Natasha is one of the protagonists featured in The Paradise of a Pessimist. she is a member of Mitchell's group and one of the key defenders, she is a capable fighter and amateur tracker. Being described as having "Red dyed hair in a messy bun".

Pre Outbreak

Not much is known about Natasha before the apocalypse. She went to the same school as the others from her group, she didn't live in the same area as them though. She knew nearly all of the group, but had a better friendship with Chloe than the rest.

During The Outbreak

When walkers first emerged, Natasha and her family heard that the schools were being turned into refugee camps, as well as the hospitals and the police stations etc. On their way there the roads became gridlocked so they were forced to abandon their car. Now on foot, they travelled between the cars, as they crossed an empty road a speeding car came at them fast and Natasha's brother was unfortunately knocked down. Her Father refused to leave him, so they carried him with them to the school, when they got there a doctor tended to him. Not long after he died which left them distraught.

Natasha and her remaining family stayed in the Gym of the School with most of the others that came to the school, she sat with Chloe and some others from her school, mainly keeping silent