No Time Left or Episode 5 is the 5th and final episode of Telltale's The Walking Dead: Remake Season 1.


With little time left, Lee Everett and the others will have to battle through thick heards of walkers and challenge a evil threat all while trying to save Clementine before its too late.


Following Clementine's kidnapping, and Lee sudden infection, everything fades in as the group attempts to awaken Lee who has passed out from his infection that he had gotten back in Crawford, Kenny realizes that the only option left to save Lees life is to chop off the infected arm, as the group members search the cabinets in the morgue, Clive suddenly notices the horde outside the morgue door who had found their location, as he calls out to the group as Doug/Carley, Ben, Omid, Christa, and Chuck all rush to help keep the door closed as Kenny finds a hacksaw in one of the cabinets. As Kenny is about to cut off Lee's arm, Lee suddenly springs awake as he quickly worriedly tells them they have to save Clementine before its too late as Kenny suddenly backs away as the group make sure the door is closed as Kenny helps Lee up, who will ask what happened and Ben will explain that he passed out from the infection, as Lee looks down at his arm and curses out as he begins to cry realizing he does not have much time to save Clementine now as Doug/Carley comforts him. Clive himself is also a bit upset due to the sudden disappearance of Boyd and Joyce as he also expresses regret over the death of Brie and whatever happened to Vernon as Ben also expresses severe depression over everything bad that has happened, as Chuck will then bust in and tell them they all still have each other and their main goal now is to get Clementine back no matter what as he looks as Lee's bitten arm. Lee himself is unsure of what to do as he looks at Kenny who is still holding the hacksaw tells Lee it might give him a chance of survival to get to Clementine and possibly survive. Lee remains silent for a few seconds as he thinks of his option. The player will then be left with the fate of what happens to him as they can either agree to remove the infected limb or say screw it and keep it as it might be too late. If Lee has his arm cut off he will once again blackout later being woken up or he and the rest of the group will regroup. No matter what, following this the pounding at the morgue door as Clive tells them they have to find another way out as Kenny will tell Lee he is the smartest of all of them and he should be able to find another way out as they hold the walkers off, however if Doug is alive he will assist Lee in looking. As Lee looks around, he finds a locked elevator and realizes he will have to find something to use, after looking around Lee will find a rib spreader in the cabinets and will successfully open it up. The group quickly leave the morgue as they are then seen climbing the elevators shaft as they pass by several windows showing the inside of the hospital which is revealed to be where the morgue was located under, they see the hospital has been overun with walkers. They reach the top of the hospital but are quickly left without a way to get down as the stair well leads directly in the herd of walkers on the street below, as Chuck suddenly points out the nearby bell tower and reminds them of the strategy Molly used in the last episode with Lee becoming upset if Molly died in Crawford, but he agrees as Doug/Carley and Lee will grab a nearby ladder on the roof as they sit it up as a starewell to the bell tower. Kenny questions Lee ability to do it as he is either to sick or missing a arm to do it, but Lee says he has the least to lose considering he is basically dead willing to do whatever he can to save Clementine. As Lee is climbing across, suddenly his walkie talkie will go off once again as the strange man quickly warns Lee not to try and get Clementine or they will all suffer greatly before shutting out, this sudden distraction keeps Lee from noticing the ladder's chain that is keeping it up has suddenly broke as Ben warns him as Lee is barely able to make it to the bell tower as the ladder falls and crushes a walker below as Lee himself is in shock at the comments from the stranger as the group call out for him across on the balcony. Lee rings the bell which on plan lures the walkers over to the other side of the hospital which creates a opening as Kenny calls out to Lee to look for another way down but he finds the hatch on the bell tower locked and realizes he will have to jump as Doug/Carley will comment its not that far and he should be able to make it. Lee will jump and will barely be able to cling onto the side as Ben and Chuck help pull him up. Lee warns them of what the stranger said but Omid tells them they cant give up that easy as Lee tells them they should go while they can as they all rush to get off the Hospital roof as everything fades out.

