This article is about the reboot character. You may be looking for his original counterpart.
  Roadie Redion
Season one roadie
Actor Chris Pratt
Gender Male
Hair Brown (Dirting)
Age 37
Occupation Chicago Soldier (Per- and Post-Apocalypse)
Family Tom Redion - Brother
First Appearance TBA
Status Alive
Series lifespan TBA to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Roadie Redion is a main character in The Life Of Death: Reboot. He was the young brother of Tom, he was born after him. He wasn't interest with jobs that much at all.


Before the apocalypse begins, Roadie was born after his brother, Tom. Tom was really happy about he have a little brother but his father didn't like him much. He and his family were enjoying every time they've visited but somehow one day, his parents decided to divorced for unknown reasons and was taking one by one children with them. Roadie is with his mother, taking far enough from his grandpa's house. He wasn't at school or anything just because his mother didn't find any perfect school for him.

At adult years, he failed every single work he does but one day, he successes his test on a bootcamp however, his brother was also hired too 2 days later. His brother met each other again after many years he been taken by their parents, they were happy overall.


Season 1

Roadie will appear in this season.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims that Roadie has killed.


  • ANC replaced Roadie's actor to Chris Pratt because he and Gary Weeks were a bit similar enough.
    • Chris Pratt also played Nathan in the original series.
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