• Polimis

    Greetings! Have you ever had trobule creating a character page? Well, do not worry! In this little tutorial I will show you how to edit character boxes!

    First thing you have to do is paste this coding into your page

    Will show this:

    And that concludes our tutorial on how to edit character boxes! You can now try and practice in a sandbox, or ,if you feel ready, start making character pages!

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  • TacoLovesZombies

    Name Change

    December 22, 2019 by TacoLovesZombies

    Just a heads up to the users of the wiki that I will be switching over to a new account for the new decade, AManInGreen, and leaving this account behind (already changed name once so I can't change it again). If you see this user editing my pages, just know that it is in fact me, and not a rando.

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  • Strikeovercrazy2

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  • TacoLovesZombies

    Welcome to the first season of Hurt and Heal, based around the story Transmutation: New Blood. For the first season, the contestants will all be from the first four volumes. For newcomers, this is a game called "Hurt and Heal", where the object is to try to eliminate different characters, and healing your favorites. The last one standing wins. You can only vote every 5 hours. The max points a character can have is 20 and they start at 10, and the rules will change a bit once there are only a few characters left. Anyway, have fun!

    Please note that I will be forced to move this thread to another one if the game reaches 500 replies, due to a limit Wikia has placed on forum posts. Also please note to not leave any spoilers in the replies, as not …

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  • TacoLovesZombies

    Hey, everyone, starting today I will be accepting character auditions for my series Transmutation: New Blood. Feel free to audition, but make sure to follow the rules below.

    Also, keep in consideration how long the story is (currently at 14 volumes and 119 chapters), so if you audition a character or two, expect them to appear past Volume 14. I would advise to read the whole story if you haven't already, but that's up to you. Also, I cannot promise the character(s) you audition will be main characters. Also, if your character(s) are accepted, then you will have shared ownership of their wiki page(s).

    1. No more than three characters.

    2. No overpowered characters.

    3. Only human characters.

    4. Crossover characters are welcome, as long as they are …

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  • Meowmeowmeow5656

    Hello... I am Meowmeowmeow5656, you can call me just Meow or Max. I am the creator of Dying World and Stay Alive. I just finished Dying World Season 5 and Stay Alive Season 5 and I am thinking of ending Dying World and make a continuation which is Dying World: Marco Hawks' Journey. There will be a story about this character Marco Hawks in the continuation of Dying World and this is the Q&A and you can ask anything about Dying World: Marco Hawks' Journey. 

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  • GigglingJuggernaut460

    Alec, who was the first of the two recruited members of the Lutt Sanctuary, was found by Marshall Jr and Alyssa abandoned by his old group in a sewer system. He learned the hard way of not trusting others as his old gullibility cost him his right hand when he was led into a trap set up by an enemy who once faced Garrett and his friends. He prefers his machete over any other weapons and tends to stay hidden whenever any conflicts arises.

    Glenn, who was the second of the two recruited members of the Lutt Sanctuary, was rescued by Garrett and three others after getting ambushed by some bandits. He tends to weird people out due to himself being a convicted murderer pre-apocalypse. He has feelings for Ellie due to her similar traits to his, but …

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  • GigglingJuggernaut460

    All credit goes to Undead Fan Stories Wiki for having these templates set up.

    • The 'Offensive Content' is for individual issues with mature and/or graphic content.
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  • Fredball14

    Need help with Deadland!

    September 4, 2018 by Fredball14

    Hey guys! I need another writer to help me with Deadland! I am working on season 2, which will have 9 episodes, but I need help trying to find out where to go with the series. I plan on doing at least 10 or 12 seasons.. maybe 13 seasons but I need help with writing the series to keep it entertaining! Please let me know if you are interested and I will message you back! Thanks!

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  • Fredball14

    Check out Deadland!

    August 26, 2018 by Fredball14

    Hey everyone! I'm new at this wiki. Could you please check out Deadland? I'm not gonna lie the first four or five episodes are horribly written but I will fix it. Tell me what you think! I hope you like it. Again, sorry if it's terrible!

