Jack Daniel Bane
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 20-35
Occupation Officer (formerly)
Family Unknown
First Appearance Amid The Ruins
Last Appearance Amid The Ruins (possibly)
Death Issue Zombified (Amid The Ruins) Shot (No going back)
Death Episode Amid The Ruins


No Going Back
Death Zombified or Shot
Cause of Death Zombies


Unknown person
Status Alive
Series lifespan 35 years
 This character is going to possibly be part of The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode Four. It is comfirmed by Tell Tale Games.


It is said, that he will have a police uniform. He has brown eyes, brown, short hair. He also has a small scar on his cheek.



They are both mostly "Best friends". Further, Unknown.


Good friends

Later will be revealed.


It is said, that he would die in Episode 4-5.

It is unknown, if he will stay alive

due to not being officialy debuted