David Welsh
7 4 3 1249743 Pettyfer (1)
Season(s) 2
Actor Alex Pettyler
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 23
First Appearance "Here's Not Here"
Last Appearance "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
Status Dead
Series lifespan "Here's Not Here" to "Between a Rock and a Hard Place"
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
David Welsh is a survivor of the outbreak in The Cleansing. He first appeared in "Here's Not Here"


David is at times threatening towards other but is also caring towards his friends.

Killed Victims

  • Jacinta Follower #11
  • Nathan (Devil's Servant)
  • Xanda (Devil's Servant)
  • Numerous counts of walkers


Season 1


Season 2


Season 3



  • David joined the army when he was 18. 5 years later, he took time off from the army weeks prior to the start of the outbreak.
  • David gets his extreme hatred towards his enemies from the time he spent in the army.