Survivors We Become: Two Friends Before Hope is a spinoff story(Written by TWDFan630) of Survivors We Become, which is written by JtheAlphabetBoy. It follows Nathan and Lilly's journey before coming across Samantha and Peter's Group.


Characters are ordered in the order they joined the main cast.

Actor Character Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Fionn Whitehead Nathan DeVries Main
Joey King Lilly Keller Main
Nick Robinson Daniel Cooper Main N/A
Nathan Kress Casper Anderson Main N/A
Katherine Langford Alicia Ramsey Main N/A
Ana de Armas Kaya Carson Main N/A
Bill Skarsgård Calvin Reeves Main N/A
Javier Bardem Sylvester Donovan N/A SR N/A Main N/A
George Newbern Crowley Jonas N/A SR Main N/A
Kim Raver Olivia Johnston N/A SR Main N/A

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