Our Choices Counts is a story written by GigglingJuggernaut460. It's the video game version of the Finding Ourselves Franchise's novel series.

Reddy This story has been scrapped.



Main Characters

  • Matthew Lincoln (S1)
  • Miranda Peterson (S1)
  • Josiah Keen (S1)
  • Arnold Shepard (S1)
  • Marcel Ingalls (S1)
  • Roger Clanton (S1)
  • Nina Ruddick (S1)
  • Garrett Lutt (S1)
  • Johnathan Smith (S1)
  • Donovan Ross (S1)
  • Wilkins Booth (S1)
  • Hassell (S1)

Remaining On Also Starring

  • Drew May (S1)
  • Cunningham (S1)
  • Gemini (S1)
  • Faulkner (S1)
  • Lucas Mitchell (S1)
  • Luna (S1)


  • The story's theme theme is Are You Ready by Disturbed.
  • Unlike the novel series, the story will not be written in script form.
  • The main protagonist of the final version of the novels has been replaced with the original main character on the original unpublished version of the novels.
    • However, he will still appear as a main character.
  • This story was officially scrapped on January 4, 2019.