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Developer KeepOnKeepingOn
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Showrunner KeepOnKeepingOn
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
JustJeff00's Survivors We Become
Seasons 1
Episodes 10
Original Run TBA (Q4 2018 / Q1 2019)
Related Series Survivors We Become
Survivors We Become: Two Friends Before Hope
Survivors We Become: After The Fall

Survivors We Become: Sinners And Saints is a drama-horror mini-series by KeepOnKeepingOn. It is a prequel spin-off of Survivors We Become by JustJeff00. The mini-series focuses on Eliza Monroe and the rise of the Garden of Eden.

The series contains multiple biblical references, even in the form of the episode titles. The story will briefly go over the onset of the zombie apocalypse, as well as Eliza's life, and her associations with other people who later go on to become her friends and foes in the world of the undead.

Originally planned to be released in 2018, the release date is now iffy, and the story could be delayed to 2019.

Main Characters

The characters are listed in the order they joined the main cast.

Actor Character Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Emma Caulfield Eliza Monroe Main

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  • The mini-series was only granted partial permission from Jeff, as Keep wanted to surprise him with it.
    • A message from the mini-series writer, "Really, I just like Eliza a lot. I wanted to delve into her backstory before the outbreak (a little bit) and detail her journey to starting up the Garden of Eden."
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