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Odd Habits
TUR S2 Ep 9
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September 26, 2020
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"Odd Habits" is the ninth episode of the second season of The Undead Room. It is the sixteenth episode of the series overall. It premiered on September 26, 2020.


While on the road, Mark and the others encounter some new survivors. Meanwhile, Johnny and some others start working on a plan to escape.


Johnny woke up for the first time in his bed in the prison cell. The first thing he saw was John standing over him, who was very relieved to see the man he worshipped wake up.

"Johnny! My love! I am so glad you're awake! Did you sleep well?" John inquired.

"No, the bed was very uncomfortable!" Johnny complained. "I'm going to give a one star review. I'm tired of being here!"

"I am so sorry, Johnny, you deserve much better. I hate to see you suffer like this." John wept. "B--but we're gonna meet up with the other people who hate it here after we get breakfast, and we'll start making an escape plan. Alright, honey?"

"Sure, haha." Johnny laughed. He then got out of bed, preparing for breakfast.

Elsewhere, Mark woke up. He and his group had been on the road for the past two days. Mark had only gotten three hours of sleep, and was very tired. The moment they saw Mark was awake, Ryan immediately rushed to him.

"Hey, when are we gonna rest at a good place?" Ryan asked. "Sleeping out in the open really isn't good. Everybody is tired as fuck."

"Yeah, and that stupid Denny guy snoring loud as fuck doesn't help one bit." Monica growled.

"Hey, I don't snore!" Denny defended.

"Yes, you do, you little cunt," Jenny retorted. "Everybody here hears it and we're tired of it. I think it would do everyone good if we just got rid of you. Exiling or murdering will do it."

The majority of the people seemed to agree, with the exceptions of Mark and Maxwell. Jenny aimed her gun at his head, making Maxwell quickly step in between them.

"No!" Maxwell interrupted. "We're not killing anyone, you hear me? W--we'll find a place soon enough, right, Mark?"

"I...uh...yeah, don't worry, we'll find a good place." Mark nodded. "Now, uh, let's continue onwards."

People listened, and started moving forward. Monica decided to walk besides Mark.

"You got 'til the evening. If we don't find a good spot by then, we're gonna kill him." Monica threatened. Mark swallowed.

On the cruise ship, Nigel woke up too. He was up early this day, and Joanna and Lindsey were still asleep. Since he would wait for them to eat breakfast, he decided to go outside. When he did so, he noticed Oshkosh leaning against the railing, watching Biblo fly over the water. She seemed happy when Nigel approached her.

"Hey," Nigel greeted. "I haven't seen you around really since we got here. How are you doing?"

"I'm doing fine, thanks," Oshkosh replied. "I just...kinda feel guilty for what I did before. The way I betrayed your former friends, I--I don't know if they'd ever accept me again..."

"Don't worry about it," Nigel smiled. "I mean, they're not exactly a fun bunch, anyways, and you won't see them again. Aside from that, you ended up helping them, and I don't blame you at all for what you did. Not cool of them to keep your owl like that."

"Yeah, I guess you're right," Oshkosh nodded. "Anyways...I'm going again, now. See you later."

"Alright, bye!" Nigel waved, watching Oskhosh leave. He then went back inside. Unbeknownst to him, Adeline had been watching him from a distance.

Back at the prison, Johnny and John were together at a table, when Peter suddenly arrived, setting his plate down.

"Hey," John waved. "How was the night with Teddy?"

Peter looked up to John with a fearful look in his eyes.

"I--I'd rather not talk about it." Peter whimpered.

"Haha, you're just a chicken again, Peter!" Johnny laughed, imitating chickens as Peter started bursting into tears.

Back with Mark's group, everybody was walking on a road. Denny walked up to Mark.

"I'm in serious trouble here, man," Denny worried. "It's not my fault I snore! Y--you need to find them a cool place, that'll calm them down a bit. These people, they're actually capable of killing me, they'll fucking do it i--"

"Shut up, Denny," Mark tiredly chided. "You're gonna be fine. We'll find something but please, give me a fucking break, already. Calm down."

