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Anger Issues
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November 13, 2019
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"Anger Issues" is the second episode of the second season of The Undead Room. It is the ninth episode of the series overall. It premiered on November 13, 2019.


The group welcomes their newest member while Johnny tries to avoid his parents. Father John makes a big mistake.



Oshkosh was exploring San Francisco. She had managed to avoid a large herd somewhere else, but in the place she was at now, it was really quiet; almost not a single person dead or alive to be found. And that was when she heard the gunshots.

She investigated from where it came. When she arrived, she saw a madman shooting at a bar, seemingly shouting at someone. When he stopped shooting and continued to shout, Oshkosh decided to make her move. She quickly pulled out her gun, sneaked up on him, and shot the madman in the head.

After this, she decided to search the man's corpse. Once she was done, she spat on his corpse, and that was when the person, or rather people, showed up from behind the bar. When one of them asked who she was, Oshkosh simply smiled.

"Me? I'm Oshkosh Begosh."



Mark woke up. It was early in the morning. He and Mark had decided to stay at the bar, with Oshkosh having agreed to keep watch. He was geniunely surprised that Oshkosh was still awake, and seemingly not even tired, even more so than the fact that she didn't abandon the two, or kill them in their sleep. She was reading a book. He looked around, and the corpse of Tyler was gone as well. Oshkosh quickly noticed Mark.

"Good morning," she said. "How are you doing?"

Mark sat down and rubbed in his eyes. "Pretty good. So...I assume you took care of that body? And you stayed awake this whole time?" Oshkosh nodded to both. "He had his car keys on him, so I decided to just drive somewhere further and burned his body. And yeah, it's hard for me to fall asleep. Anyways, do you guys have a place where you stay at?"

Sill a bit sleepy, Mark nodded as well. "Erm...yeah. Somewhere further. We're there with a bunch of our friends. I think it's best we head there now. I'll wake up Johnny, and then we can head out."

Mark tried to wake up Johnny, but Johnny kept on sleeping. He tried a second time. When that didn't work either, he just kicked Johnny in the ribs, which made the man finally wake up, instantly reaching for his knife and looking around. "Aargh! Who did that?! I'll kill you, you bastard!"

"Hey," Mark greeted him. "It's morning. Let's return to the others."

Johnny shook his head. "I can't. My parents will probably be awaiting me there. I can't face them. Go on without me. I'll stay here. This will be my main base of operations. Any person who tries to invade will face me and...Doggie?!"

Johnny was confused when he saw Doggie walking around.

"Why is this creature everywhere? Why isn't it with bazooka man?"

Immediately, Johnny begun to try and set up a defense. Mark stopped him for a while. "You sure about this, Johnny? You don't even have a gun." Johnny looked around. "I...I'll steal this Ashybou person her gun!"

Oshkosh looked at her own gun, and laid her hand on it. "You can try." Before the conflict could escalate, Mark tried to calm both parties down. "Calm down, people. The truck of the drug dealer is outside. The guy mentioned that he had a lot of weapons in it."

Everyone looked at it. Eventually, Johnny shrugged. "Eh, whatever, I'll take it. Now go. Tell my parents that I was devoured by these creepy people. Now go! Shoo! Aboobylee! Waloo!"

Oshkosh and Mark looked at each other, greatly concerned, and decided to leave. Once they were gone, Johnny decided to plunder Tyler's truck.

At the church, Father John and Father Boris were thinking of a good plan to clear the other areas. "So, John. I've heard that this area is inhabited by a large herd. Since it'll be difficult for us to handle them alone, I wrote a message to Father Maxwell and his men."

"Maxwell?" John asked. "Father Maxwell?! But...isn't, isn't know..."

Boris was curious. "Say what you want to say."

"Well...isn't he black?!"

Boris was stunned and confused by what John had just said. "Okay. I know that I allowed you to say what you want to say, but are you actually a racist?! Wow. John, I don't think I can tolerate th-"

"Hey, fuck off! It's not my fault that he's black!" John snapped. He then grabbed a hatchet and destroyed some benches out of anger.

"John," Boris said, on a calmer tone. "I think it's best if you just leave now. Ever since you decided to come to this place, all you've done was drinking and farting and killing. You've gone insane. Now...leave, or you'll be in trouble.."