The group are seen fleeing back to the manor in a attempt to get the boat ready for after they get Clem back but Kenny makes a sudden and shocking discovery that further destroys the group. The boat has been destroyed, as Kenny finally has a brutal meltdown as Christa tells Omid to climb the fence to let them back in. As Lee tries to comfort Kenny, Kenny snaps at him telling him its not gonna be ok and they have no where to go once they get Clem back as the entire country is entirely fucked as Kenny tells Lee he is too as he looks at his arm as Lee takes sudden offense, Lee tries to reason with him telling him not to let the others worry as Christa mentions they head to the countryside where it might not be as bad, but Kenny attempts to shut the idea out, however Doug/Carley and Ben (Who has grown close to Kenny) even agrees its there best bet now. Kenny cant believe it and will then ask Lee what he thinks about it, to which Lee can either say its a bad idea, he thinks its for the best, or he will abstain. Clive will mention his desire to possibly look for Boyd and Joyce out of the town as he believes they are still out there. Kenny tells them whether or not Lee sided with him all stupid for not thinking of the best bet for the group. However at that same moment, Omid calls out to them and warns them that a huge heard of walkers is approaching the house as they were attracted by the noise. Lee quickly tells everyone to get inside as they all rush in.

Inside the house, Lee takes charge quickly telling the group they have to defend themselves and not let them get trapped, as Doug/Carley tells them the place looks like it should hold, but suddenly a zombfied Brie breaks through a nearby window as Lee quickly has to tell the group what to do. Lee can then tell Kenny, Doug/Carley, Ben, Christa, Chuck, and Clive to do several things, but when he gets to Omid, he will find Omid staring horrifiedly ahead as Lee realizes they left the back door wide open as the walkers are approaching. Lee and the others are forced to help block the walkers out, as Clive tells them to get upstairs. Doug/Carley and Lee clear several walkers as they head up the stairs. Up stairs, Ben and Kenny move a dresser to block the walkers path on the stairs, as Lee is suddenly approached by the zomfied Brie, where he can either stab her in the head with his cleaver he found in the kitchen or Omid will gun her down. As the group flees up the stairs, Lee and the group take a final stand in a corner and prepare to use all their combined gun ammo to kill as many walkers as possible. The group shoot down most walkers but eventually most of them run out and they run out of room to run as they cant find a way out. Chuck suddenly looks up and spots a cord leading to a attic as he looks at Lee and tells him he will defend them while they escape as Chuck grabs his shovel and tells Lee and the others to get the hell out of there. Lee refuses but Chuck dashes ahead and begins to fight the walkers keeping them off Lee and the others as they all climb the ladder. Lee is the last to climb and as he looks back he spots Chuck in trouble, Lee attempts to rush to help him but Chuck tells him to get that little girl back no matter what as he and Lee share one last look of respect as Lee forcefully climbs the attic stairs as he looks back, Chuck is over come by the walkers and is dragged under the heard as they devour him as Lee slams the attic door shut below him.

Above, Christa questions Lee on what happened to Chuck as Lee himself sheds a tear saying he sacrificed himself so they could escape, but Kenny once again berates him dumbness telling him they are still trapped in the freaking attic with no way out but a 30 foot drop as Lee suddenly stands back at Kenny telling him not to let things get out of hand but Kenny then once again looks at Lee's arm whether or not and suddenly becomes extremely paranoid as he questions how Lee is feeling, as Lee tells him he is fine but Kenny suddenly asks the question what would happen if Lee took another spill and how they would have to save Clementine themselves as Lee tells him hes not gonna let that happen without him at least being there to say goodbye as the others stay out of it. Lee and Kenny both furious spot a nearby a statue bust, and if Lee does not grab it, Kenny will and either way one of them will throw it at the attic wall as the group make a shocking discovery. Doug/Carley will pull off the chipped piece of wood as its revealed the wood in the wall is corroded and that there is anothe room on the other side of the manor as its revealed this manor is connected to the next one over as Lee grabs a nearby clothes rack and smashes another chunk of the wall as its revealed they can get to the other side. Lee volunteers to break it but Kenny refuses telling them they will work in shifts and that Lee can rest, as Omid will volunteer to do it first. The group will sit down on nearby sofas located in the attic as they all have a conversation. Ben mentions his regret of ever hating school telling them he really wishes he could have finished school with Travis, Kenny apoligizes to Lee telling him its been hard on him with losing Duck and now with Katjaa gone for good as she is nowhere to be found to which Lee will accept it and apoligize himself. Christa will announce the news that she is pregnant to which a shocked Kenny will congratulate her telling her that he will hopefully be around to help her with it like he did Katjaa, Doug/Carley will mention how much they would like to go back in time to prevent everything bad from happening mentioning their loved one passing in Long Road Ahead and all the people that they have lost as Lee and Kenny also express sadness.

