Logan Altersbergh
Actor Alex Lioce
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 34
Occupation Wilderness Camper and Hunter
Family Scott Altersbergh - Father (Active) Lilly Altersbergh - Mother (Active)
First Appearance "Chupacabra"
Status Active
Series lifespan "Chupacabra" - Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-Canadian

This character was created by Alex Lioce.

"'Damn straight that I am Canadian" - Logan,

Logan Altersbergh is a main Protogonist in The Walking Dead. He is an active Survivor during the Outbreak and is the first offical Canadian character in the Walking Dead series.



Logan Altersbergh is a Caucasian male in his early 30's (Born in the 1980's). He has a darkened scar on his lower corner of his mouth. He wears a Black hoodie, blue typical-pants and military boots. Most times, he tends to hide in the shadows to strike a Walker nearby


Logan is a fearless, brave and intellegent man, but kindless and caring towards others. Mostly has a friendly attitude towards friends and teammates, however he can act very threatening if anyone dares to harm his friends or teammates. He tends to defend his friends and mates and takes cares for his friends when trouble is around. Logan is mostly skilled as a Sniper, but more of a Scout due to his quick speed and speed-assassinations.

Weapons and Equipment

Logan wields of a moddified Barret .50cal, but with a attached laser scope and Silencer as his main primary weapon, used for primary combat and missions. The laser scope is only active around night, but the Silencer is used for every day when used. Logan's sidearms are two Silenced Glock 17s, used as a backup weapon for when anything falls out of place for his primary weapon and Logan's melee is mostly seen with a True Temper M1945 US Machete as his main melee, used primary around most days or mostly when attacking any enemy nearby.



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