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The list below provides the sequential order of the episodes of Dark Days. Ratings are an average calculated from user submitted ratings.


Season Episodes Originally Aired Rating
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 13 March 7, 2018 April 2, 2020 89%
2 16 July 1, 2020 2021 97%

Season 1

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "One Short Day" KeepOnKeepingOn Mar 7, 2018
The lives of students and staff within the University of Alabama are shown in the series premiere.
2 "The Roundabout" KeepOnKeepingOn Apr 28, 2018
Following a recent loss, a group of friends band together to solve a mystery; Principal Parker enlists his right-hand-man to do some undercover work.
3 "A Bridge Too Far" KeepOnKeepingOn Jun 30, 2018
A near-death experience leaves one survivor incapacitated, while a midday construction job leads to a discovery.
4 "Stay Centered" KeepOnKeepingOn Sep 24, 2018
The survivors reflect on recent events, some better than others.
5 "Deep Beneath" KeepOnKeepingOn Oct 13, 2018
Time moves forward at the university, as past actions have very dire consequences.
6 "The Words That Turn Us" KeepOnKeepingOn Oct 20, 2018
Tensions rise at the university, as a handful of survivors are faced with making difficult decisions that will change their lives forever.
7 "Nightfall" KeepOnKeepingOn Nov 30, 2018
Everything comes to a head at the university.
8 "Daybreak" KeepOnKeepingOn Mar 26, 2019
9 "The Demons" KeepOnKeepingOn Sep 3, 2019
Dahlia reminisces and considers her options.
10 "Hard Times" KeepOnKeepingOn Sep 3, 2019
The students recognize their new situation. Kylie is forced into a compromising position. Warren must make a big decision.
11 "Beyond Good And Evil" KeepOnKeepingOn Nov 6, 2019
The remaining group of students try to make progress. Elsewhere, other survivors break free.
12 "Rubicon" KeepOnKeepingOn Mar 29, 2020
Conflict intensifies. Rocky is forced between a rock and a hard place. Another survivor comes to help. An unexpected ally is identified.
13 "Manifest Destiny" KeepOnKeepingOn Apr 2, 2020
Warren and Dahlia talk.

Season 2

# Title Writer(s) Airdate
1 "Pilgrimage" KeepOnKeepingOn Jul 1, 2020
After being forced out onto the road, tensions run high as the remaining group is forced to learn a few key rules about survival.
2 "Home" KeepOnKeepingOn Aug 21, 2020
A hope spot hits the group. Warren's place in the world is tested. Gina uncovers a surprise.
3 "All Fall Down" KeepOnKeepingOn Aug 21, 2020
Oliver takes charge in a desperate attempt to clear the long road ahead.
4 "Family Matters" KeepOnKeepingOn Aug 24, 2020
The safety of the survivors is questioned. Amidst paranoia, Warren states his case. Virgil's relationship with Oliver is tested heavily. Monica and Parker talk.
5 "Rock Bottom" KeepOnKeepingOn Aug 24, 2020
Against impossible odds, a survivor makes a desperate attempt to obtain freedom.
6 "Folkways" KeepOnKeepingOn Aug 27, 2020
As life continues and settles, Kylie tries to prove herself. Pierce does research, and Warren steps into a new role.
7 "Mores" KeepOnKeepingOn Aug 28, 2020
Warren and others must play by Pierce's rules. Virgil makes a plan, while Chad and Erika make a stunning discovery.
8 "Trial by Fire" KeepOnKeepingOn Sept 12, 2020
Ghosts of the pasts come back to haunt several people as events set in motion long ago abruptly reach a conclusion.
9 "Wake Before I Die" KeepOnKeepingOn June 2021
In the aftermath, Oliver copes while Warren struggles. Gina comes to a realization. Pierce makes bold decisions.
10 "Puzzle Pieces" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
Warren follows through with his own plan. Pierce begins to learn that actions have consequences. When a survivor makes a risky move, Oliver and Monica take action.
11 "The Inside World" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
Rocky and others deal with a crisis.
12 "Misirlou" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
A standoff occurs, where Oliver, Monica, and others encounter a serious interruption.
13 "Conquest" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
A sort of vengeance.
14 "Promises" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
A vow is properly followed through on.
15 "Reflections" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
Pierce takes a very long walk. Warren follows.
16 "Necessary Evils" KeepOnKeepingOn Late 2021
All plans are enacted.
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