Developer Polimis
Distributor The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki
Showrunner Polimis
Based On Image Comics' The Walking Dead
AMC's The Walking Dead
Seasons 2
Episodes 19 (19 Aired; As of May 26, 2019)
Original Run March 2, 2015 to Present
Preceded By N/A

Breathing Again is a TV Show originally created as a collab between user Polimis and AquaSoloSky, until AquaSoloSky abandoned the proyect and Polimis fully adopted the series.

The series revolves around Fer Morales and his friends, Danna Quintero, Magdiel Ramirez, Brian Aldama, Esmeralda and Karla, who are trying to survive the zombie outbreak taking place in their school.


Season 1

Episode Written By Release Date
Not Dead Yet Polimis March 2, 2015
Safety Behind Walls Polimis April 2, 2015
On The Breach Polimis May 2, 2015
Strangers Polimis June 2, 2015
Made to Suffer Polimis July 2, 2015
Ikanaide Polimis August 2, 2015

Season 2

Episode Written By Release Date
Esperanza Polimis July 29, 2018
Negación Polimis August 19, 2018
Depresión Polimis September 3, 2018
Desconfianza Polimis September 17, 2018
Miedo Polimis September 30, 2018
Traición Polimis October 9, 2018
Perdón Polimis October 26, 2018
Escatología Polimis April 7, 2019
Fénix Ascendiente Polimis April 14, 2019
Segundo Aire Polimis April 21, 2019
Rho Polimis April 30, 2019
Osiris Polimis May 6, 2019
Azul Polimis May 26, 2019

Season 3

Episode Written By Release Date
TBA Polimis TBA
10 A.M Polimis TBA
TBA Polimis TBA
TBA Polimis TBA
TBA Polimis TBA
TBA Polimis TBA
TBA Polimis TBA
TBA Polimis TBA


Actor Character Seasons
1 2
Chandler Riggs Fer Morales Main
Brighton Sharbino Danna Quintero Main
Amanda Arcuri Magdiel Ramirez Main
Brendan Meyer Brian Aldama Main
Katelyn Nacon Karla Main
Corey Hawkins Valentin Main
Emily Kinney Beth Main Guest

Actor Character Seasons
1 2
Mimi Kirkland Esmeralda Recurring Guest
Alycia Debnam-Carey Alicia Cruz N/A Recurring
Kelley Mack Jimena N/A Recurring
Anais Lilit Sandra N/A Recurring
Sofia Carson Andrea Solis N/A Recurring
Chloe Grace Moretz Majo N/A Recurring
Logan Miller Christian N/A Minor
Jennifer Lawrence Cecilia Cabrera N/A Minor




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