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  • FinStambler

    Hello there everyone. Seeing as I'm new to this community, I thought that introducing myself would be the polite thing to do.

    My account name is FinStambler, and my stage name as a writer is Finlay Borthwick. I've been writing stories for as long as I can remember, as writing is my favourite hobby. I enjoy exploring adventures, locations and developing characters to create my own fictional universes. Aside from writing, I play the bass guitar... That's about it really, I'm quite boring beyond that xD.

    In regards to my story on here, I have been working on an apocalyptic story called "Nature". Up until now, it's just been a quiet project I've kept to myself. But here, here is the perfect place to share my work. If you like it, then I hope you…

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  • Shay elder

    Hey there everyone, it's Shay here and today I'm here with an Character Audition for my crossover Novel series, Life is Death. The process is easy however I must warn you that I can only accept two characters at the moment so I can't have an overwhelming amount of characters. Anyway below is how this will you will create your character/s,

    • Name:
    • Gender:
    • Hair:
    • Age:
    • Occupation:
    • Family:
    • First Appearance:
    • Ethnicity:
    • Role: (You can have your character either be a Protagonist or Antagonist role)

    (Note: A character with a Protagonist role will side with the main characters even if they are one-time characters, the Antagonist role is basically the same but the other way around.)

    I'll show you an example of creating character.

    • Name: Jack O'Connor
    • Gender: Male
    • H…
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  • JustJeff00

    Hello, everyone, J here again with another audition.

    Now I know I have some people with characters that still have yet to make an appearance. If that is the case, you may submit them again below.

    This will be for Survivors We Become Season 5 and Survivors We Become: Dead Men Walking Season 1.

    • If you already submitted a character for a past audition but they still have not appeared, you may re-submit them.
    • Do not expect your character to be a main cast member. Season 5 already has 15 main cast members (and there's going to be some new additions). They may be listed under Series Regular, however that final choice is mine to make.
    • The residence options available will be: The Ridgeway Airport, The Lincoln Settlement, The Rebels or Wanderer. I will …

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  • AquaSoloSky

    Hey there! This is a little idea I had for my new story World Left Behind!

    Basically, this is where you can talk about the most recent episode, in this case, the pilot episode of World Left Behind!

    Leave your reactions and reviews in the comments, along with some questions about the story! They could be about the actors, inspirations, unused ideas or even random trivial questions for the characters eg. ​"What is Madison's favourite colour?"

    ​I'll see how this goes and if it's recieved well the I'll do one for every episode! Hope you enjoy World Left Behind!

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  • JustJeff00

    Hello, everyone!

    I'm so happy to see a lot of you are enjoying Survivors We Become! It's one of my favorite stories I've written so far.

    Now, the audition process is simple as always, but we have a few rules.

    1. There can be no more than 6 character submissions per person.
    2. I need some part of their name. First, last or first and last. I will accept an alias, but I will also need their real name, as I will use their real name at some point.
    3. Whatever storyline you have with the character, I cannot promise will end up in the final product.

    Warning: The following will contain spoilers.

    • The Trading Post - An arena where a small group led by Spencer is staying after Peter Baren and the pack tears the group apart again. It is led by Gale and, much like El …

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    Hi, y'all. Jake here, better known as Keep, KeepOn, KOKO, or asshole, depending on who you are. :P

    With the recent completion of the 4th season of my primary fanon series, I've realized that the rest of the series is... very open. Season 5 is fully planned out, but Season 6 onwards... I got no clue. This isn't me asking for input or collaboration (not yet, anyways). Actually, there are two things I want to do.

    #1: Feedback/Critiques

    Nobody HAS to read the story, but it'd be cool if you did. No point in writing something publicly if nobody reads it. Thankfully I know some people like it. If you don't read the story, that's fine. If you do, awesome.

    I just want some feedback, to see if the story is pretty good, pretty meh, or pretty fucking garba…

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  • JustJeff00


    November 8, 2017 by JustJeff00

    Hello, Everyone!

    This is just a little post because I wanted to know:

    Who are your favorite characters in Survivors We Become?

    And what would you like to see more of?

