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Developer JustJeff00
Seasons 1
Episodes TBA
Original Run 2021

Misery Falls is a series written by JustJeff00. The series follows Andi Michalchuk as she returns to her hometown of Misery Falls. However, upon her return, Andi discovers that things in this town aren't how she remembers -- things are a lot more sinister.


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Season One

  1. TBA

Cast and Characters

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  • Tyler Blackburn as Thomas
  • Mercedes Morris as Triple A
  • Owen Teague as Brick
  • Diana Silvers as Judith
  • Sasha Lane as Aziana
  • Maya Hawke as to-be-determined
  • Parker Posey as to-be-determined

Major Characters

Andi Michalchuk (MF)
Leah Trang (MF)
Denise Michalchuk (MF)
Joss Farland (MF)
Tati Ewell (MF)
Vera Ho (MF)

Opening Sequence


  • TBA
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