"Sure," Denny sighed. "But if they kill me, my ghost will return, and I tell you, he won't be very ha--"

Suddenly, Mark punched Denny right across the face, making the man fall. Denny held his now bleeding nose in shock, as Mark continued on. Maxwell swallowed.

"Mark, this isn't you," Maxwell began. "You need to calm down. You being tired and all the stress is having a negative impa--"

"You need to shut the fuck up too!" Mark snapped. "Just leave me the hell alone, and focus on finding a fucking place where all these fucking idiots can sleep in. Alright?"

"Y--yeah." Maxwell swallowed. Mark then continued on, ignoring him.

Back at the prison, all inmates were outside, as it was yard time. Johnny and John were waiting to meet Iwanna and Tyrone. In the meantime, Peter was just sitting on the floor against a wall, looking very miserable again.

"Why me...why is it always me..." Peter mumbled. "What did I do to deserve this...what did I...why..."

Johnny and John were still waiting.

"Well, dear Johnny. Are you excited to do this?" John asked. He noticed that his dear Johnny was confused again, but he had no problems with that. "Y'know? The escape plan? To get out of this hellhole?"

"Oh yeah!" Johnny shouted. "Yeah, I'm really tired of this place! It's so boring! They don't even give you a tv, the food is trash, and I AM JUST REALLY FED UP WI--"

"Hey, dickheads," Iwanna greeted, appearing in front of the two.

"We've got a meeting to attend."

Iwanna led Johnny and John to the place where Tyrone was at. Peter followed along slowly. Tyrone was standing with three people in a corner. Iwanna and Peter frowned when they saw who were accompanying him.

"Hey, ma'am," Tyrone greeted. "So...are these the guys you mentioned?"

"They are," Iwanna nodded. "But first of all...are these seriously the members of your gang?"

Tyrone looked at the three people behind him, that being a man and two sisters. Tyrone sighed deeply, before looking back at Iwanna.

"Look...they may not look like much, but I can assure you that these people have more brains than the majority of people in this prison," Tyrone stated. "Introduce yourselves, people."

"M--my name is, well, Austin," the man introduced. "I...I'm a...uh...I created this plan...prison plan. To escape. It should work well."

The two sisters looked at each other, winking, before turning to the others, and starting to speak at the same time.

"We are Minky and Ellie!" They shouted. "We are sisters, who like to--"

"Yeah, we heard enough," Iwanna interrupted, very disappointed that these were the people they were stuck with. She nodded towards Johnny and John. "Alright, speak, idiots."

John came forward to face Tyrone.

"As you already know, we want to escape from this prison as well," John explained. "My friend, Johnny, was placed here unrightfully, and he's suffering badly. For exa--"


Johnny suddenly stopped talking, as he was out of breath. He then fell on the floor. John panicked, and quickly rushed to his side, only to see that Johnny was laughing.

"J--Johnny, sweetie...why are you laughing?" John asked.

"Haha, I tricked you all!" Johnny giggled. "You really thought I was very angry, right? But, oh, don't worry, I'm fine I...I just..."

Johnny's laugh quickly faded, as tears came out of his eyes.

"I--I miss eating pizza, and everybody is such a big meanie here!" Johnny sobbed. "T--This place isn't nice at all, daddy. I wanna go home. Take me home. To the place I belong..."

Johnny continued to cry into John's shoulder, while Tyrone looked around in confusion.

"Well, uh...w--welcome to the gang I guess." Tyrone welcomed.

Peter shook his head in dismay.

"Oh...we're all screwed." Peter snivelled.

Back on a road, in an unknown area, Mark and his group were continuing their journey. Maxwell was a bit ahead of the group, and went into the woods to piss. More in the back, Ryan and Monica were talking.

"So you're a big fan of The Sopornos too?" Ryan asked.

"Ooh, yeah, absolutely!" Monica replied. "My favorite scene of the entire show has to be the scene in which Mr. Soporno shows his dick in front to all of his co-workers! I loved seeing how people were trying not to laugh, and how Mr. Dent just didn't find it funny at all. It was also kinda scary, because that was the moment his aunt was planning to fire him."

"Yeah, great scene." Ryan laughed.