    I'm interested in your thoughts on the series itself as well, as feedback would help me improve on things here and there.


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  • Shay elder

    Hello there everyone, This is Shay here and today I decided to have a Character Audtition for my series The Dead Among Us and here is how it goes if you want to create a character. But to let you all know is that you can only do up to three characters in total.

    Also before we start with the characters, here are the roles for the characters

    • Main = Become apart of the main cast from their first appearance.
    • Supporting = Are a Supporting Character in the series and do not have a main role in the series
    • Minor = A small survivor with who ever they are with (eg, Woodbury, Hunters, Alexandria, etc) 
    • Character = A character who becomes a Main over time as the series progresses farther.

    Here is an examble of creating a character.

    NAME: Gregory Jones 


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  • Shay elder

    Hey there everyone, this is Shay Elder here with a blog about my new series The Dead Among Us. If you may have known, the first season has ended and I am having trouble on what to decided for season 2.

    These are the two options I have and to let you know, one will be for the first part of Season 2 while the other will be for the second. What do you think should be first.

    Greene Family Farm - After Carl gets shot by a hunter named Otis, he brings them to Greene Family Farm for him to be treated however the owner Hershel is keeping somthing from the group.


    St. John Dairy - While low on food, the group come across two men named Andrew and Danny St. John and they are invited to their dairy however not much as it seems with these Dairy farmers an…

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  • JustJeff00

    Because I always do character auditions, here's another one!

    For this one, it will be for Survivors We Become and the rules will be:

    1. They can be characters that exist in other stories on this wiki.
    2. No more than six characters per auditions.
    3. I need a first and/or last name for it to be a proper character. An alias will be accepted, but I need at least an actual name.
    4. The characters will not show up until Season 2.

    The first half of second season follows the Crestview survivors after they are taken to a supposed safe haven. It is a camp set up by Jeff McLemore (Dayton Callie) and he is a sketchy man to the group. His camp, called "The Reserve" by it's residents, has many civilians living inside the walls. They have a clearing where they host "Bite…

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  • JustJeff00

    Hello, everyone! As you can see, I'm holding another Character Audition. I always get fresh ideas when I get character submissions. This one is different however. I'm allowing you to choose which show your character goes in.


    1. I'm not accepting characters from other fandoms.
    2. Do not make them Dead or Mentioned.
    3. I'll be doing most of the casting, but if you have ideas, please submit the actor. (If the casting is a problem, I'm changing it myself.)
    4. Please only submit five characters per show.
    5. Do not expect your character to be a series regular as soon as it enters the show.


    • Name - Camilla Layne
    • Series - Willing to Survive
    • Actor - Elizabeth Ludlow
    • Casting - Supporting
    • Storyline - Camilla is working as a guard at a new community. She is the r…
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  • AquaSoloSky

    Recent Update (READ)

    December 6, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    Incase you haven't noticed, I have recently deleted every episode of a fanon that I've written.

    This is because I have lost all interest in writing. Don't worry, I'll still be active and I'll still edit my characters. However, I'd love it if you could all accept my choice ;) Sorry if I'm doing a collab, that's gone as well. But you all have you main series to write anyways? xD

    If you do attempt to bring the pages back then I'll probably delete them (Sorry.) :)

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  • JustJeff00

    Fanon Character Page

    October 24, 2016 by JustJeff00

    Hey, everyone.

    While looking through the TV Series Characters (With Fanon) page, I noticed how many characters are untouched, unused or just abandoned by old users. There's so many that are completely unused and just there, such as Bill, Kate, Greg, Mia, Billy Greene, Alec, Ike, Matthew, Dodge, Jim, Lilly, Fred, George, Adam, Peter, Dan, Edward, Orin, Roger, Kaylee, Jeffrey, Kerry, Alex, Daniel, Jack, Ellie, Joel, Jess, and numerous others. All of those pages have yet to be created.

    And then there's the ones that TWDFan found that were around far before we were even here. Since those are other people's characters, I don't think it's right for us to just keep them there, especially since they are not even up to date and these people are proba…

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  • AquaSoloSky


    October 23, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    Just so you all know. I won't be online at all tomorrow, due to me attempting to avoid spoilers for the premiere. ;)

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    Minor break.

