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TUR S2 Ep 8
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July 31, 2020
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"Punishment" is the eighth episode of the second season of The Undead Room. It is the fifteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on July 31, 2020.


Johnny explores his new surroundings.


Peter was frozen in place as Johnny started walking around the room, seemingly quite content. Johnny took a look at the books in the bookshelf, before grabbing one. He seemed very happy upon seeing that.

“Haha, that’s the Masterpiece Artist, written by Gary Sellar!” Johnny noticed.

Peter kept his distance from Johnny, hoping that he would be ignored. This wasn’t the case, however, as Johnny eventually looked up at Peter, making Peter swallow and get nervous. There was an unnerving silence for a while, until Johnny finally spoke again.

“You have great taste, Peter!” Johnny complimented. “Anyways, I am going to take a nap.”

Peter watched in confusion as Johnny crawled into Peter’s own bed and fell asleep quite quickly, having seemingly forgotten about trying to kill Peter in their previous interaction.

“God, save me.” Peter mumbled, shortly before he fell onto his knees and started to cry.

An hour passed, when someone knocked hard on the door. Johnny woke slowly, and Peter stood up, having leaned against a wall the entire time. The door opened, and guard Paul walked inside.

“I--is it lunch time, finally?” Peter asked.

“No, you fucking idiot,” Paul responded. “It’s around 10 right now. Time to go outside.”

“O--oh, my apologies,” Peter apologised. “I just thought that it might’ve be--”

Suddenly, Paul punched Peter in the face, so hard that he lost his balance and fell on the floor. Peter held his nose as it was bleeding, and began to cry again.

“God, I’m going to kill that fucker when I can.” Paul mumbled. He then looked to his right, to see Johnny standing there, smiling like an idiot as usual.

“Go outside, you twat. It’s time to go to the yard.” Paul informed.

“Haha, that’s great! I love to go outside!” Johnny exulted.

Johnny ran past several guards and went to the prison yard. He was impressed when he saw so many people running around. He looked around a bit, and noticed that there were some flowers. Johnny ran to them, and examined them closely, when three people approached him.

“What the fuck are you doing there, retard?” The leader asked.

“I’m looking at the flowers. They’re beautiful.” Johnny answered.

The leader smirked, before he looked to the prisoner to his right.

“Beat this asshole.” The leader commanded. The prisoner nodded, and approached Johnny. However, just as he raised his fist, ready to strike, a man suddenly started running towards them.

“Stay away from my Johnny, you pig fuckers!” The stranger shouted, before he was held back by the second prisoner accompanying the leader. The leader laughed, amused, and stood in front of the stranger’s face.

“Well, well, this is the guy who you killed someone for, huh?” The leader asked. John looked at him for a little, with an angry stare, before he spit right in the leader’s face.

The leader sighed deeply, before gesturing at the prisoner holding Johnny, who was still confused as to what was going on, to punch him. John watched as the prisoner raised his hand, and punched Johnny right in the face.

“N--no...JOHNNY!!!!” John screamed, before elbowing the second prisoner. He then kicked the leader in the groin, and finally charged the prisoner who punched Johnny, knocking him on the ground.

The prisoner’s eyes widened when he noticed that John had a knife. Before he could say or do anything, John covered his mouth, and stabbed him right in the neck. Apparently, this wasn’t noticed by any guard. John then got up, seeing that the leader was weeping from his injury. John held the knife right against his neck, and angrily looked at him.

“If you...ever...dare touch my Johnny again...I promise you,’re going to have it a lot worse.” John whispered.

John then headbutted Oliver, and ran to Johnny, embracing him.

“O--oh hi,” Johnny greeted. “Ouch, I don’t feel good. Who are you again?”

“It’s me, Johnny!” John smiled. “It’s me, my love. John! John TheRoomMovieDotCom! Johnny, it’s me my love!”

Johnny made a very weird and funny face when he realised that it was John, the one who had always loved him.

“Oh hi, John!” Johnny once again greeted, as John hugged him again.