Furious, John looked at his hatchet, before burying it deep in a broken bench. He then looked at Boris and flipped him off. "You'll regret this, cunt!" John growled, before angrily walking to the doors, destroying them as well on his way out.

Somewhere else, Mark and Oshkosh were returning to the others.

"Were you out here all by yourself?" Mark asked. Oshkosh nodded. "Well, depends if you want to include my pet Biblo. In case you're wondering, he's still alive. Just somewhere else for now. I'll probably get to him later. Anyways, he can handle himself."

Mark shrugged. "Okay, I believe you. Anyways, group is right over there."

He raised his finger to point further down the street. Then, he and Oshkosh continued to walk on the street. However, something suddenly jumped out of the bushes and attacked Oshkosh. The woman had a knife put to her throat. Mark immediately tried to help, until he noticed that it was just Denny.

"Who is this, Mark? A Russian spy? A dead person acting like a living person? Tell me, or I'll cut their throat!" Denny warned. Mark simply rolled his eyes, as Oshkosh quickly spinned around and kicked Denny in his balls. Experiencing the worst possible thing that could happen to a man, Denny quickly collapsed, and immediately Doctor Jefferson appeared out of another bush and dragged him away.

"Sorry about that," Mark said. "Some of us are a bit crazy."

Oshkosh laughed. "Oh, I'm more than used to that." That was right before she got hit with a frying pan by Peter, causing her to fall. "Oh jeez, sorry lady! I mistook for you a friend of mine." Peter quickly helped Oshkosh get on her feet again.

"Odd ways to greet your friends but alright."

Others, such as Michelle, Mike, and Nigel, as well as some priests, showed up too.

"Guys," Mark said. "This is Oshkosh. She saved me and Johnny from a junkie earlier. We'd like to welcome her, and accept her into our group."

Most people seemed to like that idea. "Sure," Peter said. "But what is in your bag exactly? Just wondering." Oshkosh looked at the bag she carried. "Oh yeah. I put some stuff in it from the guy I killed. You can take a look if you want."

Oshkosh threw the bag on the ground as she began to talk to Michelle and Mike. Peter got on a bench and sat down. He noticed a notebook. Quickly, he opened it and decided to look at it. Peter got mad when he saw an all too familiar name in the book.


Back at the bar, Johnny had set up a defense, still there alongside Doggie. He had barricaded the doors, made an armory room, and a bunch of chips beside him as he played Johnny Roulette, his own version of Russian Roulette, having no idea what the real version actually was.

Johnny sat there for about an hour. Then, he saw something coming his way. He grabbed his binoculars to take a better look, and was stunned to find that it was the person he had been trying to avoid. His father was there.

"Where are the hookers?!"

Johnny's father quickly saw Johnny, though he did not recognize him. "Pretty boy!" he called out to him. "Come here, boy! I got a lot of money!" He quickly realized that the "pretty boy" was no one less than his own son.

"Oh, dear lord!" He said. "Wait! Johnny! Come here!"

Johnny quickly broke out of the bar, screaming like a little girl. He ran as fast as he could, as long as he could. That was until he got hit by a car. Everything turned black for Johnny.

Back with the others, Mark was chatting with Mike, right outside the main apartments. "So...nearly got killed by a drug dealer, huh?" Mike asked. Mark nodded. "Yeah. But I can imagine that being stuck at a nursing home is worse."

"Definitely, man."

Mark looked around, when he suddenly saw Nigel loading a suitcase in his car.

"Hold up. Excuse me, Mike." Quickly, Mark got out of his seat to try and confront Nigel. "Hold up! What exactly are you doing, Nigel?"

Nigel loaded a second suitcase into his car, before explaining. "Isn't it obvious to you? I'm leaving. I'm going to return to my wife and daughter. I need to know if they're still behind. And now that Johnny isn't here, I can best leave before he tries to kill me."

"Nigel, I-"

Without further listening, Nigel quickly hopped into the car and drove off. A stunned Mark was left on the street, watching as he left. He turned back to Mike, to see Michelle greeting her boyfriend.

"I know I wanted you to never suggest that again, but...I'm totally up for chocolate sex now."

