Operation bitemark's new mission
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Writer TacoLovesZombies
Based On SYFY's Z-Nation
AMC's The Walking Dead
Chapters 1 (Currently)
Seasons 1 (Currently)
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Operation Bitemark's New Mission (link to be added) is a crossover fanfiction between SYFY's Z-Nation and AMC's The Walking Dead by TacoLovesZombies.


When the Black Rainbow hits, Operation Bitemark finds themselves in uncharted territory, and also feeling like they went back a couple of years into the past. Scrambled and lost, they must find each other again while also relearning what they know about the zompocalypse.

Once they all reconnect, they will soon meet another group much like their own, yet different in so many ways.


See Operation Bitemark's New Mission/Characters


  • The story will mainly focus on the perspectives of Roberta Warren and her group, through perspectives of Rick Grimes and the other characters from The Walking Dead will also be seen.