"Damn it, you idiot! You might have just sentenced us all to zombie deaths...but I still love you!"

-Marley upon reuniting with Glenn in "Tell it to the Frogs"



Appearance and Personality

Marley is a short (5'4), slender, Native American female with long dark brown hair and chocoate eyes. 

Marley is intelligent, stubborn and brave. She was extremely protective of her younger brother until he passed. During Season 1, she was shy and usually protecting others during an encounter with the walkers. Her need for Glenn was mainly the cause of her not fighting with the walkers. During Season 2, Marley became more independant due to her break-up with Glenn and attacked instead of protected. In season 3, Marley is ableto handle herself on her own, because of her brother's death at the farm and because Glenn is back at her side.

After moving to Atlanta after graduating high school, she met Glenn, who delivered her first box of Gerogian pizza. The became romantically involved about three weeks before the apocalypse began.