Happy, Mike followed Michelle as they went to Johnny's apartment to make out. Mark stopped them in time though.

"Hold up, you two!" They turned to Mark. "I have something to say!"

Interested, the two decided to listen, as Mark explained things. "You two don't have to make out in Johnny's apartment everytime. Because I have something better."

In the San Francisco hospital, Johnny had just woken up. Above him stood doctor Jefferson. Also in the room were his mother Jenny, and his father Davey.

"Your son has woken up!!" Jefferson announced.

Jenny looked at Johnny, frowning. "Alright. Now, doctor, get out of my face. You're actually really fucking creepy, so I don't want to see that face here as I lecture my son."

Johnny immediately had toughts of committing suicide upon hearing this.

"Wait," Johnny said, trying to get up. "I...thought you guys were at my place."

This made Jenny chuckle. "Oh, Johnny. You're not interesting enough to actually be worth looking for. No, me and your useless father were only here because he thought there were lots of whores around here. But, we're here now, anyway. Best that we stay here now." She turned to her husband. "Got anything to say to your son?"

Davey was busy looking at some photos of nice-looking girls, not hearing his wife. Annoyed, Jenny grabbed the magazine from his hands. Confused, Davey looked at her, his face starting to get red due to anger.

"What?! Why did you do that, woman?!"

Jenny pointed to Johnny. "Say something to your son." Completely confused, Davey turned to Johnny, and tried to think of something to say.

"Erm...Johnny, I hate that you drink so much alcohol!"

"What?" Johnny was surprised. "Dad, I don't drink! You know that!"

Davey looked at his wife like he was some kind of demented dog. Quickly, she gave the magazine back to him.

"Useless fucker. Anyways, son, we'll be staying in San Francisco from here on out. You better stay here until tomorrow. Dave, stay with him. Make sure he doesn't escape. We can't count on the doctor."

Davey was again completely focused on the photos in his magazine. Greatly annoyed, Jenny walked away, making Johnny a bit relieved.

Meanwhile, Mark drove his car somewhere to the waterside of San Francisco. He parked it somewhere there, and showed a huge modern mansion to Mike and Michelle.

"How about you guys live here?" Mark proposed. "Yeah, I know that it'll take way longer for you guys to get here, but on the positive side you won't be stuck with idiots like Peter."

Mike and Michelle looked at each other. They agreed.

"Man," Michelle said. "This is going to be an awesome place to live in."


Hours had passed. It was nearly getting dark again. Peter was walking on the streets. Suddenly, he was confronted by Father John.

"Urgh!" John complained. "Why are they all so mean to me?! Tell me, Peter?! Why is every-"

Peter pulled out a gun and pointed it at John. The gun was originally from Tyler. The priest started to raise his hands in a rather odd way, throwing away his empty bottle while doing so.

"Don't bother me, you alcoholic shit," Peter warned him. "I have more important things to do than waste my time talking to some madman."

By the time it was night, Davey finally threw away his magazines. He was confused when he found himself in the hospital. Johnny already slept like a baby. In the hall, he walked into Peter, confused at who the man was. Peter looked around, peeking into several rooms. After a while, he finally found it.

Denny's room.

Upon entering, Peter saw that Denny was still awake. Denny quickly looked up. Before he could say something, Peter pointed his gun at him.

"You pathetic liar," Peter snarled. "You lied to me. You dealt with this crazy junkie who nearly killed Johnny and Mark! And this after you told me that you were into rehab! I mean, I'm kinda hoping that Johnny will get killed soon, but this is still horrible! You should be ashamed of yourself, Denny. You are a horrible person."

"Peter...," Denny said, very nervous and afraid. "I can...understand...I can understand why you're so mad at me, and I w-want to apologize. But please, Peter...don't. St-stop scaring me. Please...don't point a gun at me. I don't...Peter...please...."

Peter pulled the trigger.




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  • First appearance of Davey.
  • First appearance of Jenny.
  • Last appearance of Tyler. (Corpse)
  • This is the first episode featuring Angelina Jolie (Oshkosh Begosh) as a series regular. She is listed under "Also Starring".
  • Following the ending of this episode, Denny's fate is left unknown.
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