Andre Anthony
Season four michonne's so
Actor Unknown
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age 3
Family Mike - Father (Deceased)
Michonne - Mother
First Appearance "After" (Dream)
Last Appearance "After" (Dream)
Death Episode "Claimed" (Confirmed Fate)
Cause of Death Negligence of his father Mike (Indirectly)
Devoured by walkers.
Status Dead
Ethnicity African-American
Andre Anthony Gallery
"I hope we're not boring you, peanut."
—Michonne to her son in her dream[src]

Andre Anthony is a character in AMC's The Walking Dead. He is Michonne's son and the central part of her mental stability issues. He made his first appearance in a dream sequence in Season 4 episode "After". Michonne mentions to Carl in the Season 4 episode "Claimed" that Andre died shortly after the outbreak of the apocalypse.


Location Unknown

Little is known about Andre's life before or as the outbreak began, except that he was living with his mother and father in an apartment building. We also know that Michonne's nickname for him was "Peanut".


Season 4


Michonne dreams of her former life with her lover Mike, his friend Terry, and her son. In the dream, things rapidly progress from their idyllic life to the devastation of the apocalypse with Mike arguing that it is safer in their apartment than out there. She walks in with Andre, calling him peanut. After this, Mike and Terry appear with no arms or jaw like they did when they were walkers. Andre, however, was never seen afterwards, leaving his fate unknown.


Killed By

While his mother Michonne was away on a supply run, Andre stayed at the camp with his father. The camp was over-run by walkers and his dad was too high on drugs to protect him resulting in Andre being devoured by walkers.



Michonne and her son had a loving relationship as she was his mother. This is shown by how devastated Michonne was to lose her son in the dream she had, even now Michonne finds it hard to interact with young children as she misses him as shown in the way she held Judith Grimes and cried while she did. 


TV Series

Season 4