Ryan and Monica continued to talk, while Nancy walked behind them, seemingly not content. Meanwhile, Mark and Jenny were walking besides each other, watching as Michelle rode by on Terminator.

"Yeehaw!" Michelle shouted, as she decapitated a walker walking on the road. Jenny shook her head.

"Once again, she has totally lost it since her boyfriend died," Jenny sighed. "And unfortunately my idiotic husband as well. God, how the fuck did you dimwits even get in a conflict with an old woman controlling a cult?"

"You can thank Michelle and Mike for it, actually," Mark responded. "They robbed an old woman because they needed money, and the old woman took revenge by kidnapping Mike and putting him in a nursing home. Michelle found them, and ended up massacring the entire nursing home with the exception of one, that being the old woman who started the cult, and wanted revenge. So...yeah, they've always been kinda crazy."

Jenny was, surprisingly enough, speechless for once.

"Also," Mark started. "We need to talk about Denny. I know he's annoying, but dude doesn't deserve death."

Jenny started laughing.

"I wasn't actually planning to kill him," Jenny stated. "Trust me, I'm not dumb enough to kill someone for snoring, even though I absolutely hate it. Well...we'll see. As long as we find a place where we don't all have to lie with each other in the open, it should be fine. Otherwise, he can fuck off from the group."

Jenny looked back at Michelle, who had jumped off Terminator and was violently stomping the decapitated walker's head.

Back in the woods, Maxwell had found a good place to piss. As he was peeing, a walker creeped up on him. Maxwell did not notice this, until he heard the growling when the walker was very close. He quickly turned around, and his eyes widened as he saw the walker reaching for him.

"NONONOONONONONONON--AAAAGGHHH!!" Maxwell screamed as the walker ripped a part of his face off.

Maxwell's screams were heard by the others, who quickly turned to his direction, and watched as multiple walkers came to him and devoured him. They quickly reached for their weapons. Denny looked to his left, to a bunch of fields, where he saw multiple walkers emerge. He looked behind him, noticing that there were many suddenly behind them too. Ahead of them, a herd could be seen from the distance as well, coming their way.


"Uh oh." Lee swallowed.

Michelle jumped off Terminator again, shooting multiple walkers.

"Pathetic little freaks." Michelle scoffed.

Mark looked around, panicking, given that there were a ton of walkers, when he suddenly saw a native-American man run towards them from the woods, holding a rifle and shooting several walkers.

"Hey!" The man shouted, gaining the attention of the majority of the group. "Come, follow me!"

The group did as what was told, following the man into the woods, with Michelle hopping on Terminator again for the twentieth time. They all ran deep into the woods, passing Maxwell's corpse in the meantime.

Back at the cruise ship, Oshkosh was walking around a bit, seeing Adeline come from the other direction.

"Oh, good morning." Oshkosh greeted.

"Good morning." Adeline responded, quickly, seemingly focused on something else and not paying much attention to Oshkosh. Oshkosh frowned a bit, before continuing.

Adeline opened the door of Ben's room, where Ben was still lying in bed.

"It's around 10. Are you going to wake up?" Adeline asked.

"S--sure, honey," Ben nodded. "Just...let me get into the day in a fun way, first."

Ben looked to his left and right, where two other women were lying besides him. Adeline sighed in annoyance, before exiting the room again.

Back at the prison, Lucas and Jeremy were walking in an open field somewhere nearby, with Paul and Myles accompanying them.

"We currently have 32 prisoners and 6 free cells, which are 4 more than previously due to the massacre of yesterday," Jeremy informed. "We haven't found anyone knew since Johnny Wise, though."

"6 free cells," Lucas repeated. "Good. That gives us 12 free spots. Let us hope we can lock up more of those stupid criminals."

Paul looked over to Myles, noticing that he felt uncomfortable.

"Hey," Paul said, making Myles turn to him. "Something wrong, pal?"

"Oh, uh, no," Myles answered. "I'm just a bit unwell. Not sure why."

Paul nodded, though he found Myles' answer suspicious. Lucas briefly looked at them behind him, before he turned back to Jeremy.

