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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the fan fiction it pertains to. Please proceed with caution.

Character Key:

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, or unsecured since then.

Crestview, Florida

Robinson Family

Willa Robinson (SWBR)
Max Robinson (SWBR)
Rayna Robinson (SWBR)

Langford Family

Alex Langford (SWBR)
Gerry Langford (SWBR)

Harris Family

Mitchell Harris (SWBR)
Emilia Harris (SWBR)

Taylor Family

Robin Taylor (SWBR)
Emmett Taylor (SWBR)
George Taylor (SWBR)
Myra Taylor (SWBR)

Danvers Family

Mike Danvers (SWBR)
Zelma Danvers (SWBR)

Greer Family

Cathy Greer (SWBR)
Connor Greer (SWBR)

Kyle Family

Billie Kyle (SWBR)
Janine Kyle (SWBR)
Maggie Kyle (SWBR)

Nickols Family

Amber Nickols (SWBR)
Henry Nickols (SWBR)
Monet Nickols (SWBR)

Coriander Family

Zac Coriander (SWBR)
Shane Coriander (SWBR)

Crane Family

Marina Crane (SWBR)

Forbes Family

Joseph Forbes (SWBR)

Volkov Family

David Volkov (SWBR)
Reese Volkov (SWBR)


Stephanie Leigh (SWBR)
Andrea Krew (SWBR)
Austin Bone (SWBR)
Trace Oxford (SWBR)
Sanjay Rahmani (SWBR)
Ali Zara (SWBR)
Cleo Mara (SWBR)
Angel Torres (SWBR)
Trip (SWBR)
Rudy Bronson (SWBR)
Shea Vickers (SWBR)
Javi Vega (SWBR)
Kenny Jameson (SWBR)
Lizzie Fitz (SWBR)
Maddie Lawson (SWBR)
Edna Vose (SWBR)
Dean Henry (SWBR)
Mika Rooney (SWBR)
Luna (SWBR)
Nessa (SWBR)
Josh Ryan (SWBR)
Lisa Bowen (SWBR)
Dodson (SWBR)
Vik Cason (SWBR)
Spider (SWBR)
Griggs (SWBR)
Lin (SWBR)
Polly Richardson (SWBR)
Jermaine (SWBR)
Tyrell Graff (SWBR)
Rick Miller (SWBR)
Mr. Collins (SWBR)
Jess (SWBR)
Carmen Ferguson (SWBR)
Peyton Biggs (SWBR)
Libby Marshall (SWBR)
Marcus Hastings (SWBR)
Nate Pratt (SWBR)
Archie (SWBR)

The Woods

Paula (SWBR)

Hannah's Family

Hannah (SWBR)
Tim (SWBR)

The Camp

Chase Adamson (SWBR)
Reed (SWBR)
Darcy (SWBR)
Tomas (SWBR)

McLemore Family

Tobias McLemore (SWBR)
Jeff McLemore (SWBR)
Norma Driver (SWBR)
Eddie Driver (SWBR)

Blackwater, Georgia

Baren Family

Peter Baren (SWBR)
Tonya Baren (SWBR)


Theo Watson (SWBR)
Dale Decker (SWBR)
Kyler (SWBR)
Lana Riley (SWBR)
Weaver (SWBR)
Donna (SWBR)
Eddie (SWBR)
Chris (SWBR)
Beka Crook (SWBR)
Erika (SWBR)
Kiana (SWBR)
Brendan (SWBR)
Terry (SWBR)
Javier (SWBR)
Linda (SWBR)

Gale's Group

Santos (SWBR)
Gale (SWBR)

Eden Farm

Samantha's Family

Samantha Craven-Barton (SWBR)
Eliza Monroe (SWBR)
Lily Craven-Barton (SWBR)
Shawn Monroe (SWBR)


Dena (SWBR)
Dante (SWBR)
Tonio (SWBR)

Montgomery St. Pierre Hospital

Carson Sorkin (SWBR)
Jae (SWBR)
Colton (SWBR)
Rikki (SWBR)
Rhys (SWBR)
Reyna (SWBR)

Miscellaneous Characters

Lola (SWBR)
Teddy (SWBR)