Survivors We Become: After The Fall is a spinoff mini series (Written by Shay elder) of Survivors We Become, which is written by JustJeff00. The series focuses on the characters Rochelle and Matthew and their story on how they escaped during the fall of the Reserve and how they were found by The Trading Post led by Gale.

Main Characters

The Characters who appear in the mini series are ordered in the order they joined the main cast. (Spoliers)

Actor Character Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6
Erica Gluck Rochelle Taylor Main
Elias Anton Matthew Jones Main
Gale Harold Gale N/A Main
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Kenneth Jameson N/A Main
Finn Whitehead Nathan DeVries N/A Main
Joey King Lilly Keller N/A Main

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  • Unlike in the main series, Rochelle and Matthew's surnames are relieved Taylor (Rochelle) and Jones (Matthew).
  • The series will feature several flashbacks before the apocalypse for each main character.
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