The next is a pictorial list of the characters in AManInGreen's Neighbors of the Apocalypse, they are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, unsecured or has not been seen for a few episodes.

Aurora, Colorado

Cooper branford nota
Lance nota
Jean nota
Brady nota
Collin ainsworth nota
Noah nota

Efron Family

Jordan efron nota
Clyde efron nota v2

Taylor Family

Lily taylor nota v2
Jesse nota

Shelby's Family

Shelby keener nota v2
Jason keener nota v2

University of Colorado Hospital

Marcus hamilton nota
Dylan nota
Darren nota
Keith nota

Rangeview High School

Hector nota
Cole nota
Leslie anderson nota
Cindy nota

Military Personnel

Riley temmer nota v2
Lester sutton nota
Daniel nota
Lonnie nota
Angela nota
Oswald nota

Upcoming Characters

Nick wilson nota
Trace oxford nota
Dillon nota
Olivia holt nota
Camila nota
Lucas black nota
Liam morris nota
June morris nota
Cyrus kendal nota
Lew nota
Ollie nota
Sari nota
Andrea sánchez nota
Dahlia dwelton nota
Wilkes nota
Paige wilson nota
Mara oahn nota
Lauryn nota

Miscellaneous Characters

Stacey raines nota
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