Angel Carver is the younger sister of Malissa and Justin Carver. She is a former member of the Springer Ridge Group, and now lives in West Virginia with her sister and their friend Brooklyn.


Angel is somewhat small for her age, she has hair that is messy, and is usually seen with her toboggan on. She wears a jacket, mainly black or green, a white tank-top, and jeans with boots.

Skills and Personality

Angel was used as a spy and scavenger in the past. She was in no way forced, she stepped forward to attempt to find any traces of the long-missing military in the cities near Springer Ridge. Angel has a dark sense of humor, and isn't afraid to fight walkers, as long as she thinks there aren't too many. Angel regained the shock many people would have towards walkers early on, whenever she sees a large group of walkers, she is too scared to fight them, and usually tries to evade them instead of fighting them head-on. The reason she became so afraid so quickly is that she was separated from her group along with her sister and lost them in a herd. She and Malissa fled in an RV, the group took on the walkers. Their status is currently unknown.


Angel lived with her family in Denver, Colorado, and she often did not see her sister due to her being in the military. She did, however have a strong bond with her siblings and immediately went with them after the outbreak occurred.


  • Malissa Carver - Malissa is Angel's older sister. The two of them are on good terms, as Malissa risked her life on a mission to save her in a city overrun with the undead.
  • Brooklyn Archer - Their relationship has not been explored much as of yet, but it is clear Brooklyn thinks positively of Angel, as she and Maya helped her with the bullet caught in her leg, and they both went into a walker infested area to get Angel crutches to walk on.
  • Maya Torres - Their relationship has not been explored much as of yet, but it is clear Maya thinks positively of Angel, as she helped her on multiple occasions.
  • Amy - As of chapter four, it is said Angel had a childhood friend named Amy, who came with the Carvers on their vacation to King's Island in 2007. Angel is unaware that she is dead.


  • Angel is the first female in SirCreepsalot/Oober123's Walking Dead fanfiction series to be shot.
  • Angel also has the widest age gap between siblings in the same Fanfiction, at four years for Malissa, and five for Justin.