    August 9, 2016 by KeepOnKeepingOn

    Hey all, I hope you don't mind, but I'm taking a small break from the wiki. Mainly due to A New Day being completed.

    I plan on publishing 400 Days around December, and I'll probably be back soon to continue iSurvive the Zombie Apocalypse, but until then, I do have school starting up.

    It's fun working with you guys, and I like the people I've met here. I'll never leave for good, but I just need to focus on some of my other fan projects for now.

    If you ever care to read A New Day, there is a story link on the page.

    Happy travels!

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  • Imaginetastic

    I personally think it's either Abraham or Daryl. But I would kill if Daryl died. Like, I would kill someone if he died.

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  • JustJeff00

    Wiki Adoption

    July 18, 2016 by JustJeff00

    Hey, everyone, J here.

    I decided to talk to wikia about adopting the wiki. They said I'd need to inform you all first. This means we'll get some admins and leadership in here. We also will be able to take better care of the wiki. I'm still waiting to hear back from them at the moment, but we can hope for the best.


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  • JustJeff00

    So this is inspired by TWDFan630 as I liked the idea and I feel it'd be interesting to add new characters.

    Rules for submitting characters:

    1. Do not make the characters based off some other fandom characters.
    2. Characters cannot be dead or mentioned.
    3. I will be doing most of the casting for the characters, but if you have an idea for the actors, just say so.
    4. Please keep it limited to about 7 characters per person.

    Information needed for the characters are:

    1. Name:
    2. Family (If any):
    3. Cast Listing: Main/Recurring/Co-Star
    4. Storyline: What is their main story while on the show.
    5. Ethnicity:
    6. Age:
    7. Actor/Actress: (If you have one)
    8. Lifespan: How many episodes (opt.)


    • Name: Lukas Darkbloom
    • Family: Sasha Darkbloom (Sister)
    • Cast Listing: Recurring
    • Storyline: Lukas is looki…
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  • AquaSoloSky

    Season 2 Confirmed!

    March 1, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    So, Season 2 of my series is now official! Leave what you think is going to happen down below! :D I'm so excited to get into this!

    The tagline is: "You're never safe."

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  • AquaSoloSky


    February 14, 2016 by AquaSoloSky

    I'm having trouble with adding pictures to my characters! D: I was also wondering if anyone wanted to help me make the pages? There's a lot xD

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    Random Blog Post

    February 3, 2016 by KeepOnKeepingOn

    Just a random blog post for the purpose of getting a badge because I'm greedy, and the sight of one bronze badge below four gold badges is...not exactly pleasant. It's out of place and tampers with my OCD.

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  • KeepOnKeepingOn

    I mean, I have plenty of others in my head but I'm gonna run out of ideas very soon...when I do, I'd love to collaborate with someone on a new idea, if that's good with anybody.

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  • Kamarovsky


    August 29, 2015 by Kamarovsky


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  • Darkshot22

    Days Gone Bye: Rick is driving with Carol, his wife for the series (reference to comic pilot) when he swerves off the road. Carol is okay, but Rick is now in a coma. Rick eventually wakes up and exits the room in the hospital he was in, when someone hits him with a shovel, knocking him out/ Rick wakes up to see a human who later says her name is Alice. Alice tells Rick that she mistook him for one of "them". Rick asks Alice who "they" are, and she asks him if he didn't know about what had happened with the world. Alice tells Rick about the apocalypse. Suddenly, a group member named Donna tells Alice that several walkers had found their way into the hospital. Alice rushes down a hallway, and shoots 2 walkers in the head, but is almost overp…

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  • OrkMarine

    Afghan Project

    April 15, 2013 by OrkMarine

    Im just making a blog/sandbox for my project thingy with Noobz4life, Baconater, and Kermizk. The project is the story of 4 different military units (french foreign legion, US marines, Russian army and chinese army). This will just be where we post ideas and stuff before starting the pages and stuff.

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