"And any possible new candidates for guards?" Lucas asked.

"No, not really," Jeremy shook his head. "They seem mostly too violent, too untrustworthy, or too dumb."

"Well, that's unfortunate." Lucas commented.

Mark's group was deep in the woods, still following the Native-American man. Mark decided to walk up to him.

"Hi there," Mark greeted. "So, uh...can I ask you what your name is, and where we are going?"

"My name is Kajika," the man introduced. "And we are near the camp I'm leading you to. You'll see what it is then."

"Cool," Mark replied. "Anyways, nice to meet you, Khajiit."

Mark's eyes widened when he realised what he just said, and he quickly went more to the back again. The group continued their journey, until they finally arrived at the camp. They were surprised to see that it featured a lot of tents, sort of like the old Indian reservations, though they were big modern tents now.

"This is it," Kajika told the group. "This is our camp. There are eighteen people here. Let me show you around. But before I do that...I want you all to go to the tent to the right. One by one. Who wants to start?"

"Uh, I'm cool with going first." Denny raised his hand. Kajika nodded, and gestured for him to enter. Inside the tent, he was met by a Mexican man, who was blind.

"This is Ignacio Gonzales, but we prefer to call him Nacho," Kajika told Denny, with the others being able to hear him too. "Now, here's the deal. Each of you will be smelled by Ignacio. If he doesn't like your smell, you will be thrown in prison. Oh, and he's blind, in case you didn't notice."

"What the fuck? Is he gonna smell our armpits or something?" Nancy asked.

"Yes, but it is to make sure whether we can trust you or not," Kajika answered. "Now, go, mister."

"Uh...I think I need to go to the toilet," Denny said. He was met by a deadly look from Kajika, so he stepped forward hesitantly. Nacho grabbed Denny's arm, searching for his armpit, and then smelling it. He looked up to a wall.

"Malo!" Nacho shouted. Two guards came into the tent.

"Aw jeez!" Denny whined as he was dragged away.

"Next." Kajika called.

Ryan decided to go in, and Nacho smelled his armpit too.

"Bueno!" Noah shouted this time, giving a thumbs up.

After this, Mark went in, then Lee, then Jenny, and so on. They all received the same answer as Ryan. Once everyone was done, Kajika decided to show them around.

"As you can see, these are all the tents we have. There are many free tents, as well, in which you can sleep in. They're all put in a circle form, all around the tent of the great leader and our god."

"E--excuse me?" Mark asked.

The group followed Kajika as he went to the middle, where four people were kneeling before a bald man.

"That is our dear leader," Kajika pointed. "He doesn't want to tell us his real name, so we call him Egg. Egg the Savior."

The group listened, as Egg started speaking.

"Another day, another of the undead to sacrifice to our god. The dear Razor." Egg spoke. A guard named Luis appeared, walking past everyone, dragging a tied biter along, whose hands and teeth had been removed. The entirety of Mark's group was surprised when they were surprised to see where he was brought to: a tiger in a cage.

"Y--your god is a...tiger?" Lee asked.

Kajika nodded, and they all watched as Luis opened the door, pushing the biter quickly in Razor's cage, before closing it again. Everybody watched as Razor completely ripped the biter apart, and Egg spoke something in an unknown language.

"Well, that was it," Kajika stated. "You can walk freely now."

Each member of the group went away, with the exception of Denny, who was sitting in a small cage close to Razor's. He started to weep, thinking he'd share the same fate as the walker.

The day went on. In the afternoon, Myles and Cody were sitting in a room, together.

"I can't handle this anymore, Cody," Myles started. "I...we're stuck in a goddamn prison in a post-apocalyptic world, and we have a prison warden who's eager to kill innocent people. W--We need to end this."

"I doubt we can," Cody sighed. "I hate to see it, but I don't want us to get ourselves killed trying to stop this madness. After all, I doubt it would stop if we'd just get rid of Mr. Washington. There's still Jeremy, Paul, and so on. We can't stop this."

"I--I know," Myles responded. "But I just wish we could."

"Yeah...but look, don't worry, it's going to be okay," Cody comforted. "As long as we're together, everything's going to be okay."