Peter walked outside, and noticed the corpse of the one prisoner, as well as the unconscious bodies of the other one and Oliver. Peter rolled his eyes and walked to Johnny and John.

“Why should I even be surprised at this point,” Peter sighed. “Anyways, you two should probably move away from the bodies, before the guards figure out that you’re responsible.”

“Haha, sure thing Petey!” Johnny laughed. The three then distanced them from the bodies a little, while still nobody seemed to care.

“How did you get that knife?” Peter asked. John looked at it.

“Oh, yeah, that. Well, two weeks ago, the dead freaks attacked the prison. This dumb warden that went crazy and now abducts random people, sent most of his men to fight against the dead. I managed to grab a kitchen knife, murder some guards, and hide this knife in this yard. And now, I will use it to defend my love, Johnny.” John explained.

Johnny laughed. Just then, guards noticed the bodies and examined them. Three guards walked to Johnny, John, and Peter. One of them was the warden’s right-hand man, Jeremy Hands, another one was Myles, and another one was someone named Cody.

“Johnny Wise,” Jeremy called. “Mr. Washington wants to see you. Follow us.”

Johnny started to follow them, when John suddenly grabbed his arm.

“Don’t be gone too long, Johnny,” John sniffled. “We need to stay together, now. Also, please ask the warden if we can share a room. This stinky motherfucker can sleep with Teddy.”

John pointed to Peter after his last sentence.

“Sure, I will, haha!” Johnny promised, before he continued following the guards.

After walking a bit, Johnny and the others reached the office of the warden. And there he was. Lucas Washington, standing and looking out of the window. Johnny decided to sit in a chair, while Myles and Cody walked back out of the office, and while Jeremy stood besides the door.

“It has been a long time, Johnny,” Lucas smiled. “I doubt you even remember me. You saw me when you were a little boy. I think you were around seven years old. I was a friend of your father, until he stole much of my money while we were in a hotel in Las Vegas and ran away. I heard he wasted all the money, though, probably on hookers or being dumb enough to lose it. Anyways, Johnny, you know your father best. What do you assume happened to the money? And where is Davey Wise currently?”

“He spent the money on hookers definitely,” Johnny reassured. “Was practically everything he talked about. Oh, and he’s dead or something, I think.”

“He’s dead? Are you sure?” Lucas asked.

“Oh, yeah, I think so,” Johnny responded. “We were all hanging out in our city when a crazy old lady came with an army and attacked us. Then, a crazy guy hit me and blew up my parents, I think.”

“Seems like you had quite a bad time,” Lucas commented. “Anyways, as you can see, you'll now be staying in this prison. Now, I don’t stand for taking revenge on someone by hurting their family members, so I will not treat you any worse than any of the other prisoners. You can go now.”

Johnny stood up and was about to leave, when he suddenly remembered John’s request.

“Oh, can John TheRoomMovieDotCom please move in with me?” Johnny pleaded. “Peter isn’t very fun, you can have him move in with the other guy that John currently sleeps with.”

“John Therom? Sure, that will be arranged,” Lucas nodded. “Now go.”

Johnny did so. After he left, Jeremy approached Lucas.

“Is there anything wrong?” Lucas inquired.

“You’re taking in too many prisoners,” Jeremy stated. “Almost all of the cells are full, and we’re jailing innocent survivors for no reason. I think we need to stop doing this. I mean, it’s the apocalypse, why are we busy holding this prison?”

“We are protecting people,” Lucas countered. “We’ve had this conversation before, Jeremy. We are doing the right thing here. By imprisoning both good and bad people, we both give people shelter and prevent dangerous people from harming innocent survivors in the outside world. The ones who prove themselves to be truly trustworthy people can become guards eventually. And lastly, we’ll make some cells available by, unfortunately, executing people. Those will only be the worst criminals, though. Now, unless you have something else to tell me, leave too. I have to do more work.”

Somewhere far away from the prison, John, the priest, woke up. He found himself tied to a chair. When he looked to his left, he was surprised to see Norbert there.

“Good, you’re finally awake. I was hoping you’d be asleep forever, you stupid motherfucker. I swear, once I get out of here, I’ll beat you until you’re an unrecognizable mess.” Norbert threatened.

