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Developer JustJeff00
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Showrunner JustJeff00
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
Seasons 2
Episodes 11 (9 Posted)
Original Run October 10, 2019 to Present
Preceded By Survivors We Become (2017 Series)
Related Series Infections (2015 Series)
A New World
Willing to Survive
Infections (2018 Series)

Survivors We Become is a post-apocalyptic drama series by JustJeff00. The first season follows the senior class and staff of Crestview High School as they begin to realize they're witnessing the initial outbreak of the zombie apocalypse. As the world begins to crumble, they find themselves dealing with loss, betrayal, and danger around every corner.

Just like the original, JustJeff would describe this series as "a soap opera featuring zombies," as it is more focused on the characters and story rather than the violence and zombies - which are still vital parts of the story as well. However, this version tackles scrapped events from the original and original storylines.

The series was officially announced on August 26th, 2019 following the cancellation of the original story of the same name.


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Season One

  1. "Middle of Nowhere"
  2. "Manhunt"
  3. "Prepare For The Worst"
  4. "Infected"
  5. "Crestview City Limits"
  6. "The End Of The World As We Know It"

Season Two

  1. "Blackwater"
  2. "Blood In The Water"
  3. "The New Ways
  4. "Have A Little Faith"
  5. "Way Down We Go"

Opening Sequence

Cast and Characters

Main Cast Table

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Major Characters


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  • The series has an in-progress list of tropes, which can be found here.