The following is a complete pictorial list of original characters in Bryson0414’s My World. They are grouped by families or groups of survivors and roughly in order of first appearances.

  • A character with an "Unknown" status was alive when last seen, but was injured, lost, unsecured or has not been seen for a few or more episodes.


Kian's Family

Kian (MW)
Kian’s Mother (2)
Kian’s Father

Florida Woods

Devin (MW)
Lucas (My World)
Edward (My World)
Mason (My World)

Miami Survivor Camp

Ava (MW)-0
Joshua (MW)
Sara Correa (My World)
Hanna Johnson (My World)
Riley (My World)

Frankie’s Family

Ocean (MW)

Ortiz Family

Mateo (MW)
Stefan (My World)
Elaine (My World)

Samuel’s Family

Samuel (MW)
Molly (MW)-1

Clayton’s Family

Jaxon (MW)

Elise’s Family

Elise (MW)
Iris (MW)

The Living

Devyn (My World)
Lana Riley SWB
Nova (My World)
Fallon (My World)
Liv (My World)

Ayden's Family

Ayden (MW)
Orion (MW)

Vivian's Family

Vivian (My World)

Lincoln's Family

Noah (MW)

Rose Family

Jude Rose (My World)
Kara Rose (My World)

Alejandro's Group

Jake (MW)
Chase (MW)
Dakota (MW)
Andre (MW)

Gianna's Family

Gianna (MW)
Sean (MW)

Lily's Family

Jonah S3
Lily (My World)

Post-Attack Survivors

Laura (MW)-0
Carson (MW)

Gomes Family

Taylor (MW)
Austyn (MW)-0
Ryland (MW)
Katie (MW)
Julia Gomes

Isaiah's Ranch

Isaiah (MW)
Gracie (My World)
Ander (MW)-0
Hope (MW)
Joel (MW)
Regina (MW)
Akeno (MW)
Beth (MW)
August (My World)
Nash (MW)

Ryan's Family

Ryan (MW)
Kauri Brown (MW)

Simone's Family

Kayden (MW)
Simone (My World)

Ranch Newcomers

Alycia (MW)
Louis (MW)

Warren Family

Annie (MW)
James (MW)
Ricky (MW)

The Core

Caleb (MW)
Phoebe (MW)

Riverview Hospital

Raquel (MW)
Emilio (MW)
Alex (MW)
Alec (MW)
Marco (MW)
Owen (MW)
Lisa (MW)
Jen (MW)-2
Amanda (MW)

Clark Family

Theo (MW)
Seth (MW)
Aliyah (MW)

Bennett Family

Taryn (MW)
Tommie (MW)

Quinton's Family

Heidi (MW)

Gina's Group

Gina (MW)
Karla (MW)
Hailee (MW)
Deakan (MW)
Jordan (MW)
Casey (MW)

Cole's Family

Cole (MW)
Pearce (MW)

Miller Family

Johnny (MW)
Kaia (MW)


Bailey (MW)
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