SFH Jolene 2
Actor Cissy Jones
Gender Female
Hair Brown
Age Late to 30's
Family Danielle - Daughter
First Appearance Hungry For Help
Last Appearance Road To Savannah
Death Episode Road To Savannah
Cause of Death Shot in the head by Carley or devoured by a walker
Status Dead
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Road To Savannah
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
 Jolene is a character who appears in the Video Game The Walking Dead: Survive , and is one of the survivors of Macon, as well of the Save-Lots bandits


Save Lots

Jolene was probably an worker for the Save-Lots shop, and after the outbreak she used to stay in a camp along her fellow work mates and her daughter Danielle.


Hungry For Help

Jolene is seen after Lee and Danny/Justin goes to check the Save-Lots bandits hide base, she confronts them because of how "one of them"(most probably the stranger as he wasn't part of the bandits) took her daughter Danielle , later she leaves.

Road To Savannah

Jolene is threatening Lee alongside the other bandits, Lee can try to reassure with her, however the fight still engages, and either Carley shoots her or is devoured by a walker.


Killed By:

  • Carley (Determinant)
  • Walkers (Determinant)

​When the fight engages between bandits and survivors, Lee can take either Carley or Doug to help him, if he chooses Carley, just when Jolene is about to shoot Lee, Carley approaches her from behind and shoots her, if player took Doug, then a walker approaches her before she is able to pull the trigger.


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