemore Family

Tobias McLemore (SWB)
Jeff McLemore (SWB)
Eddie Driver (SWB)
Norma Driver-McLemore (SWB)

Joe's Family

Joe (SWB)
Marsha (SWB)


Chase Adamson (SWB)
Lola (SWB)
Tomas (SWB)
Peter (SWB)
Reed (SWB)
Todd (SWB)
Cecil (SWB)
George (SWB)
Marnie Welsh (SWB)
Tom (SWB)

Samantha's Group

Lilly Keller (SWB)
Devon Watson-Labelle (SWB)
Lana Riley (SWB)
Dale (SWB)
Peter Baren (SWB)
Javier (SWB)
Chris (SWB)
Beka Crook (SWB)
Will (SWB)
Daisy (SWB)
Donny (SWB)
Eddie (SWB)
Eugene (SWB)
Art (SWB)
James (SWB)
Terry (SWB)
Weaver (SWB)
Alvin (SWB)
Lester (SWB)
Matt (SWB)

The Trading Post


Gale (SWB)
Warren Dotson (SWB)
Dahlia Dwelton (SWB)
Jerry Harbor (SWB)
David (SWB)
Darren (SWB)
Wilson (SWB)
Axel (SWB)
Sydney (SWB)

Dianne's Family

Dianne (SWB)
Erik (SWB)
Henry (SWB)

Addams' General Hospital

Rikki (SWB)
Lucas (SWB)
Jae (SWB)
Sarah (SWB)
Dane (SWB)
Nancy (SWB)
Daniel (SWB)
Carson Sorkin (SWB)
Colton (SWB)
Kris (SWB)
Reyna Stanford (SWB)

The Garden Of Eden

Eliza Monroe (SWB)
Dillon (SWB)
Dena (SWB)
Lily (SWB)
Tony (SWB)

Micah and Bridgit's Camp

Nick (SWB)
Ellen (SWB)
Chaney (SWB)
Blake (SWB)
Marc (SWB)
Talia (SWB)
Eddie (SWB Season 5)


Rory Motta (SWB)
Ganj Granger (SWB)
Elton (SWB)

Monroe Family

Kenzie Monroe (SWB)
Mattie Monroe (SWB)
Jesse Monroe (SWB)

Jessica's Family

Jae (SWB)

Gavin's Group

Riley (SWB)
Kelsie (SWB)
Arnold (SWB)
Gavin (SWB)

The Mob

Sera (SWB)
Alison (SWB)
Leo (SWB)
Ben (SWB)
Ty (SWB)
Adam (SWB)
Reese (SWB)
Harvey (SWB)
Daniel (SWB)
Mark (SWB)
Tim (SWB)
Esme (SWB)
Johnny (SWB)
Walter (SWB)
Collin (SWB)
Marco (SWB)
Tony (Marco's Gang)

Malloy Mansion Survivors

Malloy Family

Clair Malloy (SWB)
Cal Malloy (SWB)
Parker Malloy (SWB)


Jessie Clearwater (SWB)

Jen's Family

Jen (SWB)
Carter (SWB)
Walt (SWB)

Mike Andrews’ Group

Tori Hill (SWB)

Andrews Family

Mike Andrews (SWB)
Abbie Andrews (SWB)
Tina Andrews (SWB)

The Lincoln Settlement

Dwight Ackerson (SWB)
Kara (SWB)
Bryce (SWB)

The Rusty Tavern

Tara (SWB)

Donna's Family

Donna (SWB)
Ed (SWB)

Sam's Family

Laila (SWB)
Sam (SWB)

Petersburg High School

Asher Romans (SWB)
Keegan (SWB)
Caleb (SWB)
Jenni (SWB)
Camila (SWB)
Troy (SWB)
Morgan (SWB)
Shaun (SWB)
Margot Wicket (SWB)
Josh (SWB)
Dylan (SWB)
Maria (SWB)
Morris (SWB)
Wendy Richards (SWB)
Bruce (SWB)
Donald (SWB)
Louise (SWB)
Laurie (SWB)
Denise (SWB)
Tio (SWB)

Michaels Family

Karen Michaels (SWB)
Alex Michaels (SWB)
Jason Michaels (SWB)

Dewolfe Family

Brie Dewolfe (SWB)
Carly Dewolfe (SWB)
Nadia Dewolfe (SWB)

Andrews Family

Alisha Andrews (SWB)
James Andrews (SWB)

Motel Survivors

Ryan (SWB)
Evan (SWB)

Persey's Group

Trace Oxford (SWB)
Persephone Howell (SWB)
Marnie (SWB)
Jacob Barley (SWB)
Ethan Langer (SWB)

Heron Grove Community

Jed (SWB)
Ingrid (SWB)
Pat (SWB)
Miles Montana (SWB)
Jordan (SWB)
Ian Mowren (SWB)
Jorge Mendoza (SWB)
Baylor (SWB)
Fred Lehane (SWB)

Murray Family

Murray (SWB)
Deidre Murray (SWB)

The Skinners

Casper (SWB)
Ronan (SWB)
Stella (SWB)
Drake Momsen (SWB)
Samuel (SWB)
Drew (SWB)
Chance (SWB)
Kianu (SWB)
Ross (SWB)

Bart's Family

Bart (SWB)

Stevie’s Group

Ray (SWB)

Stoneman Family

Sawyer Stoneman (SWB)
Harper Stoneman (SWB)

Maggie's Crew

Kaya Dutch (SWB)
Heath (SWB)

Miscellaneous Characters

Lorna (SWB)

Upcoming Characters

Batch 1

Wes Wardwell (SWB)
Viper (SWB)
Gus Lourd (SWB)
Tatum Noriega (SWB)

Batch 2

Jane (SWB)
Theo Blucas (SWB)
Khalid Siraj (SWB)
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