Actor Sterling Sulieman
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Age Late teens
Occupation Student (Pre-Apocalypse)
Hunter and Supply Runner for Ericson's Boarding School (Post-Apocalypse)
Family Clementine - Girlfriend (Determinant)
First Appearance Done Running
Status Unknown
Series lifespan "Done Running" to Present
Ethnicity African-American
Louis, also referred to as Lou, is a main character in Telltale GamesThe Walking Dead:The Final Season]. He is a hunter for Ericson's Boarding Schooland the best friend of . He is also a possible love interest for Clementine.


Ericson's Boarding School

Nothing is known about Louis' life prior to or as the outbreak began. He was a student at the Ericson's Boarding School] and was best friends with Marlon


Season 4

Done Running

Louis is first shown playing the piano to calm Alvin Jr. down. He greets Clementine and tells her that Marlon left her bag in the room somewhere. After Clementine finds her bag, she asks him if he knows any other songs. He responds by saying "Well there is one, but you're armed." Then he plays "Oh My Darling, Clementine".

Marlon comes into the piano room and asks Clementine and Louis for help with the walkers. As they exit the boarding school, Louis introduces Clementine to Violet though Violet ignores her, leading Louis assure Clementine that Violet "grows on you." He then introduces Clementine to his weapon of choice, a chair leg, reinforced with a few nails, that he's nicknamed "Chairles.” He helps kill the walkers that have made their way to the school, and compliments Clementine’s capabilities. He also introduces her to the traps set to kill the walkers.

After the hunting party comes back, Louis walks with Clementine and Violet back to the boarding school. He teases Violet that she gave a poor performance and then goes on give Clem a "solid A".

If Clementine chooses to go hunting with Louis and Aasim, Louis tells them how he views hunting "as a day to day task" rather than obsess over it like Aasim does. Louis later sees a walker hanging in one of there traps and decides to play piniata with him while Aasim goes hunting. Clementine can choose if she wants to help Louis with his "walker piniata" or Aasim with his duty. If she chooses the former, Louis takes a liking to her.

Later, he agrees to go with Clementine and Violet to the abandoned train station to obtain food. Either gladly or bitterly (Determinant) he distracts the walkers surrounding the station by making loud noises. When the girls rush out with supplies, he helps fight off the walkers so they can escape. Back at the school, he praises Clementine's efforts to secure the group all the food.

That night he is present when confronting Marlon about him sacrificing Tenn's sisters to a group of raiders. He either defends Clementine or sides with Violet against Marlon. (Determinant) Like the others, he reacts in horror when Alvin Jr. shoots Marlon dead.

Suffer The Children

Like many at the school, Louis is devastated by Marlon's loss. At the funeral the next morning, he tries to settle disputes between Mitch and Clementine to no avail. Later, he join Violet to reveal to Clementine and Alvin Jr. that the group voted 5-3 in favor of exiling the pair from the school. Despite Clementine's pleas, Louis insists they must go, escorting them with Violet beyond the safe zone. He also demands Alvin Jr. give him the revolver he shot Marlon with, Clementine either allowing Louis to take it or stepping in to ensure Alvin Jr. has it for protection. (Determinant)

Dropping them off at the perimeter, Louis and Violet leave Clementine and Alvin Jr. only to sneak back when Abeland Lillyambush the pair. Louis sits by as Violet aims, with Abel shooting him in the shoulder if Clementine orders her to fire. (Determinant). He and Violet run back to the school, leaving Clementine and Alvin Jr. to face Abel and Lilly alone.

The next day, Louis approaches the gate when Clementine, carrying a wounded Alvin Jr., arrives. Seeing her collapse, he rushes out to help her. He picks up Alvin Jr., grunting from the strain it imposes on his injured shoulder, (Determinant) and carries the boy inside. He then treats his Alvin Jr.'s injuries with Ruby then leaves him to rest. He later confesses to Clementine he had wanted them to stay but couldn't convince the group to let them, hoping they will allow them to stay while Alvin Jr. heals.

Two weeks later, Louis squabbles with Violet about fortifying the school. frustrated, he tries target practice with Marlon's bow and arrow. When Clementine comes over, he confesses his guilt over Marlon's death, still unsure how he feels about his best friend killing Brody and selling Tenn's sisters. He then lets Clementine practise shooting, complimenting or teasing her skills. (Determinant) Later, to brighten the mood, he starts a Truth or Dare card game with Violet, Tenn, Clementine, and Aasim. Afterwards, he decides to play his piano.

Go with Louis: Should Clementine join him, he has her help him tune the piano only to reveal he doesn't actually know if it works, just doing it to tease Clementine. He then starts playing a new song he came up with. Marking the occasion, he carves his initial in the piano, which Clementine copies. Clementine draws a heart around it, pleasing Louis. (Determinant) Louis then confesses he has taken a fancy to Clementine. She either confirms she feels the same way, kissing him, or insists they are good friends. (Determinant)

Go with Violet: Louis plays his piano alone.

That night, Lilly and Abel return with more members from their group, the [(Video Game)|Delta]. Louis asks Clementine for some final words of encouragement for the group only for the Delta to launch their attack. He hides, letting Clementine confront Lilly and the group. Eventually, the assault erupts into a skirmish, with Louis using his Chairles weapon to fight off the attackers. If Clementine did not join him with his piano earlier, he tackles Lilly to the ground as she tries to shoot Clementine only for her to overpower him. (Determinant) Either way, one of the Delta subdues him and tries to put him in their carriage to take back to their main group.

Save Louis (Alive): Louis' attacker falls to the ground, enabling Louis to escape. He confesses terror at losing so many from the group though Clementine points out they caught Abel so they can interrogate him to find out where the Delta live.

Save Violet (Unknown): Louis is thrown into the carriage and is carted away to the Delta's camp.

"Broken Toys"

Louis will appear in this episode

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Louis has killed:

  • Numerous counts of [1] and animals.




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