Kayleigh Taylor
Kayleigh taylor nota v2
Season(s) 1
Actor Claudia Jessie
Gender Female
Hair Dark Brown
Age Mid to Late 30s
Occupation E.R. Nurse (Pre-Apocalypse)
Family Jesse Taylor - Former Husband (Deceased)
Lily Taylor - Daughter
Dylan - Ex-Lover (Deceased)
First Appearance "Pilot"
Status Alive
Series lifespan "Pilot" to present
Ethnicity Caucasian-English
"I don't like to... talk about him, but... I guess telling you won't really hurt. You're not the type to judge. The father... his name was Jesse. A few months after I moved from England to here... I met him at the train station nearby when I was still figuring my way around here. He was the sweetest guy I ever met, and... I never really believed in love at first sight, still don't know if I do or not, but... something about him just really attracted me towards him. We really hit it off, and it didn't take us too long for us to start dating. I was really open about my relationship with him to my parents back in England, and things started... moving too fast for us, but we never realized in. Few months after we started dating, I proposed. He said yes, and the month after that... boom, I was pregnant. I knew it was stupid, and so did he, but we really loved each other. (...) He died. Massive car crash when I was eight months pregnant with Lily... the stress of it all was what sent me into labor early. After that, I just... hid all the pictures I had of him, or us together, mostly hid them from Lily. I'm ashamed that I had a child with a man I hadn't even known for a year."
—Kayleigh to Dylan about her husband[src]

Kayleigh Taylor is a main character and a survivor of the outbreak in AManInGreen's Neighbors of the Apocalypse. She is described as "a hardworking, perfectionist mother."





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