"It was the right thing to do, I couldn't just leave you there, especially with two of 'em right there." -Isaac Weston after being asked why he saved someone's life

Isaac Weston, a former marine, was bouncing from job to job before the outbreak, because of a promise he made to his mother never to go back.

Initial Contact

When the infection hit the Philidelphia area, Isaac was in the middle of a 9-5 shift at a warehouse. A Walker broke into the loading docks and bit his friend, he had to kill the both of them with a sledgehammer. Moments later, more Walkers attacked, all that he could think to do is stow away on a truck with an oblivious driver.

Later On

After a few days on the road, the semi crashed. Isaac was unharmed, but the driver wasn't so lucky. When Isaac got out of the flipped trailer, he found a the truck surrounded by bodies. At first, he tried to get the driver out, but left him behind when he tried to bite him. Also, when the bodies began to stand. Isaac ran, eventually finding a gas station. Thirsty and exhausted, he began to drink straight from a fountain drink machine, gulping down as much water as possible. After rounding up some supplies, he found himself being held at gun point. After a bit of pleading, and a well-timed Walker encounter, he was able to escape with several bottles of water, and the gun. The following day, he found a girl, collapsed on the side of the backed up highway. He carried her to a rest stop, and was able to wake her. The two currently travel together, trying to make it to any form of safe haven.