Esther Mansion is a two-story location located in a urban area near Welton. The mansion was a spot for several murders and suicides, making this place most people would stay away from.



The mansion was built at an unknown year in the 1800's for a lady known as Angelia Ester and served as a residential home for rich families. However a string of bad luck caused the value of the home to drop drastically. The last known resident of the home was Walter Caxton.


Shortly after the outbreak started, the owner of the mansion hung himself. A group later came by seeking a place to stay and found his reanimated body. However the group didn't stay and left, presumably due to the place getting overrun at one point.

A New Light

Clyde comes here with Vincent Winchester and his group while on a run. However at this point, most items in the home had already been taken. The only thing noticeable thing Clyde could find was of Walter's journal which goes into detail on the mansion's history.

Can't Go Back

After coming near death, Clyde is brought here by either Aaron or Jessie if Clyde was antagonistic towards the Church survivors. Clyde makes his recovery here and also plots on how to deal with the Skinner's.


Esther Mansion doesn't directly appear in the episode, however the home is mentioned by several members of Clyde's group. Based on the dialogue, it is revealed Clyde and his group stayed here for one night following Welton's destruction if they were enemies with the Church survivors. If they came, Terry Junior is also mentioned to be buried here by either Jessie or Aaron.


Sarita and her group briefly visit the mansion for supplies. Depending on the player's actions they spend a night at the residence. If Terry Junior was buried here his grave can be found in the backyard.


Divided Home

  • A New Light
  • Can't Go Back

Last Survivors

  • "Desolation"