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Developer Friedrich Fritz
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki (Formerly)
Afictionado Atheneum Wiki
Showrunner Friedrich Fritz
Seasons 1
Episodes 12 (12 aired)
Original Run September 10, 2019 to April 29, 2020

Mala Muerte is a post-apocalyptic soap opera by Friedrich Fritz.

The series set in Montevideo, Uruguay. Starring Inés Estévez, Chino Darín, Ricardo Darín, Érica Rivas and Guillermo Francella, the series follows the Fernández, a high-class family who lives in Carrasco, whose secrets are revealed when a virus that turns people into undead attacks the city. The main cast also includes Ángela Torres, Lorenzo Ferro, Justina Bustos, Luisana Lopilato, Natalie Pérez, Natalia Oreiro and Moria Casán.

On July 7, second season was oficially cancelled.


Season 1

Laura lives happily married to her husband Roberto, despite the constant fights, with whom she had a son named Rodrigo. She loves her family, but when an infection breaks out in the city, various secrets will come to light and make Laura lose her stability. She must fight against herself and against others to avoid losing control.

Season 2



Cast and Characters


Main Characters

Laura Fernández (Mala Muerte)
Romina Fernández (Mala Muerte)

Cast Table

  • For a list of all credited character appearances, click HERE.
Actor Character Seasons
Inés Estévez Laura Fernández Main
Chino Darín Rodrigo Fernández Main
Ricardo Darín Roberto Fernández Main
Érica Rivas Valeria Fernández Main
Guillermo Francella Alejandro Guzmán Main
Natalia Oreiro Dr. Cristina Hernández Main
Justina Bustos Soledad Gutiérrez Main
Luisana Lopilato Florencia Fernández Main
Natalie Pérez Victoria Main
Lorenzo Ferro Gerónimo Rodríguez Main
Ángela Torres Romina Fernández Main
Moria Casán Candelaria Maximilián Main


  • This is the first story of the author.
  • The series set in the city of Montevideo, Uruguay. The scenes are mainly set in the Carrasco and Pocitos neighborhoods.
  • It is inspired by several telenovelas.
  • The title, "Mala Muerte" (lit. "Bad Death"), comes from the phrase "De mala muerte" and it means "dangerous".
  • All actors are argentinian or uruguayan.