Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Unknown
Age Late 20's
Occupation Save-Lots employee
Family Unknown
First Appearance Road To Savannah
Last Appearance Road To Savannah
Death Episode Road To Savannah (Determinant)
Cause of Death Shot by Lee or Carley (Determinant)
Status Determinant
Series lifespan Road To Savannah
Ethnicity African-American
"Christ !"
—Drew after the leader's demise[src]

Drew is a survivor of the outbreak in The Walking Dead: Survive. He was a member of the Save-Lots bandits.



It is possibly Drew worked as a member of the Save-Lots shop, when the outbreak began, he became a member of the new formed bandits.


Road To Savannah Drew has taken the survivors from the Motor Inn captives, along his fellow bandits, once the bandit leader is finished by Lilly, Lee can asks for assistance of either Doug or Carley, and then finish Drew (Determined).

Death (Determinant)

Killed By:

​After the bandits leader demise, Lee must help release the other survivors, he can ask for Carley or Doug's assistance, if Lee chooses Doug, Carley will take the deceased leader's gun and shoot Linda and Drew, if Lee chooses Carley, Doug will shoot Linda twice, wasting the second bullet, then Lee can shoot him or Gary.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims Drew has killed:

  • Possibly numerous counts of walkers and unnamed people


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