David Parker
Actor Kevin Burns
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Mid to late 30's
Occupation School Music Band Teacher
Family Unknown
First Appearance Hungry For Help
Last Appearance Hungry For Help
Death Episode Hungry For Help
Cause of Death died due to blood loss and then put down as a walker
Status Dead
Series lifespan Hungry For Help to Hungry For Help
Ethnicity Caucasian-American
 David Parker is a character who appears in The Walking Dead: Survive , and is the school music band teacher as well a teacher of Travis and Ben Paul


Stone Mountain High

Hardly anything is known about David's life before the outbreak began. All that is known is that he was a high school band director at Stone Mountain High School. It is also revealed that he taught both Ben and Travis.


Hungry For Help

David is in the forest along Ben and Travis,caught in the bear trap,later when Lee,Irene,Kenny and Mark arrive they offer to help but Travis don't trust them.

If player tried to release David, then Travis will be left behind as he accidentaly throws up and is seen cornered by walkers.Later in the mottor In when Katjaa says that David died due to blood loss, a reanimated David will try to kill Katjaa and later Lee, however he is axed by Larry or Mark/shot by Carley

However if player didn't tried or tried but failed in release Mr. Parker will be left behind as gets almost devoured until the St. John Brothers rescued him

If David wasn't saved, later in the dinner sequence Lee will discover a legless David asking for help and dies, later when Lee informs the others that David is the food, the legless David falls of the stairs and ask the others Don', later when confronting Brenda,when she is enough upstairs a now reanimated David approach her,it's assumed that the now undead David was put down.

Death (Couldn't Cut David Free)

Killed By:

  • Lee Everett (Indirectly Caused,Alive)
  • Andrew St. John (Caused and Direct,Alive)
  • Daniel St John (Indirectly Caused,Alive)
  • Brenda St. John (Indirectly Caused,Alive)
  • Katjaa (Zombified)

Death (Cut David Free)

Killed By:

  • Zombies (Determinant,Indirectly Caused,Alive)
  • Larry (Zombified,Determinant,If Carley losses her gun)
  • Mark (Zombified,Determinant,If Carley losses her gun)
  • Carley (Zombified,Determinant,If Carley keeps her gun)
  • Andrew St. John (Indirectly Caused,Alive)
  • Daniel St. John (Indirectly Caused,Alive)
  • Brenda St. John (Indirectly Caused,Alive)


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