Actor Cissy Jones
Gender Female
Hair Blond
Age Late 40's to early 50's
Occupation Unknown
Family Leland - Husband
First Appearance Around The Corner
Last Appearance Around The Corner
Death Episode Around The Corner
Cause of Death Shot in the head or the chest by Cam
Status Dead
Series lifespan Around The Corner
Ethnicity Caucasian-American

Dee is an original character who appears in Polimis' The Walking Dead: Survive. She is the wife of Leland and a resident of Crawford, however, she was unable to live peacefully with the place's rules and was set to be executed.


Macon, Georgia

Dee was born in Macon and married to Leland, shortly after the outbreak she took shelter on an abandoned Homemart but was raid by bandits, Leland, her husband, began making a deal of medicines in exchange of not being hurt, however after Lee found the bag from the bandits and took it they tought Leland was backing out the deal and Dee and Leland were forced to leave, the bandits tought they took shelter now on the Motor Inn and attacked it.

Georgia Railroad

Leland and Dee were able to escape and somehow Dee directed to Savannah, and reached Crawford, after getting in it is presumed she found out about the group's lifestyle and was then set to be executed.


Around The Corner

Once Lee, Kenny, Samuel and Bonnie enter the "Crawford" room they find out it is an execution room and find six people about to be executed, among them Dee is found, Leland also enters the room and all hide before being noticed, both Samuel and Leland will attemp to run to attack Cam and prevent their loved one to be killed, but both Bonnie and Kenny (who are restraining each one) aren't able to keep them so Lee must restrain one and three different scenarios will ocurr

Samuel is restrained (Dead) : If Samuel is restrained, Leland will free and attemp to attack Cam, however both engage in a small fight and CXam gets the upper hand and knocks him and then procceds to shoot all the cattles except Brie, Dee included.

Leland is restrained (Dead) : If Leland is restrained Samuel will attemp to take down Cam, but will get shot, provoking Samantha to choke him to death causing him to accidentaly fire his gun at Mark in the chest and Dee in the head.


Killed By:

  • Cam (Accidental,Determinant) (Determinant)

If Samuel tried to overpower Cam, he'll get shot and Samantha will choke Cam to death, then he fires his gun randomly, one of the bullets hitting Dee, otherwise, if Dee tried to stop him, he'll get the upper hand and shoot all of the cattles except Brie.


The Walking Dead: Survive

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