Christa apologizes for this as the group reconcile any differences they have had and all agree getting Clementine back is all that matters now. Omid quickly tells the group that he has gotten through and the group all gather together as each of them enter the room on the other side. On the other side, the group find a bedroom with a nearby balcony as they look in the bed they see a couple who had committed suicide and were holding hands when they both died as Omid and Christa look at each other. Following the group looking around, Lee realizes the balcony is there only way out as they all realize they will have to jump the balcony to get on the rooftop of the next building over. Lee volunteers to go first as if he falls, he will already be dead as the others watch on worriedly. Lee makes it across, as does Christa, Clive and Omid. Kenny tells Ben to go next as Kenny tells him to be careful as Ben makes it across. Kenny offers Doug/Carley to go next but they insist on him going. As Kenny jumps, unknowingly the balcony comes unloose. As Doug/Carley prepare to leap, the balcony becomes unhinged as they look up at a shocked Lee as the balcony and them suddenly fall below as Kenny and Lee look over. Kenny shakes his head as he and Lee look at each other. Lee tells them they have to go get them as Ben and Kenny agree and tell Christa and Omid to stay back just in case things get nasty as Kenny also tells Ben to stay back to which he reluctantly agrees, but Clive also comes down. Down below, Doug/Carley is apparently just seen trapped under a bunch of carboard boxes as Kenny tells them they are gonna be ok as he removes the boxes, he and Lee make a shocking discovery that the balcony impaled them through the stomach as Lee can either say they are screwed or they can try to save them. Kenny attempts to pull them off but the pain causes him to stop. Walkers are suddenly attracted over to them as they have smelt the fresh blood, Lee and Kenny realize there is nothing left to do as Carley/Doug and them have their final words. Doug/Carley tell Lee they are thankful for everything he has done for them and he will get Clementine back no matter what as they nod at each other. Clive reveals he has 1 bullet left he was saving and Doug/Carley plead with him not to let them get them. Clive sadly sighs and agrees. A upper shot shows Omid, Christa, and Ben watching over as a gunshot is suddenly heard as walkers are seen down in the alley below. Kenny, Clive and Lee return to the top as both are seen extremely upset as Lee breaks down in tears revealing Doug/Carley's fate as Ben and the others comfort them. Lee tells them they need to get Clementine back as the group agrees and they all head foward. Upon traveling over several more connected rooftops, the group reach a deadend realizing they will have to either climb across a sign or will just climb down onto the street to fight the walkers as they are the only thing between them now and the Marsh House where the Stranger is holding Clementine. As they attempt to think of what they are gonna do, suddenly the radio goes off again as the Stranger in a apparent hysterical and paranoid voice tells them they better not come any closer or they will regret what happens as he yells at them that they cannot have Clementine from him, and that he is happy now as Lee tells him stealing little girls is what makes him happy then you're one sick fuck as The Stranger tells him he does not like his tone as he tells Lee he tried to warn him but he asked for it as he suddenly cuts out. Omid asks him what he means as Lee tells him he does not know. The group decide to travel down to fight the heard as they do so, they suddenly attempt to sneak around them but however from a window in the Marsh house a sniper suddenly appears and as the group are sneaking around, a gunshot suddenly rings out as the bullet goes right through Omid's skull suddenly and shockingly as Christa suddenly begins to freak out as Omid falls dead. Lee looks up to see the Stranger smirking at them from the Marsh house window as he suddenly goes to shoot again. Christa is crying as the walkers approach them, Lee tells her he is sorry and they have to go as Lee is forced to drag her away from Omid's body as the walkers surround and devour it. The Stranger continues to shoot at them as the 5 use their weapons Lee using his cleaver from the morgue. As Christa is upset she does not see a walker coming but Clive kills it and tells her he will protect her. The group are able to make it to the entrance to the Marsh House as the Stranger is heard cursing as they make it inside. Inside Lee and the group direct themselves through the abandoned Hotel as Lee approaches a room, the group enter it and as they do they spot a string attached from a closet to a bedroom door as Clementine suddenly calls out as Lee does as Lee rushes to open the door, The Stranger suddenly emerges with a sadistic smile as he blocks Lee and tells him to back up as The Stranger shows them his knife and gun. He looks at Lee and asks him what happened to his arm as he reveals he was bitten as the Stranger mocks him telling him he was weak and if he couldnt protect himself, how could he protect Clementine. The Stranger introduces himself and pridefully takes respolisibily for every bad thing that has happened to the group as he tells them he was behind Duck's death as Kenny becomes furious as The Stranger points a gun at him as he back down, He was behind the Crawford takeover which caused the deaths of Travis (Determinate), Molly (Determinate), Vernon, and Brie and the dissaperance of Katjaa as Clive, Ben, Kenny, and Christa all look at him with pure hatred. He then looks Lee in the eyes and tells him his backstory and that he knows everything about him saying he's a murderer and not to be trusted. The Stranger continues to insult Lee as he tells Lee that he will take care of Clementine like he did his own Daughter and that if Lee does not let them be, he will kill all of them right then and there, but the Stranger then smirks and says he was gonna do it anyway as he raises the gun to Lee's head. However Clementine was able to get out of the room as suddenly she hits Issac over the head with a glass bottle as he screams out, Kenny attempts to run at him but he quickly shoots him in the stomach, as Clive dives to disarm him, he is able to knock the gun out of his hands as he is then stabbed in the gut with the knife as Christa suddenly kicks him in the gut and steals the knife from his hands before stabbing him in the leg, He pushes her to the ground as he realizes he is trapped, he flees outside the hotel room as Ben comforts Kenny and Clive checks on Christa. He looks at each of them who all nod at him to finish him off as does Clementine who tells Lee he killed her parents. Lee hugs Clementine and he rushes off to stop him. Lee is then seen running throught the hallways as he reaches the lobby, where suddenly Issac appears from behind the counter and attempts to choke Lee but Lee is able to counter this and throw him off him. Issac nearly stabs Lee in the head but Lee headbutts him as Issac suddenly pulls out another gun and backs Lee into a nearby dead end hallway. He looks at Lee and tells him he hates him and that all he wanted was to be happy but he ruined that and now he will kill him, but suddenly Clementine appears from behind as does everyone else and Clem stabs Issac in the shoulder with the knife as Lee suddenly takes him out as he knocks him back into the corner unconscious. Lee grabs his gun and the group gather in the hallway. Kenny kicks Issac in the stomach as he groans. Suddenly a walker appears from out of nowhere but as he looks at them he only goes for Clementine but Lee kills it as the group realize they are all covered in walker guts and that the walkers think they were them as thats why they didn't attack them. They realize they need to use this to get out of the city as Lee uses the walker and covers clementine with it as well much to her dismay. As the group are getting ready to leave, The Stranger suddenly appears again grabbing Clementine's leg and telling her not to leave him as Lee having enough pushes him away as he shoots him several times in the legs as he falls to the ground, Kenny opens the marsh house entrance as suddenly walkers come in but they walk pass the group and instead pounce on Issac who screams for mercy, Lee can then either leave him behind to suffer or shoot him in the head. Either way the group will then leave him behind. In the streets, Clementine spots her undead parents who Lee then kills out of mercy as Clementine watches on. As the group move ahead, Lee suddenly falls ill once again and passes out. He wakes up outside the city as the group gather around him, he tells them his time is up as the group begin to cry. Lee says his goodbyes with each of them and lastly Clementine who apoligizes for what happened and says it her fault, he tells her it was never her fault and the two embrace one last time as Lee tells her to be strong. Lee will then give Clementine his gun as he will tell her she needs to hold onto it to protect herself now as the rest of the group look sad. Lee will then request. Clementine to prevent him from coming back as she will reluctantly shoot him if he decides to do that as everyone cries.