“I’d prefer it if you wouldn’t do that,” John said. “Anyways, where the hell are we, Norbert? Why are we sitting in this garden, why are you and me tied up?”

“Some asshole tied us up,” Norbert explained. “He’s currently makings bacon and eggs for us. He’ll be here soon.”

After a while, the man, Barry, appeared outside.

“Oh hey, John, glad you’re finally awake!” Barry smiled.

“How the fuck do you know my name? Did Norbert tell you it?” John asked.

“No,” Barry replied, chuckling. “I have been watching you for more than a week. I came to learn a lot about you and the others in San Francisco, but you two fascinated me a lot. It was interesting to see you two work together, and then suddenly hate each other. Now, I hope you two can make up again.”

“You creepy stalker.” John sniffed.

“Yes, I apologise, I just couldn’t help myself,” Barry smiled. “Anyways, time for you two to ea--”

Barry was distracted when he heard the noises of walkers growling. He looked around, and noticed that twelve walkers were heading to them.

“Hey, pal, you should release us. We can help you fight these dumb fuckers then,” John suggests. “And besides, if you don’t release us, a dead guy might attack and eat us.”

“Oh, yeah, valid points,” Barry agrees. “Just don’t run away, please. I don’t want to spend hours tracking you down again.”

After freeing John and Norbert, Barry started walking to the walkers, knife in hand. He stabbed one in the head, while John leaned over to Norbert.

“Look, I know we may not like each other,” John whispered. “But how about we set aside our differences and deal with this creepy asshole?”

Norbert started grinning like a fool. Then, he charged towards Barry, who had just killed another walker. Barry turned around, and got scared when he saw Norbert.


Norbert ran right into Barry, making Barry fall as multiple walkers surrounded him.

“Holy shit!” Barry exclaimed. “Jesus fucking Christ! NO! HELP! HEE--”

Walkers started tearing into Barry, making him scream in agony, until he was finally gone. John and Norbert started laughing hysterically.

“Oh, my, that was amazing!” John grinned. “We should do things like this more. Is all forgiven and forgotten now?”

“Oh, yeah, definitely!” Norbert cuckled. “Well, seems like this asshole united us after all.”

“Yeah,” John smiled. “Anyways, let’s go now.”

John and Norbert then ran away, as walkers continued to feast on Barry’s corpse.

Elsewhere, on a cruise ship in the middle of nowhere, Nigel woke up in a suite. He looked up to see Joanna and Lindsey having a breakfast in their room.

“You slept long.” Joanna noted.

“Good morning, dad!” Lindsey greeted.

“Hey!” Nigel greeted both of them, kissing Lindsey on the forehead and Joanna on the mouth. He then took a seat, and looked outside.

“Wow,” Nigel smiled. “I can’t believe we now sleep in a cruise ship in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.”

“It’s much better than being around that creep Johnny,” Joanna grinned. “God, I hope I’ll never have to see that....annoying man again.”

Joanna avoided cursing, as Lindsey was at the table. 

“Same goes for me.” Nigel agreed.

Lindsey noticed how happy her parents were together, and decided to ask them something.

“Are you two going to get back together?” Lindsey asked.

Upon hearing this question, Nigel and Lindsey suddenly became quite silent. After eating for a while, Nigel stood up.

“Alright, I’m gonna get dressed,” Nigel stated. “Ben and Adeline want to have lunch with me.”

Joanna nodded, before Nigel exited the room to dress.

Back at the prison, it was lunch time around 12 PM. The prisoners headed to the cafeteria, while the guards watched. Johnny, John, and Peter took lunch plates and got their lunch. They then sat down at a table.

“I don’t want to eat this!” Johnny complained. “As long as the food remains this bad, I won’t eat anything made here!”

“Then you’ll die of starvation,” Peter informed. “It won’t get better here, Johnny. This is prison. Not a deluxe five star hotel.”

“Yeah, the imbecile is right for once,” John nodded. “Come on, sweetheart. I know it’s gross but you have to eat. I don’t want to see you die.”

