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Developer JtheAlphabetBoy
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Showrunner JtheAlphabetBoy
Based On AMC's The Walking Dead
Seasons 5
Episodes 43
Original Run July 8, 2017 to Present
Preceded By A New World
Related Series Infections (2015 Series)
Willing to Survive
Infections (2018 Series)

Survivors We Become is a horror-drama series based off of AMC's The Walking Dead. It is written by JtheAlphabetBoy. It follows a group of high school students and their survival after a bus crash ends with them realizing the dead have begun to rise.


Season 1

  1. "Middle of Nowhere"
  2. "Don't Play With the Wolves"
  3. "Madness Begins"
  4. "A Cabin in the Woods"
  5. "We Have Each Other"

Season 2

  1. "We're Still Together"
  2. "The Way Life Is"
  3. "Reason"
  4. "Inside a Burning Building"
  5. "Nothing Lasts Forever"
  6. "Crestview"
  7. "Home Is Just A Word"

Season 3

  1. "Mess"
  2. "A Good Place to Stay"
  3. "The Chain"
  4. "Garden of Eden"
  5. "Live Forever"
  6. "The People We Have"
  7. "Traitor"
  8. "Justice"
  9. "Alone Among The Dead"
  10. "Fear Growing"
  11. "Better"
  12. "This Is It For You"
  13. "Rodent"

Season 4

  1. "Trust Issues"
  2. "All Of Us"
  3. "Be Thankful"
  4. "Promises"
  5. "Hide"
  6. "A Bad Crowd"
  7. "What's Gonna Happen"
  8. "Us, The World and The Dead"
  9. "Because of Me"
  10. "What's Your Story?"
  11. "Take Us Down"
  12. "The Rusty Tavern"
  13. "Hope"

Season 5

  1. "For The Night"
  2. "New People"
  3. "Outside"
  4. "For Nothing"
  5. "Children"
  6. "Better Days"
  7. Episode 45
  8. Episode 46
  9. Episode 47
  10. Episode 48
  11. Episode 49
  12. Episode 50
  13. Episode 51



Character Lifespan Table

Characters are ordered in the order they joined the main cast.

Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 5
Asa Butterfield Spencer Allen Main
Debby Ryan Rebecca Armstrong Main N/A Main
Tovah Feldshuh Cathy Greer Main N/A Main
Idris Elba Mike Danvers Main
Callan McAuliffe Mitch Harris Main
Braeden Lemasters Billie Kyle Main
Daniel Sharman Tobias McLemore Recurring Main
Dacre Montgomery Chase Adamson Minor Recurring Main
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Kenneth Jameson N/A Minor Recurring Main
Sydney Park Amber Nickols Minor Recurring Main
Gale Harold Gale N/A Main
Winona Ryder Clair Malloy N/A Main
Jennifer Morrison Karen Michaels N/A Main
Jon Bernthal Dwight Ackerson N/A Recurring Main
Sabrina Carpenter Stevie Leigh Main N/A
Sofia Carson Angel Torres Recurring Main N/A
Bailee Madison Ashleigh Harris Main N/A
Alisha Boe Cleo Mara Recurring Main N/A
Fionn Whitehead Nathan DeVries N/A Minor Recurring Main N/A
Sean Bean Peter Baren N/A Main Guest N/A
Emma Caulfield Eliza Monroe N/A Main Guest N/A
Patrick Dempsey James Harris N/A Recurring Main Guest N/A
Chyler Leigh Danielle McLemore N/A Main Guest N/A
Kristen Bauer van Straten Samantha Driver N/A Recurring Main N/A
Madison Pettis Andrea Krew Main N/A
Dayton Callie Jeff McLemore N/A Main N/A
Rae Gray Robin Taylor Recurring Main N/A
Matt Bomer Connor Greer Main N/A
Mason Cook Alex Langford Main N/A

Actor Character Seasons
1 2 3 4 5
Alexandra Breckenridge Caroline Forbes N/A Recurring SR
Adina Porter Monet Nickols N/A Minor Recurring SR
Elizabeth Ludlow Rikki N/A Recurring SR
Christina Applegate Maria N/A Recurring
Devon Bostick Trace Oxford N/A Recurring
Elyse Nicole DuFour Tara N/A Minor Recurring
William Fichtner Lorenzo McCaul N/A Recurring
Tom Holland Alex Michaels N/A Recurring
Joe Keery Cal Malloy N/A Recurring
Jennifer Lawrence Dahlia Dwelton N/A Recurring
Ross Lynch Warren Dotson N/A Recurring
Katherine McNamera Kendall Dillane N/A Minor Recurring
Julianne Moore Nadia Dewolfe N/A Recurring
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Thomas Jameson N/A Recurring
Michelle Rodriguez Lisandra Martinez N/A Recurring
Odeya Rush Marnie N/A Recurring
Naomi Scott Persey Howell N/A Recurring
Zach McGowen Jed N/A Recurring
Steven Ogg Micah Allen N/A Guest Recurring ???
Denise Crosby Bridgit Allen N/A Guest N/A ???
Tommy Knight Jason Michaels N/A Recurring
Garrett Hedlund Jefferson N/A Recurring N/A
Javier Bardem Sylvester Donovan N/A Recurring N/A
Becky G Lola N/A Recurring SR N/A
Carlos PenaVega Damon Galvez N/A Minor Recurring SR N/A
Erica Gluck Rochelle N/A Recurring N/A
Joey King Lilly Keller N/A Minor Recurring N/A
Elias Anton Matthew N/A Recurring N/A
Skylar Samuels Maggie Kyle N/A Minor Recurring SR N/A
Miguel Gomez Marco N/A Recurring N/A
David Boreanez Dale N/A Minor Recurring N/A
Crystal Lowe Lana Riley N/A Minor Recurring N/A
Anais Lilit Sydney N/A Minor Recurring N/A
KJ Apa Gavin N/A Recurring N/A
Shameik Moore Rudy Bronson Minor Recurring N/A
China Anne McClain Beka Crook N/A Recurring N/A
RJ Cyler Will N/A Recurring N/A
Daniel Dae Kim Jae N/A Recurring N/A
Indira Varma Zelma Danvers N/A Recurring N/A
Matthew Morrison Charlie N/A Recurring N/A
Lindsley Register Terry N/A Minor N/A
Noel Fisher Reed Minor Recurring N/A
Michael Landes Dr. Carson Sorkin N/A Recurring N/A
Michael Chiklis Weaver N/A Recurring N/A
Justin Tinucci Rick Miller Minor Recurring N/A
Jayden Smith Josh Ryan Recurring N/A
Rowan Blanchard Lisa Bowen Recurring N/A
Brianne Tju Lin Recurring N/A
Daneil Curtis Lee Griggs Recurring N/A
Justin Chatwin Eddie Driver Minor N/A

Major Characters

The following is a pictorial list of major characters with spoilers. For a full list of characters, click here.


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