Somewhere nearby in a field, Clive, Clementine, Ben, Christa, and Kenny all gather on a wooden log as seen in front they have buried Lee as they all express their grief over Lee's death. Clive informs the group that he is very sorry this has all happened but he tells them he has to leave as Boyd and Joyce are out there somewhere as they all say there goodbyes. Kenny tells them they will live on for the honors of everyone that has died and they will protect each other no matter what. The final shot of the season shows Kenny putting his arm around Ben as Christa hugs Clementine as Clive walks off.

In-Game Choices



  • Chuck
  • Brie (Zombified)
  • Carley (Determinate, If she was saved in Long Road Ahead)
  • Doug (Determinate, If he was saved in Long Road Ahead)
  • Omid
  • Issac Jackson
  • Ed (Zombfied)
  • Diana (Zombified)
  • Lee Everett


  • Last appearance of Charles AKA Chuck
  • Last appearance of Brie (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Doug (Determinate, If he was saved in Long Road Ahead)
  • Last appearance of Carley (Determinate, If she was saved in Long Road Ahead)
  • Last appearance of Omid
  • Last appearance of Ed and Diana. (Zombified)
  • Last appearance of Lee Everett
  • As of this episode Kenny, Ben, Christa, and Clementine are the only remaining group members.
  • These 4 have also been confirmed for Season 2
  • Clive never orginally appeared in this episode.
  • The Stranger was given a name and a much more personal backstory.
  • The Stranger is resposible for the most deaths this season.
  • Lee Everett is shot out of mercy no matter what this episode
  • Omid's death will show deeper affect on Christa in Season 2