“We could escape this prison, right?” Johnny suggested. “Then we can eat better food.”

“You wanna escape this prison?” A young woman asked. She sat down at the table.

“Oh, hi, who are you?” Johnny asked.

“I’m Iwanna,” the person introduced. “Iwanna Ananal.”

“T--that’s quite an unusual name,” Peter noted. “ wanna escape too?”

“Yeah, of course, idiot,” Iwanna responded. “I was put here two days ago and I don’t like it one bit. Full of degenerate scum. Shame my father is dead, he would’ve definitely gotten me out of this.”

“Alright. So, you know anybody who could help us with this?” John asked.

Iwanna turned around, and nodded to the direction of a certain black man.

“That guy is Tyrone Johnson,” Iwanna explained. “He’s the leader of a certain gang and doesn’t seem nearly as bad as most of the other shits here. We can have a meeting with him tomorrow morning when it’s yard time. He’ll probably help us.”

“Alright, thanks for helping us.” Peter thanked.

Back at the cruise ship, where the food was much better, Nigel got to the restaurant. There, he encountered Saul Goodman, sitting there with Huell and Francesca.

“Oh, hey, how are you doing?” Saul asked.

“Doing great,” Nigel answered with a smile. “Thank you for inviting us here.”

“No problem, happy to help.” Saul smiled.

Nigel walked past Saul and met the people he was going to have lunch with, Ben and Adeline. A waiter approached them.

“What would you like to drink and eat?” The waiter asked.

“I’ll take a Caesar salad and a bottle of red wine.” Ben responded.

“Same for me.” Adeline responded.

“Uh...yes, also red wine, and a steak with fries, please.” Nigel said.

The waiter then walked away, and Ben and Adeline looked at Nigel.

“Are you enjoying it here, Nigel?” Adeline asked.

“Oh, yes, definitely,” Nigel smiled. “You couldn’t wish for anything better in a zombie apocalypse.”

There was a short pause. A waiter set some bread on the table, and Nigel took a piece. Then, Ben decided to speak.

“So, Nigel, how are things with your wife?” Ben asked. “I talked a bit with Saul Goodman, he claims that you had a divorce, so I’m just wondering.”

“Things are going quite good actually,” Nigel responded. “We’re talking more to each other again, we live in one suite together. Yeah, we might end up getting back together.”

“Ah...that’s great.” Ben smiled.

Hours passed by, and by the evening, John and Norbert were sitting at a campfire, when Doggie suddenly appeared.


Norbert then hugged his dog, very glad to see it again.

Meanwhile, Johnny and Peter were in their cell when Paul opened the door. John Therom walked into the room and embraced Johnny. Paul forced Peter to move. The two walked to the cell of Teddy. As Paul searched for the keys, Peter asked him something.

“I--is my cellmate nice?” Peter asked.

“Is your cellmate nice?” Paul repeated, grinning. “Oh yeah...he’s definitely nice.”

Paul opened the door, and pushed Peter inside, before closing it again. Peter swallowed when he saw Teddy, staring at him and grinning like an idiot.

Once again a few hours later, during midnight, several guards woke up some inmates, handcuffing them and bringing them outside. They got brought to an open clearing. There stood Lucas Washington and Jeremy Hands. The inmates got brought before them.

“Line them up, put them on their knees.” Lucas commanded to his guards. The guards did so, lining up the seven inmates that were there, right in front of a pit full of walkers. Myles and Cody were also there, looking concerned.

“What the fuck are you doing?!” An inmate asked. Lucas leaned over to him.

“I’m saving the world, my friend,” Lucas claimed. “Alright, get it over with.”

Several guards stepped to the front and kicked the inmates into the pit. The inmates screamed as the walkers grabbed them and started biting them. Myles and Cody did not participate. Instead, they looked at each other worriedly, and holding their hands.

As the deaths of several inmates happened away from the prison, Johnny was lying in his cell with John, both unable to hear the loud screams. Johnny started laughing.

“Another great day.” Johnny smiled, as the lives of multiple people ended.


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