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Actor Booboo Stewart
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 16
Occupation Unknown
Family Samantha - Sister
First Appearance Road to Savannah
Status Alive
Series lifespan Road to Savannah to present
Ethnicity Native-American
"Yeah...been travelin' with Omid and Christa during a while (...) looking for a place in the distant...Crawford, have you heards 'bout it? (...) I was with a group, when bandits appeared (...) they took my sister, we kidnapped one of their bastards, he told us they're from Crawford, Savannah, I really want to get there, to find her...or what's left of her"
—Samuel to Lee and Clementine[src]

Samuel is a character appearing in The Walking Dead: Survive. He was traveling with his group near to reach Savannah, in search of a place called "Crawford". He has a sister there called Samantha.


Atlanta, Georgia

Samuel lived in Georgia and had a sister named Samantha, when the outbreak began, he and his friends heard from a location called "Crawford" wich is located in Savannah, however his group was killed at hands of a group of bandits.


Road To Savannah

During the train ride to Savannah, the group come across a hanging petroleum tank truck on-top of a bridge blocking the train tracks. They then spot Christa, Samuel and Omid on the bridge above when Omid comments on Kenny's persistent shouting.

Lee climbs up, followed by Clementine, asking them to help move the tank truck. Omid is amazed by Clementine, since he has not seen a child since the apocalypse began. Christa then remarks that Lee doesn't resemble Clementine's father and asks if he is with them, to which he replies "no". Christa then asks Lee his story about how he found Clementine. Christa, Samuel and Omid agree to help move the tank truck but if anything happens, she will move on with Omid, alone. Christa then comes down and Lee introduces them to the Kenny, Ben, and the rest of the group. She then stays and chats to Clementine while Lee looks around.

Samuel later talks with Ben and Kenny about how he ended with Christa and Omid, revealing he is from Atlanta, and was with a group, they heard about a location in Savannah called "Crawford" and that his group were looking for it, but mentions he got separated from mostly of his group including his sister, and the rest were killed.

After the tank is cut down, a herd of walkers comes down the tracks, presumably following the train due to the amount of noise it made. Samuel and the group get back to the train except for Lee and Omid, who are still up on the bridge. They both jump from the bridge, but Omid lands improperly and rolls off the train.

Around The Corner

Samuel and the rest of the group arrive to Savannah, as they're walking, an herd approaches them and they're forced to hide in a mansion.

Samuel and the rest of the group were found and brought to Crawford by Gabby, he along the rest of the group witness this group's horrible nature and escape, they get into the execution room and Samuel finds his sister, after they're regrouped they escape back to the mansion.


The Walking Dead: Survive

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