"Storm The Gates" is the eleventh episode of the third season of Bryson0414’s My World. It is the thirtieth episode of the series overall. It premiered on June 20, 2020. It was written by Bryson0414.


Escaped from the bunker the group must now decide what they want to do. Gina and her group have rising conflict over finding a permanent settlement or not.



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  • This episode marks Joey Simon's (Grayson) 25th appearance on the TV Series
  • The group decides they are going to split up to find a permanent home
    • Grayson, Ava, Jaxon, Jake, Austyn, Ryland, Annie, Alex, Seth, Noah, Savannah, Alycia, Emilio, Heidi, Jonah, and Kayden head to Riverview Hospital at the end of the episode
      • All the children are sent there for their own safety
      • Gianna sends Jonah with Savannah while Devin sends Kayden with Jake
  • The creator decided to split the group to try and keep better track of the storyline and the characters
    • At the end of the episode Kian, Iris, Laura, and Pearce were kidnapped by a group of masked survivors
    • There is a reasoning behind each of these characters disappearances which will be described in a later episode
      • Aramis Knight (Kian) requested time off the show but has confirmed he will return.
    • It is unknown if they will return this season or not
      • Due to their disappearances they are left with unknown statuses until seen again
    • After finding out they were kidnapped the group searching for a new home makes it their new mission to locate and save them
  • Dakota and Chase Orlando were originally supposed to die in this episode by the masked group but the creator decided to keep them around
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