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The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of Survivors We Become. Ratings are an average calculated from user submitted ratings.


Season Episodes Originally Aired Rating
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 5 July 8, 2017 July 31, 2017 71%
2 7 August 3, 2017 September 27, 2017 75%
3 13 October 21, 2017 November 30, 2017 81%
4 13 December 22, 2017 March 17, 2018 79%
5 12 May 28, 2018 July 31, 2020 83%
6 24 August 25, 2020 TBA TBA

Season 1

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "Middle of Nowhere" JustJeff00 Jul 8, 2017
A senior class field trip goes deadly after a crash.
2 "Don't Play With the Wolves" JustJeff00 Jul 10, 2017
The teenagers have a little fun without thinking of what's in the woods.
3 "Madness Begins" JustJeff00 Jul 26, 2017
Spencer meets a girl who claims to have caused the crash. Connor has to decide if he can lead the group any longer.
4 "A Cabin in the Woods" JustJeff00 Jul 30, 2017
Another group of people is found. Someone in the camp begins to have their downfall.
5 "We Have Each Other" JustJeff00 Jul 31, 2017
The group may finally have their way out of the forest.

Season 2

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "We're Still Together" JustJeff00 Aug 3, 2017
Upon entering The Reserve, someone from the Crestview Bus Crash Survivors is revealed to have the virus.
2 "The Way Life Is" JustJeff00 Aug 8, 2017
People in the camp cope with how the world is now.
3 "Reason" JustJeff00 Aug 29, 2017
Someone in Spencer's group has stolen, and Jeff is going to go as far as he has to in order to get the truth.
4 "Inside a Burning Building" JustJeff00 Sep 4, 2017
Tobias leads a group of runners to get supplies.
5 "Nothing Lasts Forever" JustJeff00 Sep 8, 2017
A new threat makes Spencer and the others question if they can stay safe at The Reserve.
6 "Crestview" JustJeff00 Sep 23, 2017
Spencer leads a group home but they meet someone from Dani's past. Mitch tells his sister the truth. Robin comes to terms with what she's done.
7 "Home Is Just A Word" JustJeff00 Sep 27, 2017
Danger at The Reserve forces Spencer to lead a group back to save people. Cathy sees the destruction and makes a choice. Samantha assists The Reserve.

Season 3

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "Mess" JustJeff00 Oct 21, 2017
The survivors find their new home isn't completely safe.
2 "A Good Place to Stay" JustJeff00 Nov 7, 2017
Tobias and some survivors from The Reserve find a place they believe could be safe.
3 "The Chain" JustJeff00 Nov 11, 2017
Dani makes a risky choice. Stevie's new friends show a darker side to her. Another group is found.
4 "Garden of Eden" JustJeff00 Nov 12, 2017
The Garden of Eden allows some newcomers to enter.
5 "Live Forever" JustJeff00 Nov 13, 2017
Mike and the other runners find themselves trapped. A visit ends badly.
6 "The People We Have" JustJeff00 Nov 14, 2017
Beka plots against Spencer's group while Dani makes an escape plan.
7 "Traitor" JustJeff00 Nov 19, 2017
The leaders make a choice as Dani struggles to keep her group moving. Eliza sends a message.
8 "Justice" JustJeff00 Nov 24, 2017
Peter demands justice.
9 "Alone Among The Dead" JustJeff00 Nov 24, 2017
Mike makes a plan to escape the camp for his group's safety.
10 "Fear Growing" JustJeff00 Nov 25, 2017
As Eliza plans more of a battle with Peter, another threat approaches The Garden.
11 "Better" JustJeff00 Nov 26, 2017
After being separated for weeks, the group finally reunites.
12 "This Is It For You" JustJeff00 Nov 27, 2017
A confrontation ends deadly.
13 "Rodent" JustJeff00 Nov 30, 2017
The truth comes out.