A little later, the inmates were again in the cafeteria. Tyrone walked up to Johnny, John, and Peter's table and decided to sit with them.

"Alright, guys, Austin's going to discuss the plan tomorrow morning, same place again," Tyrone informed. "And then...we'll be ready to execute it."

"Early road to death." Peter mumbled.

By the time it was dark outside, all members of Egg's camp were sitting around a campfire, listening to Egg as he was singing, once again in an unknown language.

"Alekoa roiyaz bogoman gelad," Egg sang. "Poygolo aoigib divoq mi myom."

During the campfire, Michelle noticed someone sitting there, looking very upset. Michelle decided to tap Kajika's shoulder.

"Hey, who's that?" Michelle asked.

"That is Alexa Isosad," Kajika told her. "She is very depressed due to the recent death of her boyfriend, Despacito."

Michelle was interested by this. Suddenly, everyone heard shouts coming from a direction. Some stood up, and they saw Luis and another guard arrive, bringing two prisoners along. The two prisoners were nobody less than John and Norbert.

"Oh, for fuck's sake, not again." Norbert growled.

"Oh, not these guys!" John complained.

"These two sneaked into our camp and tried to steal some stuff." Luis explained.

Every member of Mark's group burst into laughing. Egg and the others frowned.

"A--Are we missing something here?" Egg asked.

"Here I go explaining things again," Monica chuckled. "We know these guys, and they did some very dumb things so we all hate them. Then we had a situation very similar to this, and everybody is fine with them being fed to Razor."

"Wait, wait, wait, that is a bit too much," Mark intervened. "I'd say lock them up and hold a trial for them later."

"Alright then," Egg smiled. "Sounds good. Lock them up. Oiscoiale!"

John and Norbert got brought to the same cage Denny was in, not even paying attention to Razor, and getting locked up with Denny, who was surprised to see the two.

"J--John? Norbert?" Denny swallowed.

"Well, well, Denny," John smiled. "Weren't you among the people who wanted us dead?"

John and Norbert started laughing, while Denny pissed his pants.

On the cruise ship, Ben walked into his room, seeing Adeline there, standing in front of a wall of drawings. Ben seemed content.

"Great work, Ade," Ben smiled. "So, what extra info did you collect?"

"I got info of the newcomers," Adeline replied. "Saul Goodman, Francesca Liddy, Huell Babineaux, Nigel Thorne, Joanna Bell, and Lindsey Thorne. Saul, Francesca, and Huell don't seem to be in any relationship, at least not with anyone on this boat, and Nigel was married to Joanna, although they got divorced. Lindsey is their child. Nigel and Joanna seem to be bonding more again. I also don't know much about the other woman with the eagle. I passed by her this morning, though. I'll try to get more info about her tomorrow."

"Great, once again," Ben said. "We'll include Nigel in the event tomorrow, then."

At the prison, Johnny was asleep in his prison cell, while John watched over him. Myles and Cody were lying together in their room. Paul was smoking outside, looking as walkers were pushing against fences. Lucas Washington was making up plans in his office. Peter was starting to tear up, as Teddy unzipped his pants.

At the cruise ship, Oshkosh was standing outside again, watching Biblo fly and pick up a fish. Nigel was lying in his bed with his family, glad to be together with Joanna again. Ben continued to stare at the pictures. He watched as they immediately went in bed, naked, making him happy. Adeline watched him from the mirror in the bathroom, seemingly detesting him.

At Egg's camp, people continued to sit around the campfire, with some having already gone to their tents to sleep. Egg continued to sing songs. Mark thought of Johnny, and where he could possibly be. Michelle focused quite a lot on Alexa, who repeatedly bursted into tears at random times. Nancy once again got annoyed, seeing Ryan and Monica chat so often.

At the cage, Denny, John, and Norbert from a distance. John and Norbert had taken the clothes from Denny, and had thrown them to Razor. Denny cried from the embarrassment of being naked. Doggie watched from a distance.

At the prison, a truck arrived. Jeremy Hands and someone else stepped out of it, and they opened the door of the back, pulling a person out of it. That person was nobody less than Ralph.


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