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Ends All Means
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Developer Undead Jastus
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Showrunner Undead Jastus
Seasons Season 1
Season 2
Preceded By Lost Hands
Succeeded By The Walking Dead Telltale: Ends All Means
End All Means
Related Series Lost Hands

Ends All Means is a TV Series that is related to the series, Lost Hands. It takes place after Season 3 of Lost Hands and features three main characters, Christian Thompson, Madeline Glenn and Jason Michaels.

It takes place in the state of Viriginia and starring Unknow/Chase Eatmon, Alanna Masterson, Jason Michaels, Joel Bakes and Katelyn Nacon. The story is about a boy named Christian Thompson who tries to survive in the zombie apocaypse along with his girlfriend, Madeline and close friend, Jason Michaels.


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Character Stats

Main Cast

Actor Character Seasons
1, 2
Unknown/Cole Eatmon Christian Thompson Main
Alanna Masterson Madeline Glenn Main
Thomas Whitmer Jason Michaels Main
Madison Lintz Joselyn Main
Chandler Riggs Joel Bakes Main
Bridgit Mendler Nina Orlando Main
Lindsay Pulshipher Veronica Ambers Main
Keisha Castle-Hughes Abbie Warren Main
Vincent Martella Ashton Wells Main
Michelle Ang Robin Larson Main
Kevin Zegers Damaan Alberts Main

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  • This will be the only season that will introduce flashbacks.
    • The flashbacks will be more black and whitish which is a reference to the Walking Dead comics and possibly Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead.
      • However, Ends All Means makes the present timeline in color while the flashbacks are black and whitish but it's the opposite for Fear The Walking Dead.

11. John Murphy - No More Films (28 Days Later Soundtrack OST)


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