Season 4

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "Trust Issues" JustJeff00 Dec 22, 2017
The split group struggle to survive without one another.
2 "All Of Us" JustJeff00 Dec 22, 2017
Spencer worries for the rest of his group while Mike and the others are held captive.
3 "Be Thankful" JustJeff00 Dec 23, 2017
The Trading Post faces trouble after an accident.
4 "Promises" JustJeff00 Dec 27, 2017
Spencer makes a discovery as Caroline searches for the rest of their group.
5 "Hide" JustJeff00 Dec 27, 2017
Mike's group continues to travel to find their group.
6 "A Bad Crowd" JustJeff00 Dec 28, 2017
Angel faces against a familiar face while Mike's group settles in at the mansion.
7 "What's Gonna Happen" JustJeff00 Dec 31, 2017
Another deal is made. The mansion is betrayed.
8 "Us, The World and The Dead" JustJeff00 Feb 6, 2018
The survivors at The Trading Post debate whether they're safe while Mike leads a group to the post.
9 "Because of Me" JustJeff00 Feb 10, 2018
The Mansion Survivors place a problem after another confrontation.
10 "What's Your Story?" JustJeff00 Feb 17, 2018
Nathan, Lisandra and Kenny have escaped The Trading Post. Now what?
11 "Take Us Down" JustJeff00 Feb 25, 2018
New discoveries make the survivors question if their safety at the mansion will last.
12 "The Rusty Tavern" JustJeff00 Feb 28, 2018
Looking for gas, Mike and the others come across other survivors.
13 "Hope" JustJeff00 Mar 17, 2018
The survivors face struggles on their travels.

Season 5

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "For The Night" JustJeff00 May 28, 2018
A surviving group trapped in a school faces some issues.
2 "New People" JustJeff00 Jun 8, 2018
The survivors find some familiar faces. Meanwhile, a newcomer at the high school forces the survivors to face off against the walkers outside.
3 "Outside" JustJeff00 Jun 13, 2018
The school faces a problem.
4 "For Nothing" JustJeff00 Jul 22, 2018
With a new surrounding and new potential allies, Spencer and the others begin to explore the school.
5 "Children" JustJeff00 Sep 28, 2018
Some news arrives to the survivors.
6 "Better Days" JustJeff00 Jan 17, 2019
Karen leads a group out to meet a potential alliance.
7 "Ours" JustJeff00 Feb 25, 2019
Karen leads her group back home but faces trouble on the way. Cathy and Mike take a break. Amber's safety is threatened.
8 "We All Are" JustJeff00 Apr 14, 2019
The group mourns over a tragic loss.
9 "They Lose Us" JustJeff00 May 23, 2019
Becca leads a search for a missing friend. Alex tries to make things right.
10 "Can't Beat What's Already Dead" JustJeff00 Jun 29, 2019
The rescue mission has taken a wrong turn, forcing the group to split up. Kenny takes a risk to save his friends. A captive Spencer discovers what Stella's plans have in store for the school.
11 "Waiting Game" JustJeff00 Jul 13, 2019
Mitch tries to make things right. With the school left at risk, Billie makes a hard choice to save everyone.
12 "Monsters" JustJeff00 Jul 31, 2019
The group is on the rocks after a recent event divides them. Stella leads an invasion.

Season 6

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "Here Lies Spencer Allen" JustJeff00 August 25, 2020
Following the events of "Monsters," Spencer goes off on his own but meets survivors that threaten his safety.
2 "No Saints Here" JustJeff00 August 30, 2020
Tensions among the survivors rise at the school as Rebecca and Billie try to reconnect with Mike.
3 "Mother's Daughter" JustJeff00 2020
Amber finds herself having to defend her friends. However, her recent actions may get her into trouble.
4 "Take Yourself Home" JustJeff00 2020
Maggie Kyle searches for her brother after they're separated.
5 "Firestarter" JustJeff00 2020
As her past choices haunt her and her relationships are tested, Stevie finds herself in trouble when she goes on a run.
6 "Bullseye" JustJeff00 2020
On the road with Dewey, Rikki learns more about him -- and more about his plan.
7 "Misery" JustJeff00 2020
Billie's new friend proves to be a bad influence on him. Dewey's plan unfolds.
8 "I Do" JustJeff00 2020
Everyone reunites for Angel and Devil's wedding, but there's tension among the crew. Meanwhile, an uninvited guest makes an entrance.
9 "If, Then" JustJeff00 2020
What if things had turned out differently?
10 "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" JustJeff00 2020
11 "It's Just A Shot Away" JustJeff00 2020
12 "Prodigal Son" JustJeff00 2020
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